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  1. I will not use such a service or certificate in this form. Why does it just make you think you're in charge of this certificate authority? Which qualifications do you bring with you? Maybe something from the RL? I am asking this as a trained draftsman (building construction) in RL. Usually builders of such works self-announce who worked on it. The best example is in Minecraft or Space Engineers. I go straight there and ask or hire those who are relevant to me.
  2. I like this idea. Somehow, it reminds of the Iron Man scene:
  3. Amazing posters! It supries me every time. Oh and today at google birthday surprise spinner: Should I apply?
  4. I am somewhat dismayed that people are reduced to their forum/pledge titles. This forum is intended to provide the opportunity to ask questions and to get to know the future players. But with this bevahiour... I'm not sure if we get this done. About the topic: As long as you can pay monthly fees with DAC, it is still no p2w, everything else will be seen.
  5. Whether voluntary or not - I already see enough advertising in real life. Why should I watch (real) advertising in a game? If that were the case, then I demand low monthly fees for the game. And now let's look at the lore: The lore says that the world we know will no longer exist. So were we supposed to represent real products that will no longer exist in this world? I'm against it.
  6. I do not buy games from Hello Games or Sean Murray anymore.
  7. Of course, it is subjective and the personal perception of a game does not necessarily reflect the opinion of all / most players. Ultimately, we are not only players but also the customers. And the customer thinks twice where he will invest his money. Everyone has their own motivations here. Everyone comes from a genre and a game-portofolio what he has played up to now. Their own desires, their own ideas, why "Dual Universe" so attracts, is more different the ever. And that is why I simply ask the question, which everyone should answer for themselves: "Why are you here?" And this brings me back to the topic: Inspiring words, a strong ambition and the necessary passion can be seen at the NQ team. As stated in my other post already, I have no problems when looking at elements from other games. The mechanics should match the game and it should enrich the game (experience). There are a handful developer studios that I blindly trust and also buy their games. NovaQuark has so far not been able to build a reputation worth mentioning with other games. But this is the beautiful thing: I give them the opportunity to prove it to me; That's why I pledged.
  8. Hi Killabits, welcome to the forum. I am trying to give you a short and precise answer. 1. Land under cover is protected with a unit. (TCU) Depending on whether it is in the safezone or not, it can be destroyed. 2. If I remember correctly, the developers can track everything that is placed and broken down. Or did you mean something else?
  9. I dissociate myself from discussions when these killerargument fall. Instead, I quote from a game developer. Source: https://www.polygon.com/2014/7/28/5944393/copy-steal-game-design So what's wrong with taking something that works? And you improve this mechanics and adapt it to your system. Voilà, solved the problem.
  10. Thanks for the current and future infos from the GC.
  11. Exactly what Lord_Void says. I agree with him.
  12. I think it's good that you only allow certain genres. Otherwise my list would probably be too long. No specific order. - Star Wars Galaxies, or let's say at least the most SW Games (SWG, SWTOR, KOTOR, SW:BF, Republic Commando, etc, etc...) - Space Engineers - ASTRONEERS - Factorio - DOOM - Dead Space - Osiris: New Dawn - J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars - Mass Effect - Minecraft - PULSAR: Lost Colony - Terraria - Earth & Beyond - MDK 2 - Ark Survival - Citadel: Forged with Fire - Quake 3 Arena - Unreal Tournament (1999) - RimWorld - Turok - System Shock 2 - Deus Ex - Planet Base - Planetside - Battlefield 2142 - Starbound - No Man Sky Did I miss something? For sure.
  13. The backer can found an organization in this development stage. He invests money, which in turn means trust. And any backers, undecided or interested parties can already join an existing organization. The amount of work is reduced and all who are serious about it are rewarded. Seems to be fair.
  14. It is an interesting rat tail when looking at the organizations more closely. (Relating to the clients of the above organizations) It may be possible that there are trolls. But how do you want to prove that? If the person is not hiding behind a proxy, hardly any evidence is possible. If you take the opportunity to structure your organization and members, the chaos is perfect. It is also correct that all, irrespective of whether with or without donation, can already join and serve. With an "All persons fictitious disclaimer", you also reduce the possibility of initiating legal proceedings. The pretext would be that it is a public figure. Perhaps NQ could use "misuse of identity" as a reason to deactivate it provisionally until the members have proved and can identify as these persons. The situation looks different when there are fictional characters who appear in books. These are protected works. NQ should ask the people to rename themselves and the organization. Except the members can prove that they are the author.
  15. Thank you for your willingness, that you have summarized everything.
  16. That would be a typical scene where I would simply say "Hold my beer and watch this."
  17. I just go from what we have now. My post is based on this video. http://youtu.be/L-ftJKTKPiA?t=1m32s If you look at the holes, these are damn big. That's why I do not really know how it could look with 3 or 4 people already.
  18. I thought the same thing. I have no idea of the description. Then it would be wiser to take 15 people to gather the resources anyway and drill the hole in chord. It is probably more beneficial to hire people instead of building a machine that is expensive and slower and requires a lot of maintenance. Or am I missing something?
  19. The answer is multilingual search. Preferably, of course, in XML so you just change the text, nothing more to the programming. A simple extension of the code. I type Iron - I get Iron. I type Eisen - I get Iron. Or you can organize a kind of localization index from the beginning. Thus you can expand an infinite number of languages with minimal effort. It changes only the text, but not the localization ID. NOT RECOMMENDED: Here is an example of how it would be cumbersome - but hopefully understandable what is going on. -- Automatically adding localized strings once the LocalizationManager has loaded Hooks:Add("LocalizationManagerPostInit", "LocalizationManagerPostInit_LocExample", function(loc) loc:add_localized_strings( { ["loc_ore_iron"] = "Iron", "Eisen", ... ["loc_ore_copper"] = "Copper", "Kupfer", ... } ) -- Player is typing iron, no matter which language if SearchTheMarketResult == ["loc_ore_iron"] then -- do the code end end
  20. I am talking exclusively about the user interface and everything about texts. No more, no less. In the game, the players will develop their jargon, it will not change.
  21. Lake is called Sørvágsvatn. It's an optical illusion. http://imgur.com/KfffJTW
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