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  1. Perfect, I did find the old post and even messaged Tueradoor to see if there was an updated version but have not seen a response yet. Thank you for sharing this with me, it will most def help me.
  2. I would disagree but you are not wrong. My only concern here is the time gating. I can always come up with what to do with what we already have within the game but what I do not appreciate is a constant time limitations. I would compare this to Eve but even in Eve there is PVE combat for new players that did not invest countless hours to train their skills. The ship building part of the game is not intuitive at all. There are a few tools that help you with understanding but most are outdated already and no one cares to update them. In what universe do you need 30 wings to lift of in the atmosphere? I mean, I have been complaining about this since early beta possible end of alpha and nothing was changed. We currently have 4 or 5 different rarities to engines and the jumps (in production/prices) from one to another is so dramatic that I don't even bother and just stack more basic ones lol. And now with introduction/changes to blue prints...we used to travel to different planets to buy them and it felt good but now you just Q them up and go play a different game while they are producing. Why is everything time gated? Where is the freedom of doing what ever the heck you want? Miners, lol what a joke of a system (even with talents). You get so many charges that refresh at a rate of one per 6 hours. Some grids are so bad that you end up with multiple claimed just for a little of passive ore. Yes it was a grind fest before and we spent days mining out mega nodes but now what, spend 30min to an hours locating an asteroid then start mining only to make enough to possible Q up something else. Risk and reward is out the window. An average ship that has cargo and can fly in space and atmo is worth 3-5 million to make but the amount you make mining is a fraction and it isn't worth losing your ship over $800k. I am sorry for rambling
  3. Hi all, I am a returning player since the game is officially out and wanted to know if there are outside tools out there to help me/others in designing/building a ship. I am not talking about the aesthetic design but the ratio of parts to other parts. For example: how many M Wings or L Wings should I use per 1 M Engine, etc. I have been looking and only found a few tools that mostly deal with crafting/industry. Here is an example of what I am wanting to do. Due to starting out and not having much of industry set up I am looking to build a ship that will allow me to carry a filled L Container. This ship has to be able to leave all planets and re-enter them filled with cargo. Basically I am looking for a tool that will allow me to ratio the proper amount of part on the ship to make sure the ship capable of the described above tasks. I cannot afford L Engines yet and will be using M Engines. If there is anyone out there that has anything similar to what I am asking for please let me know.
  4. I am glad you brought this up. I agree. I would prefer for them to nerf it to the ground so that we are not allowed to build ships with 40 engines and 200 wings but people will always find a way. They truly need to figure this out. Its frustrating to me as a builder that I have to first place the elements and then design the build around them instead of the other way around. The other problem is managing your skills properly. I am sure I would not have as many problems if my piloting skills were at 3 or higher but because flying is really only 20% of the game as a whole right now, I had to place skills in mining with piloting on the bench. How else am I going to make currency.
  5. Good morning, afternoon and evening. I would like to express my personal opinion on the current ship designs that include the engines, wings, and other necessary components provided to us in the game in order to be able to fly them. I have been a member since Alpha and due to the game being in Alpha left it soon thereafter. I am currently back for Beta and this time I am planning on staying. Unfortunately, I am having issues with the said above parts and the way they work with the ship and each other. One of the main concerns is the engine. A Basic Atmospheric Engine has 2,160,000 N of thrust, yet an average ship with some cargo requires a minimum of 8 to 10 of them. So since JC keeps talking about making the game somewhat realistic I decided to do some research. Currently one of the largest and heaviest cargo planes in the world is Antonov An-225 “Mriya”. The plane is powered by 6 Ivchenko Progress Lotarev D-18T engines which are made up of three shaft turbofan engines. Each engine can produce a maximum thrust of 229.5kN. That is 229,500 N x 6 which is equal to 1,377,000 N. The plane is capable of taking off with 640,000 kg which is 640 Tons. So far everything looks promising because we already know that our in-game engines are far better than the Ivchenko ones. If we do the same conversion but with the in-game engines we get: 2,160,000 x 6 = 12,960,000 N. Then divide the total by the total of the Ivchenko engines and we get 9.4. Multiply that by tons lifted by Antonov An-225 “Mriya” and we get 6,023.52 Tons or 6 kt that we should have as a max weight. My current in-game small core hauler with 2 Large containers can barely lift 256 kl of Hemitite. Please withhold your comments that the current planes do not fly in space because this is not what I am arguing here. Based on the information above the amount of wings, boosters, brakes, and adjusters you would need is ridiculous. That is all I am going to say. I am not sure what the solution to this would be but it needs to be discussed.
  6. RipPaw


    Very true my friend, but one could assume that the Dev would think of that and stop/prevent the expansion to the above mentioned limits
  7. What is the point allowing us smooth the terrain when we can't do it... After spending over 6 hours of building a ship using voxelmancy ( because the in game voxels do not do what they are told) I have decided to take a break and terraform the area around the base. Unfortunately for me, it lasted 5 minutes. I flattened some area out and decided to use the smoothing tool to make it look a bit smoother but instead got a never ending error in red seen in the Title. I am honestly tired of these minor issues that should have been fixed prior to "BETA". Maybe you (Devs) have a different definition of Beta but this should not be a problem by now. I have no words to describe my frustration, between this patch and the existing issues, I am disappointed. (Not that you really care. You will continue to do what you think is right and pay no attention to the community.)
  8. RipPaw


    Hello all. I am writing this thread to see if we can have the Devs change some core(s) mechanics within the game. We know that there are 4 different cores and that each core is doubled as we move from XS to L (512^3, 256^3, 128^3, 64^3 L M S XS). As a builder, I would like to see the ability to change the core shape without intruding on the order of the cores. Let me explain this. The smallest core (XS) is 64x64x64 but due to it being a cube, it has a downside. The downside is the building potential within that cube. If we were allowed to change the core to let say 64h 84l and 44w we would open up the ability to use and shape the way we please. The small core will no longer be useless for refining and other actions. Furthermore, it will allow builders build around it so it is pleasant to the eye. It should be noted that I understand that this may break voxelmancy but I am sure someone can figure this out. Please leave your thoughts and any other ideas reference the core that I may have missed.
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