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  1. Hey, so first things first, I'm gonna introduce myself. I'm Andreas from Germany and a Sci-Fi and space-fan since my early childhood. Reading lots of books in the genre, like Perry Rhodan, much from the Battletech series (aka Mechwarrior lore), as well as more "realistic" authors like Stephen Baxter I was always fascinated about the endless space and stories that have been told. Ofc this implies that I am also very interested in space related theories and science, if there comes a documentary to TV you can be almost certain, that I already know about the facts they might be presenting. On the other hand, I am also (like probably most of us) a dedicated gamer. I played a lot of games, from FPS games, to strategy, to Moba, to RPG, also played a few MMOs like WoW, Age of Conan, SW The Old Republic and a bit of EVE Online. How ever, I often return to the space genre in particular. So my huge interest in space games revolved in a vision for my perfect space game. Since I was really deep into the Battletech Series, I dreamed of a game, where I can do everything in space. From trading, to colonizing, having the option to do politics, down the line for piracy, conquering etc. In the years since I have this vision of a game (that's now for more then 15 years) I played a lot of space games. Early days for me were games like Freelancer, the X-Series, some Star Trek games as well as star wars games (most credits here to Rogue Squadron I'd say). The closest back in the days towards my vision was probably the X-Series, where I started to play X2 and X3, in which you could manage fleets, stations etc, how ever, it was limited (even though for the time it was a revolutionary space sandbox simulation). Later on, there were other games that got my interest. The most famous probably Star Citizen, where I also pledged (and not too few), as well as Elite Dangerous. I really like the physics and optics, as well as the opportunity to be in a 1-1 scale milky way, also beeing able to visit stars I already found fascinating for years in my interest in astronomy (you remember, the space nerd). The physical accuracy up-to-date is very impressive on that side. Star Citizen is very ambitious as well, how ever, I don't see to the date that this game will ever be finished tbf. How ever, now I must say I found this game, Dual Universe, yesterday. I have no idea, how I missed it for that long, but big shout out to ObsidianAnt from youtube, who made a vid about upcoming games in the space genre that also included Dual Universe. That's how I got finally aware of this project. And I must say, what I found out in the last day about the ambitions and ideas behind it, seems to be the closest to my vision that I ever dreamed of so far. So now ofc it was a no-brainer, that I basically pledged immediately. So already thanks to the devs for working on this super ambitious project and best of luck. For my part as a gamer, I already have a few visions for some corporations, but before I can actually plan on I first need to check out, what is possible and what not. But be sure, my projects are most likely going to be as ambitious. If there are any questions, or any ideas you wanna talk with me, feel free to pm/add/whatever Have a good one o/
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