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  1. So another batch of welcomes and a ship! so first welcome to these new members Maximon1 ZpaceDK NanoHammer TylerEbby and now for the valiant class corvette! soon I'll post one of our fighter designs as well so watch out for that!
  2. really? thats totally not my mid game goal for my company
  3. expanding will also be very expensive at least until something is set up while just bringing in something like mining equipment and drilling a hole then getting out is decently cheap compared to setting up a whole city. also yes you will probably need a city or at least some kind of infrastructure as you need fuel along with possibly food energy and maybe some other things which is far easier to come by when you live near other players. so there are things that drive people apart and to expand but also other factors that cause them to group together and that territory that they group together on will be valuable to organizations.
  4. well microwaves being used to transmit power from orbital arrays to the ground would be cool as well. just don't move into the beams way
  5. It would be cool but you probably won't get the best of information from ingame things as like twerk said most of that will probably not even be ingame
  6. Its in an interview i think with JC on the DUExplorers youtube though I was not part of that one so I can't say for sure.
  7. sigh if your going to welcome people raptor you have to welcome everyone who joined from the last time I said names. so Welcome members! ShartedFury Amigocreeper MeerFox34 skypeanut Nagail Captain_frosty RaptorJesus Goliath Nomul16 101tuter Pirocat riesen25 Djarid Nysmos Jeronimo Karnaj Prevalent117 Danvari we now have also broken 50 members so thank you all members of SilverLight Industries!
  8. "wireless" could also simply mean that you don't need to be the one to wire everything up like if the metal plating of a ship is designed so that it can transfer power around in a near connection-less way (think lots of little interconnecting wires in the material moving the power around). but ya I like piping things up better
  9. Interesting, could probably use someone other than me who is good at central control systems and such for SilverLight Industries. If you want to know more you can click my sigs image or the org link down there as well
  10. a voxel is just a point and they are normally arranged in a grid so the easiest way to show and connect them is using cubes (also lets us use less of them to fill more space) but the way they are connected doesn't really matter so they can show up as a cube or a sphere or whatever other random shape you can think of. Think more like a bunch of junk on your floor and you spread a bed sheet on top of it. It can look smooth but take off the bed sheet and you can see that its not (I probably didn't explain it that well but meh)
  11. You can have both but that does not mean its good for the game. Most games that do have both you will see people using fps to aim and shoot people and third person to look around corners and see behind them slightly as well as glitch the camera out to see things they should not be able to.
  12. Problem with a mass driver is getting back the supplies (also they work off the same basic principle so you can technically classify them all as rail guns or mass drivers or even coil guns just the implementation is slightly different)
  13. You build them in rings and in such a way that several of the rings can pop and the ship still be able to stay airborne. several more and it drifts to the ground not crash so the majority of the ship is fine just need to repair the balloon part.
  14. but none of the tv episodes actually say that line
  15. the houses floating or the city as a whole floating? because a city as a whole floating has been discussed and I think planned for by a few people
  16. There is no real limit to the universe so give it time and nothing is limited just slightly harder to find so his point still stands
  17. So the highlight by Peregrin was posted a bit ago so you might want to go read it Here and there should be some changes to the main post coming soon but now for the next batch or members! Welcome to SilverLight Industries! BlackHoleGenerator Fredrick rogspartan DexZero CptCabalsky CaptainBrikoff Phychogate Blue_Agave
  18. and now i think your talking about something totally different than what I was talking about
  19. Your going to have to make like 400 rifles anyway to get the skill up so there may as well be small chance of crafting a weapon that is slightly better (and by slightly i mean less than if at full skill unless you are at full skill or nearly at full) also it wouldn't have less stats than the starter item you would only be able to get a bonus not a detriment to the weapon and like I said it would be very small. and its to add spice to a grind so you should very rarely get the slightly boosted item not always. It adds a little bit of spice to something that you would be doing anyway. It makes craft grinding less boring in that you can get things with slightly different stats at low levels but its less useful the higher level you are.
  20. I think out of ship is first but when in a ship it could be either simply because flying without third person is a pain and the targeting system they are using
  21. It could but it could also be the way you improve so its random but getting a slightly better item makes you improve a bit more until your eventually always able to craft the slightly improved version. But it should defiantly have a direct connection to the skill system and not be just fully random
  22. well there are not that many people on yet (and it is popular there are at least 5 orgs I've seen that directly reference halo)
  23. there are also the chats that the orgs have setup (you should actually join it at some point. look on the community site for link) that can easily be used alongside the game
  24. no there really wouldn't be but bragging rights for digging a hole though a whole planet would be awesome . also the core of a planet normally has a ton of valuable resources (think of the earths core) and i mean valuable in the sense that its not rock and an actual material we can use ingame
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