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  1. Maybe you can personally do that but the devs are gonna make hover pads, just hover pads
  2. Instead of creating an invisible wall, what if a warning popped up on the screen to warn the player that they could get fined or shot down for flying over that airspace... I know a few orgs that are already making laws about airspace and what not, and a few of them won't be so friendly if you accidentally fly over their land.
  3. A color scheme would work up to a point, but four months in there will be a ton of active players that want a color scheme that, say, TU has on there troops... TU can do nothing to restrict them from using that color scheme and then they will loose their individual color scheme
  4. I was thinking that to start out with, maybe the top ten orgs make their own 3D meshes of what they want their armor to be (and yes it would be a 3D mesh that could be sold) and then they send that mesh into Novaquark... So that Novaquark doesn't have to make any model, but we still get good armor...
  5. Hey, so one reoccurring thing that I see in my organization's discord is that we would love to have our own distinct armor/player model... how much of a stretch would it be to add that to the game... it would help to identify different orgs. Maybe the organizations that want them could make their own 3D model and send it to Novaquark. It's just an idea, but it would be cool to see different factions ideas for armor!
  6. Hi, I'm Blitzer, I love this game and also games like Civ and Stellaris.
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