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  1. Someone could start a reclamation/restoration guild. Where they go and mine astroids and fill in the voids on planets. Be an interesting spin on restoration.
  2. Learned a bit more on the game environment from this. Thank you for that. =) Yeah I thought about Yeah I thought about that as well. I also thought about if there was an arena type area where only mechs(or other areas where only other vehicle types are allowed) would be a fun thing to have someone flesh out and be a part of the world. Would be interesting to have a scarred battlefield that changes any time a game is played. In my mind DU is like a VR world where anything could be possible. Just lots of work/performance things that would have to be met for that. One can dream though.
  3. I'm sure it would require a whole new development on its own, but the ability to build big mech robots and have them usable would be pretty cool. Mech battles for resources might be fun to join in on.
  4. Former LM player here. I mostly played by myself. Once I found out about DU, I've been watching it with great interest.
  5. Yeah, not seeing it there. I'm sure I used the same email/account name for the purchase. I'll get a support ticket opened. Thank you for the reply.
  6. I bought the Patron Pack in the hopes on getting in on the Pre-Alpha going on, but I don't see it on my account anywhere. I see the charge on my card, but nothing on account page or anything indicating where I can download the client. Am I looking at the wrong place for this?
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