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  2. Makes me want to hop in my T-top hovercraft and cruise by the local high school in a gear too low, so they can hear that baby purr.
  3. I may be giving folks too much credit but i imagine each organization will have its own independent architecture. I can just imagine landing on some world occupied by a cult like organization with their own warped idea of churches. I think it will be kind of cool to check out the shanty towns of smaller organizations compared to 800+ member organizations. ( if you have 800 people you better have a lead architect or its going to look like 800+ 10 year old on a Minecraft server)
  4. Will do thanks for the welcome. I have a ton of questions but I'll wait till i get a chance to test things out before i start bombarding folks with questions. o7
  5. So you're never gonna give me up?
  6. Hello everybody, When I finally crawled out from under my rock and discovered DU two weeks ago I started drafting my divorce papers. So.... hello new family.
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