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  1. Well for me it matters. The 0.24 trailer implies that there will be a 2nd part. I wonder now at the end what will come, since the main feature for 0.24 has been postponed. Because if they move something forward from other features now, it would mean that they are developing something without a plan. At least for me there is a lot of fuss with 0.24, because they haven't really brought anything since 0.23 except for bug fixes. And any bought stone textures and a tree generator certainly doesn't take 5 months.
  2. What exactly are you waiting for in patch 2? More pretty textures? You've already written here that the mission system is coming with 0.25. The main argument for 0.24 is therefore invalid.
  3. What are you talking about? AvA won't be out before release nor do you have any form of way to eliminate the player character today. And that won't change until release, or rather AvA post launch. The facts don't care what your imagination is.
  4. So guys, let's be clear: if you want ship raiding as content, you don't go to Dual Universe, you go to Starbase.
  5. RIP future pvp actions on ships. You literally killed this gameplay with this option.
  6. They don't seem to have taken my feedback on board when I wrote this on 11 March. This is exactly what I asked for at the time, that players should not be allowed to build on the houses.
  7. I agree with the texture. If it weren't for the indicators like the indentations in the right image, I wouldn't see any difference. Without being spoilered, my guess is this: Left: right:
  8. Just to note for a moment: I never blamed the player. The final authority on a decision or course of action has always been NQ and will always be NQ. I also don't want to argue with players because they only end up consuming a product, just as I do. The grievance should not be sought from the playerbase. Every type of player is valid and not wrong. The only question is how the company and the game deals with it.
  9. 1. It was advertised during the KS Campaign in 2016 that it will have a 20km SZ and everything else is PvP 2. There was a pvp Trailer in June 2020 that literally advertised the pvp part. Sources with timestamp:
  10. You can't get complaints about non-newtonian physics, if the people in it have not graduated high school.
  11. I already wrote it here. It is nothing more than stroking the ego phallus. If you want to get the attention you get on twitter or similar social media about how great you've built something and then get likes, go for it. But then you don't have to be surprised that you now have Landmark in space. With the difference that Landmark still had pvp... And Dhara hits the nail on the head: it's your own fault if the game can't keep players. It was laughed at back in December 2019 that pvp has no influence, now everyone is demanding it. And NQ listened to the wrong people.
  12. I thought you meant it as a joke... but after googling it, I was taught better.
  13. An EVE clone with missing features, poor performance and with cool building possibilities in its current state. Fixed that for you.
  14. Someone's had a bit too much of the Kool-Aid. Sure, sure, the world has gone haywire since last year, but boy, whatever you take, take less or share at least. But to make a quick bridge to the original post: o7
  15. I had never had any problems with KS. Factorio, Subnautica and other games I supported came out later on Steam. But if they try to sell me apples (AvA) and after 3 years I have to learn that they want to deliver oranges (CvC) instead, on the grounds that it is cooler, then I have a problem with that. It was never communicated that change and hit the community out of sudden. And now we're standing here, because of some decisions. 🤷‍♂️ The only real thing they could have done was to be accommodating and offer refunds when they decided to change course. I can't g
  16. It was promised that AvA would be worked on first, as CvC was a stretch goal. This was made unmistakably clear in the KS video. The reason why I am here in the first place, by the way. This is not a false expectation. What happened: NQ: I can do AvA! Me: *throws money at NQ*. NQ: *Makes CvC* Me: *Pikachu face* NQ: Sorry I didn't meet your expectations. It certainly wasn't my fault that NQ isn't capable of doing AvA. Edit: Here is the video, even with timestamp.
  17. Strictly speaking, she is a community manager, which means that she is the bridge between the brand and the playerbase. I know where you're going with the PR term, but to me that would mean that she's just doing PR and not trying to help the community or organise things that are for the community. And that would not be the case with her. But I think we agree that she certainly talks to the team and the CEO and has done a wonderful job in the past and now. Again, where is this assumption coming from that I'm saying she's not working with the team? In no word was th
  18. Let's go through your statements before you start trying to defame people here again. Correct. As mentioned here in my post, I appreciate that: It is perfectly okay to disagree with someone because a view is subjective and accordingly cannot be wrong. On the other hand, it is different with objective things, because everyone has the same facts on the table. Since I have not read anywhere and there is no statement from Naerais that the CEO has done or said anything, this is speculation on your part that you are trying to put on the tabl
  19. I'm not sure how you go from a statement to a joke to no arguments. I thought I'd keep you company for a bit. But enough trolling. But to return to the topic at hand: Of course, it's your own fault if you believed in the vision of a scientist who showed you that server technology worked at the time. Nevertheless, you have learned something and in retrospect you also see what kind of people they are now. You draw a conclusion from it and take something with you on your way. And that's also totally okay. I like to take the time to point out such grievances. There are no
  20. Do you know the joke about the implementation of the npcs in the near future? Nevermind, you won't get it.
  21. Of course, this is not necessary. It has a bitter taste when money (I'm Ruby Founder) has been invested on the basis of a person's vision and the person wordlessly steps down as ceo and you don't hear anything wrong him. Especially when a company has always preached to be transparent, this is simply a dick move towards the people.
  22. It has now been 1 month since the change in management. Neither JC nor the new CEO have managed to say a few words to the players. You know, something you would expect when NQ preaches that they are a small team and you are a backer who has been following the whole thing for a few years. But nevertheless, the real MVP is Naerais.
  23. I'm going to hold on to something positive, so that no one gets the idea of calling me grumpy: Thanks for the cool post. NQ has communicated more in the last 2 weeks than in the whole year so far. Please stay on this course. It is important that you stay on course with this communication. And for the moment, it's right on spot. We'll see how it looks for the future.
  24. Well, nothing new, it's always been said that way.
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