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  1. This should be moved to the Arkship Pub.
  2. There are tutorials on youtube, Yamamushi recently linked it to someone on the discord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCpzLs4vlis&list=PLA_lhIAGheMHEw4G3PTgZBwjGITCCuH17
  3. Virtesi


    He put it in his interests as well though.
  4. Virtesi


    What's the point of this post?
  5. Shane, get back to work at JojaMart!
  6. You don't have to make them out of voxels, you can make them a singular object like the furniture in the game.
  7. From the FAQ: "Q: I heard the game has a monthly subscription, is that true? A: Yes, the game will cost around $10 - $15 per month to play. Dual Access Coupons however can pay for your subscription, if you so choose. Additionally there will be a short trial period (7-14 days) for new players to test the game before deciding if they would like to commit to a subscription. You will not need to pay for any future expansions." The trail period will be active when the game comes out I think.
  8. discordauth:2_nXOoH4DHMFw-qG1qtelM2VGCn75SEGgm7smLJLhIU=

  9. Virtesi


    Apparently I didn't introduce myself years ago here.
  10. A realistic eating and drinking mechanic... because that's always fun.
  11. Thanks, it's good to know I'll get to play the beta at least. I thought I still was only going to be able to play the game on release, I didn't know it changed.
  12. I don't think that's the case because I don't have access either. Do you have a link to this announcement?
  13. Pfft, what kind of crazy person would get Iron Founder and wait until the game fully comes out to then only play it for 2 months...
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