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  1. discordauth:cmi-DnX0XuKep0jBvSawACPURn9b4-90yqOEWykNHXg=

  2. Yes sir. Yskonyn is the name there. I'll setup a DoD Discord as well.
  3. Head over to the Orgs page and press that shiny button! And start thinking about the best way to get our Pub up and running in the game. We need to chart out all potential planets with abundant resources for our beer and spirit stockpile!
  4. Lol! Re: Daddy issues; of course not, only cute girls have daddy issues. Those would be our groupies.
  5. Dads of DU will be an offspring from the Dads of Destiny Europe Clan for the game of Destiny. I have been leading that clan on PS4 since beta of Destiny 1 and we are still going strong! The same camaraderie, friendly atmosphere, beer-and-pretzel jokes and cooperation to achieve something larger than the sum of its parts will be the foundation of this Organisation within Dual Universe. It's a place where the dads can find likeminded people. Where your brothers know what its like to have to interrupt your gaming session yet again because you need to change a diaper. Its a place where we dads can become Galactic brothers in arms and build something great within a virtual world of endless possibilities and do it with those who know what it is to have sleepless nights for weeks on end. We don't enforce strict rules of activity. Those rules are already in place in real life. We come here to blow off steam and join a place of make belief and immersion. So once that moment finally comes when you are excused for a while and don't have to be 'daddy', you will know your Dads of DU will be eager to join you on yet another great adventure! Rally here, Dads of Dual Universe! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dads-of-du
  6. The utopian thought is of course that the Org would grow large enough to have several cities within DU, the Hansa's, where the Org will be self sustaining. I don't think there are a lot of details out yet about the operational feasibility, however. A different scenario could be that Liga Hansa will provide contractual services to people who need stuff delivered, much like Contract Runners in EVE Online. Yet another option would be to join a greater alliance and provide in their hauling and trading needs. The balance between tradeship operation vs security fleet is something that has to be determined as well. For example, given the high PvP focus of the game it might be best to decide Hansa is mainly a security force with trading capability instead of a trading fleet with security vessels as escorts. Both ideas could very well be themed like the Hansa of old given a little creative freedom. ?
  7. Nice one, I like the Dune universe. Question of curiosity; how would be able to keep things cohesive as an Org once several cells have been established and function autonomous? It looks like it can become quite the unwieldy beast? Good luck with your endeavors!
  8. With the new CPU lines revealed by AMD as well as Intel we will get access to many more cores. Perhaps this is something that could be added in the future as technology inside our gaming rigs grows ever more advanced. The beauty of an MMO is that the game will be expanded upon. Having that said, I agree that performance should be prioritized over eye candy / animations.
  9. It's a valid point, but speculation at this point. NQ would be aware of this issue, I'd assume, because its one of the first things that will become aparent when stress testing terrain modification.
  10. Discord: https://discord.gg/JPgk8g8 Currently working on outlining a preliminary plan. The Organization will be structured in phases as we (and the game) progress(es). I am currently leading a Destiny Clan which has been a very successful group since the release of that game. Still going strong, so I must be doing something right! ;-) I believe in self-regulation; if the corpmembers feel at home they will automatically care about what happens with and inside the corp. This results in a natural tendency to protect what is dear to oneself and so we get a self-regulating community without the need to lay down a lot of rules. Having that said, with the scope as large as Dual Universe is bound to present us with, I also believe a corp needs to be structured well. And a form of hierarchy works best in this case. Its just a matter of how you put that hierarchy in practise; as socially level as you can make it, or with strict chain of command. Again, I think a socially level structure, but with clear defined tasks in the hierarchy is what will work best. This also means that at the end of the day the structure isn't fully democratic, but again; with the scope we are bound to get in the game, nails will have to be hit on their heads, so to speak, to get things done efficiently in the game and a fully democratic system just doesn't work well. This doesn't mean that input from others than officers aren't wanted or will be ignored! Quite the contrary; we are playing a game and we do that to satisfy our entertainment needs, to escape the chores of the real world for a while and most importantly; to have FUN! And the best fun is to be had with a great bunch of like-minded players! So each and every member should feel they belong and they are appreciated. For decisions on the greater course of where the Corp goes next, though, a democracy in a guild usually turns out to be not very effective. I hope you got a slight peek into the mindset of how I'd like to organise the Corp. I will post a more detailed graphic later on.
  11. Thank you all! @Jack_Blade no, we do not have a Discord channel yet, but keep an eye on this space! We will certainly make note of your offer for protection. o7
  12. Well met traveller! The vision for Liga Hanseatica Galactica is to create a modern version of the 14th to 17th century Hanseatic Leage active at the time in Northwestern Europe.The confederation strived to establish and enforce free trade for its members and maintained their own defensive fleet to that effect.In DU we strive to do just that as well; military as well as non-aggressive roles will be available within the organization.You can read up on the real 'Hansa' here: Hanseatic League Wikipedia And here: Hanse.org We are looking for players who value a sense of community and camaraderie. Who get a kick out of accomplishing something as a team rather than striving for individual gain and goals alone. However, I know what it means to have a family, small kids and a busy dayjob, so this Organization will never enforce strict scheduled attendence quota. We expect you to be online whenever you can and if you can, but be proactively communicative about your status; no problem if you cannot be online for several days or even weeks, but let someone know. This ties into the sense of community and friendship we are trying to establish. At this point nothing is set in stone concerning the daily dealings of LHG. YOU can be part of the defining members if you are willing to accept my outstretched hand and work on something truely awesome, because once Dual Universe launches, we will have a truely awesome set of tools to craft our own organization! Our own vision! Our own modern Intergalactic Hanseatic League! Thanks for reading. If you want to join us, you can visit the community portal: Liga Hanseatica Galactica Or you can visit our (temporary) homepage: Liga Hanseatica Galactica Homepage Better yet: Join our Discord to get communicating instantly! https://discord.gg/JPgk8g8
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