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  1. I don;t blame you and we don't know each other but I enjoyed your ship creations. I saw you working on one of your ships at the market and thought it looked so cool. Maybe I'll see you in another game one day. o7
  2. I just think new players are going to have a really bad time. They will build their first ship, make a few mistakes, and boom their goes their elements. Plus, being a new player, they probably won't have t3+ scrap on them. They will be miserable. Maybe this is what they're going for though- hard, unforgiving system. But not givign these new astronauts any tutorials is going to fork them right over. Just not realistic too me. Wont be a good experience for new players. Newbies need a crutch; many are not trying to become expert astronauts
  3. Man not being able to alt+F4 along with element destruction sounds like good ways to drive away players. Might want to address the reasons we need to alt+F4 in the 1st place (lack of reentry tutorials, difficult to land on Alioth due to its strong gravity, etc). I'm building an AGG ship to help me out in regards to alt+F4 but we still needed to suspend our AGG ships in the air. [edit] Did NQ fix the bug where we need to alt+f4 to keep the AGG ship in the air? That's what I mean by this change being way too premature. This change is really premature and was there even a big clamor for it? I'd rather get Vertex editing and mining improvements. Mining needs WAY more variety. Where is Asteroid mining? Why no updates on that
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