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  1. the page now accepts as follows: Accepted images: JPG, PNG under 5MB.
  2. I HAVE A small NEED. I love what we can do within our game even with a basic understanding of voxelmancy, but there comes a scale, at which I find myself struggling to get the small scale finishes I really need. I believe we need some small decorative elements, mostly 1 block and below sized, to support our fine detailed projects. These silly trinkets could EACH serve a multitude of purposes. The key to these small elements is that they can be used bear to complex voxels without messing things up. This will give us all some options for the enhancement of the very smallest of our creations. Some examples SMALL GOLD BUTTON door handles, wall studs, statue clothing buttons STEEL BOLTS wall reinforcement, mechanical voxel decoration, eeeeverything MIRRORABLE SCI-FI EYE LENSES statues, robots, cameras (bigger, sorry) NOVEAN AND BARE HUMAN SIZE HEADS/TORSO/BODY-SEATED-STANDING decorative crew SMALL ARMS shops, decorative turrets, emplacements, statues ______________ I'm sure I've just touched the surface, and there may be things I haven't considered properly, (like the server load of my 10billion rivet warship) but I really do feel that due to the scale of a person against the 1 block scale leaves us a hole, the button XS just cannot fill alone. PLEASE LEAVE ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE FOR SMALL DECORATIVE ITEMS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, and have a great day.
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