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  1. i feel as though recourse gathering would be ten fold at the ability to move on when the surrounding area is depleted. the idea would not be so much a city that stays above the ground but one that moves from one location to the next then lands
  2. i plan on city building and planning. but i was wondering, could there be an industry of people making the bodies of ships and then someone goes in and creates the code?
  3. it was supposed to be strictly planet side. like a band of wandering gypsies that set up camp here and there with their wagon homes. i did however wonder if id be able to strap additional thrusters to make it interplanetary. but maybe like someone above said, it would be easyer to make them hovercraft instead of a bottom thruster
  4. my original thought was one thruster on the bottom than others on the sides, id want to make each dwelling land able also so you dont need constant fuel
  5. i feel it would be just as hard as a normall citie. why would it be any different?
  6. think about tall apartment-like buildings, individual dwellings that could float. sci-fi R.V's that you live in
  7. What do y'all think about the possibility of a traveling city. i envision a city where each house is vertical and pillar-like. a city of floating gems almost. what are your thoughts?
  8. did nobody notice that with the few npc's they had in that demo, that it was slightly laggy. i feel like the frame rate was starting to drop while he was on the ground. once he started to get away from the planet than his fps went back up to seamless but i'm a little worried, especially because their promising that were going to be able to have hundreds on one ship micromanaging things all the while in the middle of battle with 100 more players? i just don't think it looks good right now for the server to be able to hold all that. than again, i know next to nothing about computers and game development. so maybe my warring s fr nothing.
  9. the biggest thing involving nations is can we get enough people backing one? many above have stated that nobody is going to want to join a group of three guys with no actual power. if we want to get a nation started were going to need to get a large group together labeled as an organization. th ecommuntiy cite already has a few, their just very small some with only one person
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