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  1. discordauth:8dXw8sk2i2w9_pIPXSMV_xn9L1lZYZgmTur6AJPmSGE=

  2. Idea: ammunition with: ~5% extra dmg and ~1%dmg to the surrounding. surrounding means: in a sphere around the weapon/ship to all ships/structures. Expected effect: It's supposed to be some sort of drug. Most people will want to get an extra dmg boost. Most groups/orgs/corps will want to ban it because a dude damaging all group member is pretty annoying.
  3. Hi, I didn't add a 50:50 joker answer for obvious reasons. Let's see what comes out.
  4. It's confirmed Territory Units going to have an automated "being attacked" message. But I expect same is possible with ships/structures and scrips. Sending this message from one terminal to another (for example a police station) should be possible. How the report looks like is up to you and the possibilities of the scrip.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeZtqoydXpc&ab_channel=DualUniverse https://youtu.be/efu_129hI9o?t=11m44s
  6. AI/LUA/robots will be unable to fight/mine/build. There are some exceptions, but I'm too lazy to list them.
  7. lock and fire only. But locking a target is most likely pointing at it.
  8. It's like playing Rock-paper-scissors and knowing the answer of the opponent and he knows yours. To clarify: The fleet changes the equipment. It's stopping people from building anything else. Because everything else is easier to detect.
  9. If stealth is just adding nothing to a ship, no one would build anything else than a pilot seat with a truster bolted at the back. I don't think stealth should be just a cloaking device, but something like it would make them bigger/expensive/and more specialized than just a brick with trusters. And as I said before: It's like playing Rock-paper-scissors and knowing the answer of the opponent and he knows yours.
  10. -this would only be true for wars between clans. Random encounters, piracy or basically every fight without scouting beforehand is still gambling. -if both sides have scouts, they would just constantly switching their equipment to the best fitting without ever attacking.
  11. I think 4 types of detection wouldn't enforce tactic, it would only enforce gambling.
  12. agree. Btw a more complex system is only able to harm the aggressing player and it's easy to bypass the penalty with a second acc.
  13. In Lua, you can only use functions implemented by the developer. So you can only open/close doors, etc.. You wouldn't be able to use an attack function.
  14. Static objects have there own core units. https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Core_Units
  15. automated defence doesn't have to be scripted defence.
  16. Did you really delete the "Nein" option out of your survey? Shame on you.
  17. Depends, if it's a drill or a laser. A drill needs to build pressure upon its target, so it would only push a ship away. Maybe a drill could do dmg to a station. A laser should do minor dmg. Or maybe we use explosives to mine and it would take to long to place it upon a playership.
  18. I think the difference between CaptainTwerkmotor's idea and the classic cloak is the range. Classic works at all distances till you crash with the ship. A dynamic resolution would make a bigger difference in distance, so you could cloak for short range or just long range sensors. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. I think there will be an easier way to have gravity on the ship. Like just the alignment of the core unit of a bigger size. However, they already have a system for gravity. Maybe it will become more complex after release. (Remember the video is 1 year old and it's would be a "static core unit"[I think... I don't know how it's built])
  20. Here is my opinion as well: Travel: 12 hours traveltime would be a lot of dead time. I heard there are people in EVE who like to suck look 8 hours a day on a asteroid, but I dont think it would be fun. The only way to avoid being bored are multi acc as it happens in EVE. Big ships: I agree Blueprints: There will never be "the perfekt design". Every organisation would want to have there own unique design/scout/etc. and there are a lot of people who want to build there own ideas.
  21. In this case you only need different weapons, no need to build them by yourself (with Barrels, Magazine, etc.).
  22. Partially discussed here:
  23. Nebenfigur

    KO Mechanic

    There could be a full lootable mechanic, if your inventory gets damaged in the moment you enter unconsciousness. In this case KO wouldn't just be a "eat medkit and go" mechanic and you wouldn't need debuffs.
  24. Seems there is already personal skill. 21:00-27:00
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