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  1. Your writing-style is almost identical to mine After reading it, it reminded me of my consistent writing-style. My spoken English is not that good (it takes me time to formulate my verbal-speech. In terms of listening-comprehension, I understand everything I hear initially). In regards to writing, we can both write very good in quality (I can write way better than I can verbally speak). It takes me a lot of time to write (way longer than a native English speaker), and I use Google Dictionary (for English) very often for word-choices all the time. I actually find it hard to wr
  2. Email them using the email that you used to buy the Patron Pack. Email support@dualthegame.com stating that you are qualified for 1 Name Reservation and want to reserve a chosen in-game name (and do state that name). They will get back to you with a reply and it won't take them many business days to respond back (with me, they responded back within the next day). I am planning to buy the Patron Pack using this same Account before the offer is gone (and I already backed the game before as a Founder), which again, will make me be qualified for another Name Reservation on the sam
  3. I read about the Many Worlds of Quantum Immortality / Quantum Branching, and this is how the Resurrection Node works - In parallel universes of outcomes and not time, each reality is different because of different events that took place. If you died 10 years ago, you wouldn't exist today - your existence is the reality in your universe, one of the parallel universe is you died 10 years ago. They are different universes, not the same! Now, what can happen if you died in Dual Universe and somebody looted you? That is the reality! But there is a parallel universe where you didn't died
  4. What I meant by basic is fundamental or to the core. An example is having an Engine Element that functions (exhaust thrust and idle) vs having parts such as dovetail blades, a disk to put those things in, a shaft to rotate, etc. to create an engine yourself, therefore more calculations. When you speak about pistons (and piston rod connected to it), a cylinder where that piston is in, etc., do you know how basic these things are? They are basic mechanical parts! An actuator is a component composed of parts, piston itself is a part! An assembly is composed of components and parts. The
  5. The thing about Actuators and such, is they are too "low-level" for this MMO to function technically. Let's look at the larger Landing Gears in this game. Fundamentally, they work Hydraulically (they retract and fold hydraulically, they extend hydraulically, even the landing gear doors work hydraulically). Give me Actuators(linear motion) and Bearings(to convert it to rotational motion) and I can create my own Landing Gear System or whatever Hydraulic System. It's more for the game to calculate than having dedicated Elements that already have their functions (such as Landing Gear Elements with
  6. What is a piston? In mechanical terms, inside the cylinder of a reciprocating engine, it is a part on the bore that moves up and down in cycle of it's 4 strokes. This linear movement of the piston inside the cylinder is converted to rotational movement by the piston rod (the piston is turning the shaft rotationally). We also have linear actuators that retracts and extends. What's moving the piston inside it is hydraulics (fluids). There are also electrical actuators that converts electrical rotational motion from the motor to the threaded shaft (the spindle) into linear
  7. Yes, the things that I'm covering are all already publicly available information (they are all already available information from Devblogs and Videos). I am keeping the NDA in mind, as always. Thanks for double reminder!
  8. Yes, that could probably work! This is how you are gonna do it; You will build the rails using static cores. in order for them to span for great lengths (and cores are like only hundreds of meters long, for now, as per videos, and is always subject to change), you will place static cores beside each other, linking/connecting the static rails together (use the new Construct Deployment/Moving Tool to align them perfectly). You will use a dynamic core on the train and you will build it on the fixed already-deployed static rails themselves (you will go on build-mode on that dynamic core place
  9. How about this so it will never derail? Then put Athmospheric Engines facing aft and fore for the forward and backward thrust (once it arrived on the last stop, it will travel to the backward direction and then repeat the process). That will work for a straight trip. Unless we can solve turning, our rail-transportation will have to be configured only for straight trips. For temporary solution till we can solve the turning problems, we have something called "connecting lines". you get off on your stop and you take another train going on a straight trip t
  10. Discuss how Maglev-like Trains can be possible and what will be the player-made configuration/s for it! Straight-tracks will definitely be possible.
  11. Since it's already confirmed that they will not be implementing my idea of Bogie and Track Elements (or Guidance Magnet and Levitation Rail Elements) to the game where they are both integral components that work together for their function, I guess we the players have to build our own rail technology ourselves using what will be available in the game. What I proposed before was similar to Minecraft's Cart(the Bogie) and Rail(the Track) Elements. My idea behind this, was since the Bogies and the Tracks are both Elements that already functions together and have their functi
  12. It's not probable because it's not reasonable. It's not about their allocation of limited resources.
  13. Suppose that it will require your materials that you have physically in the MMO game. The Build-mode gameplay still draws you away from the game, that's the problem! We don't want to outsource that gameplay to offline just to break the MMO immersively, socially, and consistently. We already have the system where it is done technically in the MMO itself, why should we dumb it down and add an option to do it offline so people can play the game offline whenever they want to build? Ofcourse it is different! Let's not stray away from the game when we are playing the game!
  14. So you want an offline Creative-mode where you can play offline and be able to create Blueprints that should be transferable to the MMO game (Multiplayer-mode)? This is supposed to be a Single-Shard MMORPG! Single-Shard means everything should happen and take place in 1 Server (1 mode, 1 place). Why should we break that immersively to dumb down the game so it can cater to the Casuals like the rest of Modern MMOs? There will not be a Creative-mode when this game comes out, this is a 'Single-Shard' MMO! Right now, we are currently in Alpha Test. The game hasn't released yet, it'
  15. I agree with @ShioriStein, as much as we would like to have the benefits provided by environmental responsibility and consciousness in certainty, this is still an Open World Sandbox game, which means these actions and decisions are still up to the players. The moment we introduce a reward-system towards this implemented by the game itself, it becomes a "mandatory" thing even if they are not forced - thus it limits the "fully editable universe" this game is supposed to provide. A smart and competent individual and organization in this game who owns territory/s that is designated for settle
  16. This idea just recently came to my mind and I might as well propose it here. Both can be launched from their respective launcher Smoke purpose: reduce visibility (create fog effect) use: for escape; to reduce visibility if you launch and shoot it on enemy position. Environmentally deployed and stationary Flare (comes in different colors: red, green, etc.) the launched Flare is the fireworks which is already a present concept in this game and will be available on Launch. purpose: create striking light that can be visually seen
  17. Also, if I'm not mistaken, existing constructs also display from the Minimap? I suggest to remove that information as well in Hostile Zones. When people step in to the Hostile Zones, they have to be wary of their environment (atleast they have to be visually wary). This will give you the same feeling as you are walking in to the forest in Southern Philippines and you have to be aware of your environment. Someone can come out of nowhere (someone out there is probably watching and preying on you), and then PK you and loot you. The Hostile Zone must feel like you are stepping to a terr
  18. Yes, that should be optional as well. But in Hostile Zones, these information should not exist, not even as an option. The only option that should be available in Hostile Zones is to display the information of friendlies (players that you are organizationally affiliated with), that's it. You can see from my screenshot example that it reveals player position of potentially enemy players - this just kills the strategy of warfare because it exposes players so easily. If these players from my screenshot move to the forest, you can still easily spot them because of the information provided. Guerill
  19. Proposal: Hide Username and player position information from Minimap on Hostile zones. These information should not exist because of PVP. Make these information available only on Safe zones for the sake of convenience. Here is a scenario that I was thinking; This game can potentially have guerilla warfare. You can build a reconnaissance vehicle, paste Soil or Forest Soil mineable materials on the Voxel Airframe Skin of your Dynamic Construct Vehicle so it can stay camouflaged from afar. Also, the Armor that you will wear must blend with the environment to provide camoufla
  20. Edited: I removed the RNG from refinery and instead added qualities of raw Crude Oils mine-able in environment which is the basis of the quality of processed material as a result. If the Crude Oil you mined is of crap quality, you should get crappy heavier, more viscous, and therefore lower quality processed material when you refine it.
  21. This is my proposal of the mechanics: 1.) You cannot dive in this game without a working diving-gear. You will change your gear to diving-gear-set to dive for longer periods. Make it so that without diving-gear, you can only dive underwater very limited period without re-surging for air, with diving-gear, you can dive for longer periods but still limited based on your oxygen-tank load/capacity. 2.) To detect present Crude Oil deposit in seabed soil, silt, sediment, rock, the diver-avatar uses a handheld infrared spectrometer instrument underwater to scan the site (no ne
  22. If you are looking for new releases, nothing so far is available now and nothing so far will be available soon. We are currently in a drought in terms of new MMORPGs. Ascent Infinite Realm will probably be the soonest to come out next, but it will be available at 2019. Maplestory 2 is not worth it (not your time and not your money). I played both the CBT1 and CBT2 of Maplestory 2 and I can tell you that that game is nothing but a cash-grab piece of ****. Stay away from it. It is Pay-to-Win as well. Nexon is a terrible greedy and corrupt company, you wouldn't believe what they
  23. By their statement "each weapon-system have to be manned", they are indicating that they don't want any weapon-system to be automatic. "Automatic" means working by itself with no direct human control. Let's not assume that this weapon-system will be manually aimed using it's mounted sight, manually fired, and manually loaded similar to Bofors 40mm. That's just World War II! Let's think of a modern alternative that is manual; an RCWS(Remote Controlled Weapon System) gun with it's own optronic system and an electronic fire control computer system(console and server/interface unit all in on
  24. Regardless, what they have done is impressive, but making a game based on realism of physics will take a toll on other features. What better describes this? A game or a simulator? Based on what I see, it resembles a simulator and not a game. The fact is, I am looking for a game, not a simulator. Making physics as realistic as possible will make your product more immersive, but if we are talking about a game, it needs to offer something to do and some kind of progression (even if through player-driven). This is not present here, so I would rather choose Dual Universe. I pr
  25. I know that Aircraft Instruments are not accurate indications, they can make errors, but this one is just very un-calibrated. If the aircraft is in still air, Ground Speed is 0, the Airspeed should also be 0 no matter which Airspeed we are talking about. The pitot-tube/s will not measure any dynamic pressure because the aircraft is not moving at all, the bellow on the instrument will not compress, so you should get 0 Airspeed. The formula here is definitely wrong. How the bloody hell can you get 2 m/s (7 Kph) of Ground Speed while your Airspeed is 56 Kph and a Wind Speed of 6
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