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  1. I know this most likely wont be the case but just in case, have you logged in before trying to purchase ? I have tried now to upgrade my pledge and i get the reduction, after selecting purchase ( the price is showed full on the site even logged in, but when the window with the checkout button appears i have the reduction)
  2. This is your organization page : https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-lone-spartan-project It shows information that could help people decide whether to join or not
  3. Why did you made a video on Dual Universe twitch channel to promote your organization that has absolutely nothing to do with this game in the vid ? Btw the audio has been removed so that thing is really pointless if you ask me. Curious if you are allowed to do such a video there Anyway just wanted to tell you that audio is off so no1 will know what that is about Not being hateful I found your organization link, but I don't see it posted, so I can assume you either forgot, didn't think to post it or didn't want to so i won't link it without your consent Anyway good luck with your recruiting
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys Msoul, to answer your questions i heard about the game from a friend that also waits for it to appear, as for my impression, i used to play EVE online casually because i felt like something was missing, didn't hope to ever find a game like eve but with more freedom in shaping the world, this game has exactly what i felt it was missing to eve, it blow my mind. It's true that i am still a little worried with all that happened to other similar games, don't think i need to name any from what i seen most ppl here used to play at least one of them , but i decided to have faith in this project, don't ask me why, it seems pretty solid for alpha and i doubt the devs would let a game so promising to die, they work to hard to make what they got. As for my plans for the alpha to help with the testing, i thought of a few things, some would require for a few corps to co-op and focus specifically on organized testing, i can also help with the writing of the bugs so that it would be easier for the devs to understand and find the issue that causes the problems,working as a tester you soon find out that the dev people are a more special kind of people (no offense :P), hopefully the devs here have a different way of thinking and accept advice and help from others, unlike most i met that are proud of their work and too arrogant to listen to a simple tester (yeah it's a pain in the ass, makes it hard to work with them). It would also be great if we together with the crew of DU would create a simple thread to be pinned where they would guide us to where the testing would be needed, for example, needing more help in testing LUA, or the engines, maybe they got a crash on a component with a reproduction rate so low that they cant pin what the problem is, in this case a few organizations would offer invaluable reproduction attempts and the very needed information, and so on the examples can continue. I would truly love to see the DU crew work together with the community so that we make this game together exactly what we expect it to be. Also Gladiator 550 i have to humbly reject the offer to join the organization until i will join the game with my friends, we will decide together what to do . As for the job,it's a job like any other job, it's not only for the young ones, i am pretty sure i am older than most people here and this job earns me enough to do everything i want once you have some experience and you advance this job is quite good paying and very relaxed.
  5. Hey guys, i just discovered this game a few weeks ago and it looks like what i was searching for years to play and enjoy, I crawled on the forums checking for updates and stuff, and i decided that maybe its the time to introduce myself and make friends here I will join the ranks of Alpha people since i cant afford the pre-alpha and i would like to help with the testing when the alpha is launched I am a game tester irl and i really enjoy this job , so i hope i can be a good addition with ideas on how or what to test in alpha Well that's about it for me right now hope to see you guys soon in alpha. Hf and Gl to everyone. o/
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