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    peskyboyz reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Pre-Alpha FAQ and Rules   
    Hi everyone,
    Many of you have asked for more information and clarification about the Pre-Alpha.
    To make things a bit easier for everyone we’ve compiled our answers into a this FAQ. 
    Who will have access to the Pre-Alpha?
    All backers with a Gold Founder status (or above), the members of the ATV group,  a small vetted “Friends & Family” group, and the Novaquark staff.
    When exactly will the Pre-Alpha be accessible?
    The first session of the Pre-Alpha will take place Saturday 30th of September:
    - from 3.00 pm to 12.00pm (Midnight) CEST (Paris Time). 
    - from 9.00 am to 6.00pm EST (NYC Time).
    - from 6.00 am to 3.00pm PST (Los Angeles Time).
    We will also have a “trial run” on Saturday September 23rd for the ATV group. This will enable us to run some tests with a smaller (100 players, all under NDA) group of real players before scaling up our efforts for the Pre-Alpha one week later.

    The Trial Run (ATV group ONLY)  will take place Saturday, September 23rd:
    - from 3.00 pm to 12.00pm (Midnight) CEST (Paris Time). 
    - from 9.00 am to 6.00pm EST (NYC Time).
    - from 6.00 am to 3.00pm PST. (Los Angeles Time).
    Additional Pre-Alpha times and dates will depend on the results of these initial sessions. Between these sessions , the development team will improve the game according to the feedback and bug reports submitted during the last session. We will try to give access on a regular basis going forward, but please understand we are looking at these as tests and we do not intend to have the server available on a 24/7 basis yet.
    How will I know when and where to download the Pre-Alpha Client?
    If you are among those who have access to the Pre-Alpha,  we will send an email to the address linked to your Dual Universe account. Instructions for downloading the client will be provided. You will need to be logged into your Dual Universe account to download the Pre-Alpha client. Before you can download the client you will need to agree to and accept the EULA and NDA (which may be part of the EULA). Please note: Downloading and using the client means you have explicitly accepted the EULA and NDA. 
    Can I tell people I am in the Pre-Alpha?
    Unlike many NDAs, you won’t have to “hide” the fact that you are part of the Pre-Alpha Tester group. The reason is simple: it will already be publicly displayed on the forum and the Community Portal because of your Backer status (Gold and above) or the ATV membership mention. 
    Can I share screenshots and videos from the Pre-Alpha?
    Pre-Alpha testers can make screenshots and videos, with two conditions:
    No screenshots or videos may be posted prior to the NDA drop. This means you can make and save videos and screenshots for sharing, but may not post them until Novaquark officially announces the NDA has been dropped. While sharing screenshots and videos with people outside the Pre-Alpha test group is strictly forbidden, we also strongly discourage any sharing between Pre-Alpha testers during the NDA: unless you are 100% sure that those with whom you share screenshots and videos are trustworthy, don't share anything. The reason: if a leak occurs, you will be held responsible for it.  
    All videos and screenshots must retain the “Pre-Alpha” watermark. This is to make it clear to anyone viewing your content that these assets were created using a very early, non-final version of the game.  This is important as we do not want Pre-Alpha footage and images to be confused with later Alpha, Beta, and Release versions of the game.  Imagine someone coming across Pre-Alpha footage several years from now and making decisions based on what they are seeing because they think it’s final, representative footage, and not test footage. Obviously, we want to avoid this kind of confusion. 
      Failure to respect these conditions may be interpreted by Novaquark as an intent to damage the reputation of the game and the company (with any and all consequences that may follow), depending of the situation. 
    If you feel you have captured footage or images that have a very positive value (like tutorials) and should be shared before the NDA is dropped, you can contact a member of the Novaquark staff by submitting a request on the upcoming Customer Support portal or by sending a private message on the forum to one of the CMs: Nomad, Nunc or Nyzaltar). We will then submit the footage or the screenshots for approval to the upper management. However, if the answer is negative, please respect it.
    What about the NDA regarding discussions of the Pre-Alpha?
    Any and all discussions of the Pre-Alpha must take place in the Pre-Alpha area of the forums. This area will be available only to those members of the community who are taking part in the Pre-Alpha. Everything posted in this section will be under NDA. To help people recognize when they are reading or replying to a topic in a section under NDA, the background color will be different from the public forum sections.
    As we know the forum is not always the best way to discuss, especially in real time, we are currently in discussion to let the community have a Discord server dedicated to the Pre-Alpha. Moderators of this Discord will work closely with Novaquark staff to ensure that only Pre-Alpha testers will have access to it. Of course, the NDA will apply also on this Discord channel.
    How will bug reporting work?
    While the dedicated Pre-Alpha forum section will be the place to give feedback on the Pre-Alpha and discuss with other Pre-Alpha testers, we also plan to open a Customer Support portal where all Pre-Alpha testers will be able to report any bugs or technical difficulties they encounter in-game or to while launching the game. To be able to see the existing topics, post new ones or reply to some, you will need to log in on this portal with your Dual Universe account that has access to the Pre-Alpha. As long as the NDA is in effect, no discussion there should be made public.
    What about the NDA and adding content to the Community Wiki?
    No information related to the Pre-Alpha can be added to the Wiki until the NDA is lifted.  You may prepare texts and assets offline and hold on to them until the NDA is lifted, but absolutely nothing should be posted to the Wiki until such time. The reasons are obvious: this would be one massive leak and some of this information will likely change during the Pre-Alpha. 
    What happens if I violates these, or any other provisions, of the NDA?
    Violating the NDA will mean your immediate expulsion from the Pre-Alpha and you will be banned from the Alpha and Closed Beta tests. There may be additional consequences depending on the severity and nature of the violation.
    What are the specs required to play Dual Universe in Pre-Alpha?
    Please keep in mind that the following configuration is based on the fact that a Pre-Alpha or Alpha version of a game is not fully optimized. These may mean the specs stated here higher than may be required at launch. These specs only apply to the Pre-Alpha and should be considered as being subject to change as the game approaches a final Release version.
    CPU: Intel i5  (i7 may yield better results)
    RAM: 16 GB minimum
    Graphic Card: nVidia GTX 960 (or Radeon equivalent) with at least 2GB RAM.
    HDD: 40GB required for installation and Cache (a SSD Hard Drive may improve performance)
    Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or 10.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    peskyboyz reacted to NQ-Nomad in Pre-Alpha available for Gold Founder backers and above and ATV members on September 30th   
    Hi guys, 
    Live from Gamescom 2017 in Germany, we wanted to announce some news you have been anticipating for a long time now: Pre-Alpha will be accessible to Gold Founder backers and above and the ATV members on September 30th. We just announced the news via a Press Release that will soon be uploaded on the dedicated section of our website. 
    You probably noticed that we're calling this first public access "Pre-Alpha" and not "Alpha", as originally intended. Why? Because we are not quite ready yet to switch the game into Alpha, but we still wanted to honor our commitment to our backers. 
    This first public glimpse of the game won't feature a proper game loop as we originally wanted but, after postponing the release a few months ago, we felt like a new delay was not appropriate. We think any additional delays, even though the game is not in the true Alpha state we had anticipated, would not be in keeping with the spirit of our commitments to our community and backers. 

    We decided it would be better to give you access to the game at an even earlier state than to delay again. That it would be better to give you a look at where we are, rather than wait again for where we had hoped to be at this stage. We promised to be transparent and open and we think this decision is the best way to keep that pledge. 
    We're still actively working on a number of items that must be completed before we can truly call the game "Alpha" and bring you a better gaming experience. As with any pre-release software please keep in mind that the game is still in development and that the Pre-Alpha version, while as stable as possible at this stage, will still have a number of bugs, glitches, and unexpected issues. 

    Again, the game should be stable (as are the versions we are showing at Gamescom and next month at PAX West), and playable, but this version is very early and we ask you set your expectations accordingly. That said, we feel this is your game as well as ours and that your early feedback is necessary and vital to help drive our development in the right direction. 
    What does it change for you? Not much. All Gold backers and above prior September 7th (as previously announced) will have access to this Pre-Alpha and future Alpha 1. New backers pledging after September 7th will get access to Alpha 2 at a later stage. 
    The Pre-Alpha will not be accessible 24/7. Instead we will be announcing times and dates that the single-shard server will be available for testing. We’ll make sure to give you plenty of advance notice of uptimes so you can plan your play times and testing with friends and other players. 
    Because we are shifting from an Alpha to a Pre-Alpha test we may decide to ask all participants to sign an NDA and agree not to share information, screenshots or stream the game until the proper Alpha release. While we said there would be a high chance of not having any NDA for the Alpha, this Pre-Alpha is something else and we don’t feel it would be appropriate for streamers and viewers to judge Dual Universe based on this extremely early version. Once the game reaches a true Alpha stage the NDA will be lifted as we originally stated.

    However, to allow you to share your crazy stuff with us and the community, we’re currently considering creating a dedicated section of the forums for Pre-Alpha testers to share feedback, post images and videos, and other related materials. It will be the only authorized place to do that to keep it as private as possible at the beginning. Please know we aren’t doing this to hide any of issues we expect in Pre-Alpha, but to help us better focus the feedback and reaction from those who are actively participating in the tests to help us reach our true Alpha goal more quickly. 
    We know it's not ideal and that breaking the NDA will be very tempting but we wanted to give you access to the game on September 30th to keep our promise and decided to trust you guys, like you trust us everyday. 
    On a side note, as we're currently attending Gamescom, we won't be able to be as reactive as we usually try to be, so thank you for your patience and understanding. Nyzaltar and I will try to answer your questions whenever possible. 
    Thank you for your amazing support! We already have amazing help propositions from some of you to help us improve the game once it’s live and that matters a lot to us. 
    So this is it. See you soon in Dual Universe!
    The Novaquark Team
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    peskyboyz reacted to Code24 in Objective Driveyards - Aerospace Corporation [Recruiting]   
    English                     All                         78

    Objective Driveyards is a corporate-state established in the evolving world of Dual Universe. We aim to design ships that combine elegance and efficiency with a readiness for the cold-blooded nature of interstellar warfare. We will bring an array of premier spacecraft to the marketplace: battle-tested by our navy and refined by an organized team of engineers and designers.





    The Corporation relies on teamwork and structure to succeed, and thus operates as a meritocracy. The corporation is led by the CEO and a Council of three directors. Corporate assets are divided into three main branches; each responsible for a major aspect of Corporate operations and manned by specialists with appropriate skills. Each branch is independent to a degree but ultimately answer to the Council.
    CEO - Code24

    Objective Dynamics

    Leader: Head Technocrat, Croomar
    The scientific branch of the Corporation, lead by a head Technocrat. This branch develops tech, designs blueprints, programs systems, conducts exploration, and tech mining. Blueprints can be designed on contract to be sold to other factions, or strictly for corporate use.
    Researcher - Develops new designs and blueprints to be tested and refined.
    Explorer - Lone wolf pilots looking to explore under a Corporate Charter.
    Programmer - Specialist skilled in scripting advanced systems with LUA 

    Objective Industries
    Leader: Director of Industry, BliitzTheFox
    The circulatory and digestive system of the Corporation, controlled by a Director who is part of the Corporate Council. This branch is responsible for mining and refining raw materials, manufacturing components and equipment, and ultimately constructing ships. While the Navy controls most of the Corporate fleet, Indi Ops controls most of the Corporate shipyards. Ships and equipment produced by this branch are first researched and designed by the R&D branch. Indi Ops can also manufacture hulls and equipment to be sold on contract to other factions.
    Miner - Raw resource extraction.
    Technician - Refining and manufacturing.
    Engineer - Industrial construction/development.
    Shipwright - Shipyard operation, starship construction.
    Marketer - Promotes and sells products, conducts market research

    Objective Navy
    Leader: Stategos, Sgt.Toothpaste
    As the military branch, the Navy is responsible for protecting Corporate interests from external threats. The Navy is lead by the Strategos, one of the members of the Corporate Council and the highest ranking officer within the fleet. The Navy controls the majority of the Corporate Fleet and draws from Corporate personnel with skills particular to any and all aspects of combat. These roles can include:
    Pilot - Pilot specializing in either strike craft or larger warships.
    Commander - Officer in command of a large, crewed warship.
    Crew - Entry level warship crew, manning the critical stations on larger vessels.
    Security - Infantry unit skilled in ground combat.
    Combat Engineer - Field engineer skilled in building/repairing constructs in combat situations.
    Recon - *Redacted*

    Objective Driveyards is seeking the top talent in Dual Universe to make our team stronger.
    Play DU in small, focused teams that are agile, efficient and focused on excellence. Cement your role in the future of ODY, and submit an application on our website today. If you are interested in one or more of the roles described above, but still have questions, contact one of the Corporate Council members.
    Means of Voice Communication
    Application on both website and community portal
    Complete a short interview with a recruiter
    Age: 16 +

    Follow us:

    Learn More
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    peskyboyz got a reaction from yamamushi in Any French language speakers willing to translate JC's talk?   
    I'm working on it. It will take a while.
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    peskyboyz got a reaction from Armedwithwings in Any French language speakers willing to translate JC's talk?   
    I'm working on it. It will take a while.
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    peskyboyz reacted to Hades in How hard (or easy) will it be to earn DAC?   
    Personally, I think the option of DACs being unlootable on purchase, but lootable after they have been traded is the best option.  No one likes losing something they've paid hard earned money for.  I am a casual player, and as such... I like the casualness of this methodology.
    Furthermore, I am against the whole lootable currency thing.  Once again, I am a casual player... You can steal my cargo, you can steal my ship... but the currency should stay the way it is.
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    peskyboyz reacted to DarkTemplar in Dark's Snippets -- Random DU related stories!   
    The Fate of a Titan 
    She woke to blaring red lights and a screaming siren, a rumble coursed its way through the ship, rocking her to her feet. She stumbled over to a panel on the far wall and fumbled for a button, unable to see amidst the darkness and flash of red.
      “Bridge, what’s the pro--”
      A voice abruptly cut her off as static blared throughout the ship’s speakers.
      “Attention all crew, please report to combat stations.”
      She spun around in her room, grabbing random pieces of clothing and throwing them on, slipping on a necklace holding a small metallic device, she stumbled out of her room. Barely making it past marines dressed in full combat gear. She managed to keep her footing as another explosion rocked the ship. ‘What the fuck is hitting us?’ Pushing through a group of engineers, she scurried past a window, only taking a glance before hurrying on. Outside, fighters swarmed over the backdrop of empty space, explosions filling the blackness with bursts of colour.
      The titanic ship responded with a salvo of rounds as the woman scrambled through the ship. The rounds slammed themselves home into the arrayed assault force as point defence carved through space, ripping lighter craft apart. A hum resounded throughout the ship as arcs of light bored their way into a destroyer.
      Around her support crew hurried from room to room, she’d heard from someone that the warp drive had been knocked out while another shouted that the port thrusters were destroyed. She ignored the orders and information, for the most part, and continued on her journey up through the ship. The explosions knocking her off balance slowly stopped, the guns on the giant beast dying down.
      A new sound echoed throughout ship, a crunch of metal could be heard over the piercing alarms. New explosions rocked through the hull, metal exploded in the corridor ahead of her, ripping through those standing in the way. She held her breath, waiting for the inevitable depressurisation that was to come. Her eyes widened in horror as she realised what was sealing the holes.
      “Alert all crew, prepare your boarding stations. All non-essential crew, please report to the aft and starboard escape pods.”
      She scrambled backwards down the way she came, clutching the item around her neck. The warning came too late, they’re already onboard. Behind her something slammed into the metallic floor and armoured footsteps followed her down the corridor. Shots cracked through the sterile air, sending clangs and thuds down the hall. A searing pain lanced through her leg and she collapsed into a heap. A sob racked her body as she tried crawling into a nearby room but the footsteps and shots followed her.
      “Unlucky, she must of been hit by a ricochet.
      The voice carried out from above her, she tried to move further into the room but a coloured boot stood on her hand. She cried out in anguish pulled uselessly at her hand.
      “Fucking. Union.” She spat, the boot on her hand lifted and was replaced by a firm grip on the back of her head.
      “Enough.” The pressure on her head lifted and she could move her head to see another soldier approach.
      “We were lucky to find the Ismarilda, and lucky enough to cripple this Titan. But I won't have you harm civilians, and that goes to the rest of you. No one kills civilians or Revin will have our heads.”
      The commanding officer turned to look at her, his eyes flicking over the name tag on her breast.
      “Doctor Kaitlyn Meinhardt... count yourself lucky compared to others aboard this vessal.”
      Kaitlyn spat at him as he turned away, his squad following him out of sight. She swore and pulled herself into the room and hauled herself partway up a wall to reach the medical pack stationed in each room. She fell back heavily to the ground, the shot in her leg slowly leaking. Pulling a small cylindrical tube out of the pack, Kaitlyn placed it on her leg and lent against a wall. She pressed a button and a series of needles stabbed into her, administering medical nanites which coursed through her body. Slowly the bullet in her leg was forcibly pushed out as the muscles, tendons and everything else started to knit itself back together.
      While her wound was fixing itself, Kaitlyn hauled over a chair and sat down heavily beside the room’s com-link.
      The com-link crackled into life and a voice roared over the net.
      “How do you have access to this code!?”
      “This is Kaitlyn Meinhardt, Union soldiers are. God damn this hurts. Are heading towards the bridge, advise procedure F4W8S.”
      “Yes, we understand, 10 minutes... You know, Kaitlyn, I always wondered how you outranked me.”
      “I’m sorry Admiral...”
      Kaitlyn slid her finger off the com-link. One last effort to fight back. One last stand against the Syndicate and the Union. Some saw them as good, some saw them as bad. Didn't matter any more, there was too much riding on the Ismarilda to make it through but it wouldn't happen.
      Deep orange lights flashed overhead, signalling the start of the procedure. Kaitlyn hauled herself heavily onto her feet, and pulled herself in the direction of the escape pods. The device once again clutched in her hand.
      Freedom awaits.
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    peskyboyz reacted to DarkTemplar in Dark's Snippets -- Random DU related stories!   
    Battle of Emberstone
      “Troopers!” A voice roared over the din. The men and women swarming throughout the drop bay halted, looking towards the source of the voice.”
      “Two years ago we woke aboard the Novark on Alioth. Our home left far behind as we stepped out into the unknown. Afraid, confused and homesick we banded together. Forging a new civilization, a new way of surviving, and a new home.”
      Alexander paused, surveying the gathered crew. He caught glimpses of pride flashing over the faces of his comrades.
      “At first we believed we wouldn’t follow the ways of Earth, that peace, would come naturally. But alas that is not the case. As of today, we are at war. As many of you would've heard, 37 hours ago the city of Emberstone fell under siege. Although the JSDF replied in force, it was not enough. As of 0400 hours this morning, Emberstone has fallen.”
      Silence fell over the drop bay, the hum of the warp drives could be heard as the men and women aboard the Invictus took in the news. Expressions of pride and joy were quickly replaced by concern, sadness and anger.
      “Do not weep, the time for mourning is not here yet. For today is the day, today is the day we fight. Not for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters, for those who have fallen! We fight for the Union, and the Syndicate!”
      “As of right now, the Terran Union is assembling the might of its military force to take back Emberstone. Silverlight Industries, Diverse Unified Alliance,the Aether, Objective Driveyards, Chuckling Casket, Chromion Industrial, and the Solar Empire are all sending everything they can spare.”
      The Invictus lurched as it dropped out of the warp gate, arriving at the Alioth system. The engines roared into life and the cruiser slipped forward.
      “Glasrevin has tasked us to drop into Emberstone, our lz is the square. From there we are to set up an FOB and split into squads, each squad taking a cardinal direction. You are to clear surrounding anti-air batteries to give the ground forces a safer corridor to land the rest of the army. So, I ask, what are we going to do?!”
      “PAVE THE WAY!”
      Throughout  the fringes of the system, vast fleets of ships dropped into view. The Invictus plowed forward, heading towards Alioth. More ships flowed through the jump gates, all heading for redemption.
      “We do not know what our chances of survival are, so we fight as if they were zero. Our brothers might lose us and the world might never know we existed, but the Enemy - the Enemy will know. The Enemy will remember. We will hurt it so badly that it will never forget us until the stars burn out. When they are dying, their last thought will be of us. That is our memorial - carved into the heart of our foes. We cannot lose, my friends. For we have already won”
    Cheers rang out over the open area
    as the TUSC roused into action. Final preparations were completed as troopers strapped in pieces of equipment. Alexander dropped down from the boxes he was perched on and adorned his own helmet. The HUD flaring to life and picking up the friendly tags. He did a once over of his pod, making sure the radio beacons and other equipment was securely strapped down. An amber light flicked on and troopers started clambering into their drop pods, strapping themselves in before the drop crew closed the hatch.
      Above Alioth the fleets of the Cinderfall Syndicate were engaging the captured defence stations and the amassed fleet of the invading force. Flanked by three titan-class ships and the rest of the Terran Union fleet, the Invictus moved into orbit above Emberstone as the rest of the fleet engaged.
      Alexander smiled as the buzz of the radio opened up and a voice carried across the TUSC’s channels. Doc better have a good speech, he mused.
      “For a wounded man will shall say to his assailant, ‘If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven’. Such is the rule of honor, broken the paradigm, an example must be set. Invoke the siren's song and sign the death warrant. Better to die quick, fighting on your feet. Then to live forever begging on your knees! So rise up, and answer; Can we still be saved?”
      “Hell no!”
      “Will we rise from the dead?”
      “Hell no!”
      “Is there still hope for us?
    “Hell no!”
      “Were we ever even alive?”
      “HELL NO!”
      “Free speech for the living, dead men tell no tales. Their laughing finger will never point again. Six feet under with no marker, Keep our names from your mouth forever. So I ask you; Do we bow for the weak?
    “Hell no!”
      “Do we pity our contenders?”
      “Hell no!”
      “Are we more than a cog in the system?”
      “Hell no!”
      “Will our war machine be stopped?”
      “HELL NO!”
      “This is their one and only decimation. The only one they’ll ever receive. Can't deny or ignore it. We are Leviathan: The Beast.”
    Alexander stayed quiet during the exchange, studying the city below on a digital panel. They’d be performing a high orbit drop, although this exposed the drop pods to longer durations of any anti-air, it allowed them to better position themselves as they plummeted through the atmosphere. If they’d gone for a low orbit drop there was also the potential of being intercepted while not in the safety of the fleet. The light in the bay flipped from amber to red.
      Barked a voice over the radio. He quickly inputted code and slammed his hand into the button above his head. The pod shuddered as the clamps released and it was jettisoned out into space. 84 other pods quickly followed, decoy pods would fall ahead, soaking up as much anti air fire as they could, enabling the troops and supply pods to land.
      A song started blasting over the intercom and on the speakers mounted outside of a few modified pods. Streaks of light flashed past the soldiers as captured Anti-Air batteries opened up on the pods, drowning out the song with thunderous cracks. Explosions filled the air as missiles and shells screamed upwards into the sky. Far above the Invictus roared back into life, returning to participate in the battle.
      The city rushed closer and their destination came into view, the massive city square was littered with craters and bodies as the pods careened downwards. He bowed his head as a pod exploded into a ball of fire, the shockwave shunting his own pod spiraling. He wrestled to get the craft back on target, using up the precious fuel. Notifications slowly crawled up a digi pad as pods were struck down.
      Charlie 3-2 Viridian 12 -- KIA
    Bravo 2-1 Azure 4 -- KIA
    Supply 0012 Destroyed
    Delta 4-2 Goldenrod 6-- Off target
    Delta 4-2 Goldenrod 10-- Off target
      “Brothers and sisters!”
      Delta 4-2 Goldenrod 9 -- KIA
    Delta 4-2 Goldenrod 8 --Off target
    Delta 4-2 Goldenrod 7 -- KIA
      The digi pad flickered then died as another shell rolled over the pod. Fighters weaved through the falling pods, cutting down the plummeting troopers. Goldenrod we the last to drop, he thought, a grim expression on his face, feet first into hell...
      “Remember this day my friends, remember this moment. Remember this as the day we FIGHT.”  
      Alexander was thrown into his harness as the landing thrusters kicked in. A shell exploded directly below him, sending smoke rushing over his pod. Another jolt and he slammed into the ground. The hatch blasted open, flying into an enemy soldier ready to fire. Alexander sprung out of his pod, firing at the distracted soldiers as they watched the pods rain down around then. The Battle of Emberstone had begun
      --------85km from Emberstone-----
      Two children burst out of their house and spun around in the backyard as their mother watched on, unaffected by the ravaged city. The twirling pair stopped as they looked up into blue sky.
      “Mama! Look!”
      Said the younger child, pointing a hand towards the sky. The mother stepped out from the doorway and looked upwards.
      “Children, get back inside now.”
      The mother looked on as the children chased each other into the farmhouse. Streaks of white flared over the city, like molten rain falling through the sky. In the background flashes of the space battle could be seen. She wore a grim expression as she saw the pods falling through the sky. While the invasion had been quick and deadly, the battle for Emberstone would be brutal. So it begins.
      The continuation of the story can be found here. Please do not edit the file in anyway aside from commenting.
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    peskyboyz reacted to Roninmizu in So Now We know.   
    You obviously have never been in a leadership role. 
    I can tell you as a leader IRL, that talks about policy making will always be heated BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. They should be. I would be more worried for a group that all thought the same.
    What you did was try to throw those doors open. Now your upset that the people who have either been part of those discussions, seen them, or are mature enough to understand people argue, are making you out to be the bad guy.
    Come on...
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    peskyboyz reacted to Limyaael in So Now We know.   
    But they don't. I'm not privy to the internal goings on at McDonalds because I'm not a board member nor an investor in the company. People who aren't currently involved in CSYN don't "deserve" to know anything about the organisation - anything they do release is just marketing stuff to get people on board. Yes, people in the organisation probably deserve a voice there (although I don't know how it's actually being run as of yet, and one could argue that subordinates don't need to know absolutely everything). So this "journalism" is a waste of your time and only serves as something to chuckle over for a little bit before moving on. Forum drama is unneeded so early into development.
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    peskyboyz reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Dev's troubling silence   
    Hi everyone!   @ghoster:   Despite how you might feel, we are not going in radio silence mode.   A few points that we want to clarify here:   - We never expected either to have a success as large as Star Citizen for many obvious reasons: we started to really communicate about the game a few months ago, we had no celebrity in our team and no big brand to put in front. That alone were legitimate reasons to keep our expectations realistic. We are already amazed to see how far we went in a such short amount of time and we are not going to stop there! - As Pang_Dread mentioned it, we communicated in the last Kickstarter update that the communication now won't be as intense as it was during the Kickstarter.  - A few things are coming soon:
    1) new forum sections will be opened on Wednesday 2nd of November 2) a newsletter for the end of the week (with some stuff that might interest more than one ) 3) a fan fiction contest that will take place from Tuesday 15th November to Thursday 15th of December! (more info very soon!)   @Anonymous:   We can understand that you are concerned about our current lack of presence. However, you should understand in return that you can't expect the same presence from a Community Manager in a big company or being a part of a big structure than one in a small company. Why? Because in small companies (like indie studios), people are generally brought to do more than the exact job written on their contract. If not, then the company might quickly run into some problems to work properly.    Just a few examples: - Apart the communication from JC, all the comm from the devs is handled by the CMs (who are doing the link between devs and the community). - Managing discussions on Facebook and Twitter is totally within the job of the CMs (it's really disturbing to say the contrary). - This might be shocking but yes, Customer Support can be something a CM has to do (and right now, this is also part of our job). - Internal, invisible tasks related to Kickstarter and hugely time consuming are also among the things we currently have to do. - Despite what you're saying, Reddit can also be an appropriate place where a CM might have to interact with people interested in the game.   All in all, we would love to interact a lot more with you guys than what we are currently doing. We will do our best to increase our presence in the coming months. A few replies are coming soon to some important topics.   Best regards, Nyzaltar.
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    peskyboyz reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in My Community Has Withdrawn Our Pledges   
    Hi everyone,
    As the topic is derivating seriously in the last pages, it's going to be closed.
    To all those who are wondering if the current level of funding already include the pledge withdrawal, the answer is yes: The pledge amount is updated in real time. If someone unpledge, it's immediately reflected to the amount pledged on the Kickstarter page. 
    To sum up your point of view:
    1) Our communication is canned because we didn't reply directly to your community's experience.
    2) You didn't try to discuss with us because the previous reply was canned in your opinion.
    3) You said the PLEX is inefficient against goldfarming.
    4) You assume that I'm convinced DAC is the perfect too and that, apparently, only my opinion counts in the Novaquark Team.
    5) You consider that globally we are non-caring.
    So to address this (very) subjective declaration:
    1) We read your community experience and we understand that your experience with PLEX hasn't been fun. However, just looking by the prism of one experience, and refusing to look at the bigger picture is something we can't do as game developers: The problem you encountered is something that you would have encountered sooner or later even without the PLEX existence. Why? If unfair players want to harass a specific group and they have money for it, yes, the official staff can close as many accounts as possible if those use gold farming sites to get a lot of in-game money, but the unfair players will come back again and again, as money is not a problem for them. This is a neverending story. As an EVE veteran player, you probably won't refute the fact that you can harass anyone with fresh new toons, only a few hours old, in Tech1 ships in EVE Online. Again, even without the PLEX/DAC system, the problem remains as a whole, only less visible. So what you consider as a "canned reply" is just a different opinion from yours.
    2) Avoiding to start a discussion just because we have a different opinion from yours, and that there are chances it wouldn't go your way... It has indeed no chance to convince the Novaquark Team. Self fulfilling Prophecy here. But you have no right to complain if you didn't even try.
    3) Three big developers/publishers seem to disagree: CCP, Blizzard and NCSoft (Carabine studios).
    Beside that, as gamers, we didn't experience the consistent huge amount of PLEX/gold selling you're mentionning in EVE (Yes, we have EVE players in the team). Do you have something to back your declaration about PLEX system being inefficient beside your own words? If it's the case, we are interested in this data.
    4) The Community Manager status seems to have been misunderstood here: having a personal opinion and making the communication (both ways) between players and the Novaquark team are two different things. Whether or not I'm convinced of something is irrelevant in this case: If players have concerns about one aspect, I transmit the message to the team. If the team has an official stance on a topic, I transmit it to the players (the reason why you received twice globally the same answer). Now, while the team won't change a feature as important as the DAC system on a whim, if some solid concerns followed by facts are given in a well-argued discussion, everything is possible (except coming on what has been already promised to other players such as Kickstarter DACs). However, loud voices and threats of unpledging without solid reasons will not affect game design decisions. 
    5) Just because we have a different opinion doesn't mean we are non-caring. We care about every opinion. However, we are also realistic about the fact that we cannot satisfy everyone. Nobody can.
    If you have something else to discuss with us that are not: 
    - Your (unfortunate) experience on EvE Online.
    - Assumptions of the real intents of the Novaquark Team (like implying the DAC system has been chosen by greediness, when the game is free, the expansions will be free and there will be a free trial period when starting the game... not really a good way to start a reasonable discussion with a developer).
    Then by all means, send me a private message on this forum and I will transmit the message to the team for discussion.
    Best regards,
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    peskyboyz got a reaction from RagenTerror in WHAT ONLINE GAME DID YOU COME FROM?   
    I've spent the last year or so playing Arma 3 with a realism unit. Already racked up 900 hours in the game since I bought it last year.
    I'm looking forward to actually being able to work together in an MMO for once in comparison to something like Star Trek Online.
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    peskyboyz got a reaction from Jeronimo in WHAT ONLINE GAME DID YOU COME FROM?   
    I've spent the last year or so playing Arma 3 with a realism unit. Already racked up 900 hours in the game since I bought it last year.
    I'm looking forward to actually being able to work together in an MMO for once in comparison to something like Star Trek Online.
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    peskyboyz got a reaction from yamamushi in Poll : DACs are not physical objects and cannot be stolen or dropped upon death.   
    It seems that many are missing the idea that, discounting the Kickstarter DAC or any other such sale, you wouldn't be buying DAC for personal use since you could simply get a subscription for a cheaper price. In this way, you are simply buying it to exchange for in-game currency on the market or, in a rarer case, gift it to a friend. By having it completely protected, it becomes an easy way to get ahead of the pack.
    If they made it that it that the Kickstarter DAC cannot be stolen at all, or even for a period of time, it might provided a way to avoid this argument.
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    peskyboyz reacted to Anasasi in Kickstarter is now live, Back this game right now!!!   
    You guys over there have nearly the same exchange rate.
    The pain is real.
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    peskyboyz got a reaction from Anasasi in Kickstarter is now live, Back this game right now!!!   
    I'm in the same boat as Anasasi. Unfortunately the Canadian dollar is quite weak compared to the Euro. So there goes $600 but I think it will be completely worth it.
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