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  1. Eve always erred on the side of too many faucets, and that problem got notably worse with the move to F2P. Turns out that bots don't really use sinks.
  2. If the camera view replaces your regular view, sure. If it is being shown in addition to your regular view, then it causes all sorts of technical problems. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/15034-camera-elements-that-can-link-to-screens/&do=findComment&comment=106749 Also searching is your friend.
  3. That's exactly what a bot would say... ?
  4. A solution that would both solve this problem and be infinitely versatile: Players can create what is essentially a piece of paper The paper is given a name when it is created and also shows who created it and when The paper is basically free to make and takes up a minimal inventory volume This allows an org to entrust creation of their notes to a specific person, and basically treat those notes as org currency. If you are worried about that person scamming you at a later date, only accept notes created before a certain date. Overall, this idea solves the desires of people for things like bank notes and stocks and org currency, all in one single and simple custom item. It shouldn't be too rough from a computational perspective, as the item only has 3 variable fields - name, creator, and creation date
  5. @BiGEdge I'm not sure where you think you heard that, but having an EVE-style skill tree has been part of the plan since forever.
  6. Dual Universe can not run on 32 bit Windows (for many technical reasons).
  7. Technically, you aren't allowed to discuss NDA topics outside of the forum or the official discord NDA channels. In practice, that hasn't stopped a lot of people, but they are taking a risk that the things they say and post are not released to non-alpha players. There is no official approval/verification process, though the now-official discord was using direct messaging to forum accounts to determine their NDA status before it was official.
  8. NQ said there will be the ASA "Arkship Safe Area" and also several MSA "Moon Safe Area" aka Sanctuary Moons. Both will be PvE only areas. IMO, automated defensive turrets for static constructs are only necessary if timer-based shields are uber expensive (which tbh they probably will be). Regardless, balancing automated weapons will be a challenge, particularly to avoid spamming by large orgs.
  9. SGCam

    Cameras and Video

    Please use search function - there is some good recent discussion on this exact topic.
  10. This is a planned feature, and I think it is a great idea to prevent offline pvp. @OldingDaGrund I personally like the idea of shields, providing they consume large amounts of energy. However, the problem is that they can remove a lot of the risks of combat (ie, the winning side emerges with NO damage) and also a lot of the nuances of 'subsystem' targeting (which NQ has mentioned will probably be a thing) by giving the construct a unified health pool. I think that if hp-based shields are a thing, that they should be limited to static constructs and should not work in conjunction with any other kind of shield, including territory shields. That way, they fill a role of protecting smaller outposts from minor hit and run attacks.
  11. I think this is a great idea, but there are some serious technical hurdles to consider: If the camera being viewed is near the player, then their GPU load will be (roughly) doubled since the scene needs to be rendered from a second perspective. If the camera being viewed is NOT near the player, then their CPU and GPU load (as well as their network utilization) will all be (roughly) doubled due to the camera having to compute the scene (voxels, elements, players, etc) and render from that perspective. In some games, this isn't a big deal because you can just offload it to another thread since you are not using much of the CPU or GPU. However in more complex games where you are already using a substantial portion of the client's resources, you can't due that and it causes everything for the player to slow down. Some examples: In the FPS "Insurgency: Sandstorm" when using a scope with zoom, the game renders the scene twice- once for the scope at its specific zoom level, and once for everything outside the scope with no zoom. This isn't a big deal because the scenes aren't very complex, and it can be turned on/off with the graphics settings. Not having this feature doesn't put anyone at a disadvantage. In Space Engineers, there is a source mod that allows exactly what is proposed in this thread- viewing cameras on a screen. Having more than a couple of cameras can bring a client's PC to its knees due to the complexity of the scenes in the game, and can even grind servers to a halt. Unfortunately in games like SE and DU, not being able to see the screens due to having a weaker computer could be a significant disadvantage, so having it as a setting isn't fair. I suppose you could offload this extra rendering to the server, but then you need to stream the camera's view to everyone that can see it's screen, thus consuming tons of bandwidth on top of the extra server resources. Basically, I love the idea, but I'm not sure how technically feasible it is considering the extreme complexity of scenes in Dual Universe.
  12. Everyone will be in the same "shard/server". Literally every single player. And that's why not having NPCs works - because there should be plenty of players to make it feel lively.
  13. Look at it this way: DU is a pioneer as far as MMOs GAMES go. They are building a massive, fully single shard, fully destructible, voxel based world. The only game I'm familiar with that does this is Space Engineers - and that can only manage 10-20 concurrent players. DU is intending to support tens of thousands. DU won't be released for at least another 2 years. At that point, your "3 year old 2015 rig" is going to be 6 years old. That IS old. Because of their pioneering technology, they can't afford to support old hardware - it would severely limit what the game can become. Even setting aside the issue of obsolete hardware specs, much of that hardware doesn't support the software that is needed to make DU a reality. DU is a subscription based MMO. It will be operating for (hopefully) decades. Supporting obsolete hardware now will make maintenance and updates more difficult down the road. Optimizations are something that typically happen in BETA. We are not there yet. Maybe it will make it less intensive to run - but it won't bring support for older hardware. If you want a unique and amazing game, you need to push the boundaries of available technology. Dual Universe is doing just that. The cost is that you will need a modern gaming computer in order to play it properly.
  14. To be clear, I agree that necroposting can be a problem. I just believe that there are plenty of situations where enforcing it to the letter of the rules is frankly ridiculous. As seen above, the moderators can handle these situations in a reasonable and acceptable manner with their own judgement. The rules should be adjusted to officially allow the moderators to have discretion in these matters, specifically such that in relevant and not out-of-date topics, they do not have to be locked. I believe that continuing these (qualifying) conversations is much better for the forum than splitting them to a new thread every few months or locking them entirely. I linked the topic above because in my opinion, it was an example where locking the topic seemed overkill.
  15. So here I am, technically "necroposting" on a thread discussing necroposting. This is the most recent thread (maybe the only thread) on the topic, it is still relevant, and it was left without any kind of conclusion. So should I have created a new thread instead? I don't think so. There are several situations where the rule needs to be relaxed, or at least left to moderator discretion. Situations where continuing an existing (and still relevant) discussion makes more sense than starting a new one (such as here). This reduces topic spamming (which is also against the rules, and often directly conflicts with the necroposting rule). Situations where people have asked an unresolved question that now has a resolution. Example: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/12349- technical-amd-gpu-rendering-issues/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-103748 I trust our moderators to be able to make judgement calls like this. So why not let them?
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