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    Hello and welcome to DU! This is my cut and paste from the : Nuclear Physics Engine : post earlier ! I am sure NQ will add exotic engine types later in game to add variety and some unique designs but you will not be able to use them as weapons of mass destruction as NQ stated no weapons of mass destruction will be in DU! JC stated in the ship building tutorial there will be many types of fuels so that leaves me to believe there will be many types of engines for those fuels.
  2. I am sure NQ will add exotic engine types later in game to add variety and some unique designs but you will not be able to use them as weapons of mass destruction as NQ stated no weapons of mass destruction will be in DU! JC stated in the ship building tutorial there will be many types of fuels so that leaves me to believe there will be many types of engines for those fuels.
  3. Bounty Hunting System: A criminal deterrant or RP device? Clearly it is both ! =) I think Bounty Hunters will be a big thing and fun for those PvP players that like the cat and mouse game ! haha
  4. Very close but I would pick sandbox over theme park games any day and if you have a great community in a sandbox game they could always build a theme park atmosphere for those that like that style of game play : Organization's like DICE ! Theme park games your usually guided down one path or story line and you cant deviate from that path or story line !
  5. Hello and Welcome to DU ! =)
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    If I remember right in one of the ask the Dev type talks they stated you would go from solar system to the next closes solar system for gate to gate transport and would not be able to jump the galaxy with one gate jump but more like connect the dots from solar system to solar system ? I will try to find it and add it to this post !
  7. I will have a area in the safe zone and I don't mind renting it out to builders that don't want to worry about being harassed when building and cant afford a Territory Unit !
  8. Lethys I had this set up long time ago ! HaHa its past due for a upgrade !
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    I would think if you or your organization has a warp gate but don't want just any other organization or person to use it you could cut the power source off / security code or simple enough just like a building or cockpit use the right , duties and management system to keep others from using the gates ability with out your permission ! Personally I am happy the gates will be liked going from point A to point B and back rather than a dial up system which would be almost impossible to defend seeing that enemies could come from any point in the galaxy and at the same time provide they have cracked or stolen your code ! I don't really see a problem with one way warp probes ? Probe sends message it found new system then you find a place you want to build warp gate after you build gate A , you make sure you have enough supplies to build gate B and use the Probes warp ability. Once you get to the new solar system you find a place to put gate B. Activate system and connect gate point A to gate point B. Its not confirmed and things are subjected to change but I think it will be that simple or close to it? I hope gates are static structure because something moving and warping things inside of it not to mention the speed and direction its moving could end up with some jacked up physics not to mention putting unneeded stresses on the server!
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    Anti-TU device

    Yea I second this answer %100 ! There will be things in place to slow down attacker but not forever giving people time to get back up help ! NQ does not want night raiders or a solo griefer to simply be able to destroy all your hard work in a hour so they better bring friends and they better bring a lot of fire power ! Not to forget if they get counter attacked and lose a lot of ships and resources they have just lost a large investment in materials so if your going to attack I would make sure the gain is also worth the lose ! =)
  11. Mech : I think will be and are probably possible now but from my understanding there is no wheel base or leg type system and I don't know if they plan on implementing one? The Mech would probably have to use a hover jet type system !
  12. They will probably implement bombs but NQ stated no weapon of mass destruction ! So we still have no info on full weapons types and the type of damage and effects they will have on constructs or items in game at all ?
  13. I am so ready ! =) http://www.dualthegame.com/en/
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    PapaSpoof welcome and congratulation on becoming a gold founder ! =) See you in game soon !
  15. If you find a large vein of ore or maybe a vein of rare ore you will want to protect your investment and that will NOT be possible by staying in the safe zone. This will easily start corporation's venturing out from the safe zones to set up bases and small towns early and near dig sites and other investments! Having processing units for your ore and other resources close to the collection point will save you massive amounts of time by not having to always fly or drive back to the Ark Ship to process items when your almost half way around the planet. Global Markets : This is guess work because it is not implemented yet : If we do not have instant access to trade/vender resources on the open market then it maybe a skill that will have to be learned ? That means you will have to transport your good back to the Ark Ship to sell them until someone acquires the trade/vender skill in your group. Even if you can sell items from your outpost , base or city half way around the planet : NQ has stated that someone if not you will have to pick up that purchases for you and if its valuable you may want protection which will open up jobs for other players in transportation and protection services! Personally I don't think it will be a problem with people leaving the safe zones but I wanted to show how I think it will probably play out in the game and things in the safe zone cant be attacked not to mention there probably will not be any problem to relocate in the safe zone! Don't like the scenery or the neighborhood just pick up camp and relocate to another safe area! =)
  16. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPE8HHvv1EYu8YwqNgOD8w https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Dual_Universe_Wiki cpspok what Lethys said is correct and here are a few more sites to check out if your looking for more information and make sure to check out the Dual Universe Dev Diary's but only you can decide if you want to be a alpha and beta tester . If you don't think you can deal with a lot of bugs I would suggest maybe being a beta tester where most of the bugs should be fixed by then : beta or usually stress test but its up to you. I hope this help you out some. =)
  17. I feel sure that NQ will give us some type of Auto defensive on a "STATIC" base but those defense's will just be to slow down a attacker giving defenders a little more time to be notified and seek help! The auto defense's will not be as good as someone manning a turret or get bonuses in that system like your character might be able to learn .
  18. Dirt in space hmm? If I could do that does it mean I could build my own asteroid base ! =)
  19. =) No weapons of mass destruction have already ben stated by the DEV's but I would like to flax and proximity explosives ! =)
  20. Some games have where you can construct everything in your inventory or a machine like a fabricator and just drop or equip the part or building where you need it : while this saves time and maybe space it also take away from some of the creativity aspect of players that like to build and create in unique ways.
  21. The pet bots will probably all have there own style of movement and I might get them all but for right now I just want the one that hovers and floats around ! =)
  22. Interesting idea's but I don't think you will sell most players on a 45 day tutorial idea or Lore type quest for 45 days seeing that one minimum subscription would be like 30 days ! In my personal experience most mmo types or NOT into survival type games and don't want to worry about dying because your character did not eat or was too hot or cold . In most open world games people want to learn the basics in a hour or less and start exploring or building things not to forget there will be pvp! I am 100% for PvE content but would vote against too much survival game mechanics.
  23. Personally I will NOT be doing pvp ! My main goal in the game is NOT to be a big PvP player in DU , but I will fight in defense or when needed to protect my assets ! On the other side of that coin I plan on testing out the make up and build of weapons and weapon systems. I was a big pvp person long ago but my taste have changed and I enjoy build and commerce aspects of games a lot more ! "Commerce Is The Key To Everything" GALACTIC EMPORIUM
  24. Unless your going to install a universal translator type system and I don't think any game has done that yet ? Then I would have to also agree with using Comms with emotes/sounds/gestures.
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