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  1. If I go in to someones profile, i cant seem to see if thhey are in a organisation or not. That should be in there.
  2. Hoppas vi kan skapa bättre diplomatiska relationer så att vi kan hjälpa varandra
  3. Wow, it was a unread private message. I figured it out by scouting around. Found a message tab deep inside the dark web here.
  4. And with this i mean the white number one in the red circle.
  5. What does this mean?? And when I click on my username the logout option does just apear.
  6. Welcome. A explosive expert is always handy.
  7. The only thing I can respond to this is that I really appreciate your answer. And yes this is really to get some tips for my own use. I will read this closely and try to do my best.
  8. So what is the best way to recruit new members? What is the best way for smal organizations and for bigger ones?
  9. I could not agree more. In the end I think wars will never make things much better. It should just be the last option in the toolbox
  10. You cant predict the future of a market accurately, ever. Demand will create jobs.
  11. Every case will be investigated. It all depends on how nasty the name was and who it was that made this harassment. But I can promise you we would let you build a ship in Secret in our nation and Maybe get revenge by your own. Im sure we would be able to provide you with the help you Need. Message me IF this nasty name caller harasses you.
  12. Welcome. I could be your best friend i Fyyy want. How you behöver wont really matter. Im more then happy to help you with anything
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