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  1. Yes, I am very interested. One of these projects could be an interesting first in not just gaming, but the world. There are definite difficulties to making one, but there are also definite rewards.
  2. I love the idea of large corporations owning news networks, it could be interesting to see how such organizations portray the news for their interests in the future.
  3. If a cryptocurrency where to work in DU there would have to be several factors involved to make it successful. 1. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, it should be heavily centralized, with a company acting as a bank/broker to make sure each side keeps up their deal. (problem with this is that it is not necessary to have a cryptocurrency for this, so it would essentially be a hard sell on would normally be a broker service) 2. A way of pinning value (tying the cryptocurrency to an in-game resource, a certain amount of credits, etc.) This is also problematic, as it would require either A: the company backing the currency having these resources in advance or B: the company using the cryptocurrency that it has as a way of raising funds to do other deals to eventually amass enough money/resources to back the currency, similar to the way banks loan and deal on debt. Note for 2: This could just be a starting point, and then having the currency payed for online with in-game currency and real world currency, but most probably this pinning of value will have to continue for the duration of the currencies life time. Also, making it so that each company could make it's own in-game currency would make it incredibly difficult to play, like early Europe, having to trade between dozens, if not hundreds of minor currencies would make it difficult for everyday players and near impossible for new players.
  4. Hello all,


    It has been a decent while since I have posted, or, for that matter, been active in the DU community. I am back, and since then I have gotten a considerable amount better at photoshop and branding. I am changing a lot of the appearance and branding of my two companies, Caesares Bank and Eagle (formerly Sterling) Airlines. These changes include:

    -New logos (should be up soon, they are already made but wifi is not cooperating for some reason

    -New commercials/backgrounds/banners 

    -New members and more open and involved recruitment of personal.

    -Working on making new connections and deals with small and big businesses. 


    The game has progressed a lot since the last time I was here, and it is looking great. I am working hard to make sure that my companies, especially Caesares Bank, are in a strong position when the game launches. Caesares Bank is based on loans, wealth management, investment, and exchanges. If you currently have a good idea for a business, whatever industry it may be, but do not have the funds to do so, we will be more then happy to partner with you to help your company succeed with our support and money, in exchange for a return on our investment later on (exact % return is decided on case-by-case basis)


    Careers at Caesares include
    1.  Being an accountant, which while it may sound boring at first is more interesting when you learn what you are actually doing. You are managing accounts, making sure the money is in the right places, and keeping tabs on everything. Your basically the processor of the organization, the gears that keep the company turning. Accounts also get to make business decisions on loans and interest returns for small-time businesses and individuals. 


    2. Being a manager, essentially you watch over all the people put in your charge and do everything you can to keep them going at full steam. It can be stressful work, but can open the door to upgrade too a manager of a region and then too:


    3. Vice president(s) are in charge of branches or portions of the company, and work on product development, marketing, image, expansion and management of the product(s) or regions under their charge.


    With that said, here is the new logo for Caesares Bank:


    And here is the new product for Eagle Airlines (still work in progress)



    Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 7.22.13 PM.png

  5. I do not really see why the amount of orgs should be limited. There isn't really a point to doing that...
  6. Caesares

    Rogue AI

    It would be logical for there to be NPCs or AIs in the universe, especially at the beginning, when there might not be that many people. AIs could also help ship prices by allowing more ships to blow up, and make trading more risky, which can make the game more interesting.
  7. Somewhat interesting. It can be somewhat free, if you are able to be a business tycoon and be able to afford DACs, but otherwise it is a pay to play.
  8. I don't know either, I have no clue if this has happened before. I don't see the harm
  9. Great work! It is amazing to see what a small but dedicated community can do!
  10. In general, I do not like subscriptions, but I think that if subscriptions are necessary, they should have several essential elements. - Affordability: Even if this is provided by a sub-par or standard type of subscription, perhaps below a 'golden' subscription or something equivalent to it, there should be an easy way to get into a game, maybe a first-time buyers discount (based on credit card to stop fraud) so that people can join in more easily. - Free play possible: I don't really have to say much about this, judging by what I head it is already possible, and the title sums it up. - Safety: There has to be an easy way for a new player who just started out to be able to buy subscription points, and then not get robbed at gunpoint, killed, etc. This could be solved with an online 1% or no transaction fee market for premium items, like subscriptions.
  11. Greetings, Caesares Bank is currently recruiting. We are looking for smart, intelligent people for the following positions: Accountants Financial Specialists Branding/Editing Officers Designers The following are high maintenance, hard to get into jobs: Head of Finance Head of Vaults and Storage Head of Exchanges If you wish to apply, message me, say what job you want, and why you would be good at it. Your application will be processed, we may ask a few questions, and then we will make our decision.
  12. Totally knew this Thank you, I had no idea TBH, and thought what I was saying was true...
  13. I am almost certain that they have decided for there to be one central currency. How it will work, and it's name remains a mystery.
  14. Caesares

    Sonic Booms.

    Sonic booms would be difficult to implement. Imagine this, thousands of ships, on one planet, producing sonic booms. It would be a pain for the servers, and could make it nearly impossible to fly. Maybe as a sound effect it could be cool.
  15. Citizens, players, noobs. It is possible that players could mostly get their names from the organizations they join, with maybe 'Neutral' Players, Cinderfallians, Imperials, Unionists, etc.
  16. They will probably have a warp-drive system, but no doubt it will be faster then NMS, although it may depend on the type of warp drive your ship has.
  17. The website looks fantastic! The design is great, and I love the style and system, it real feels nice. That site rivals that of some large IRL companies, great job!
  18. I think that it is difficult to not make 'bland' planets. However, I think that through voxel building we, the community, could make any planet not-so bland.
  19. So, recently I was going through the new organizations, and I saw the organizations 'DC Universe' and 'Minecraft'. I was just wondering if, because both use copyrighted material, the orgs are allowed? (Also DC Universe is made up of alts)
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