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  1. I just asked the question if it would improve or not, FF14 is a lot more graphical pleasing not to mention it's been around for years and they have managed to keep content fresh and current, regardless if you agree or not there are a very large group of gamers who are drawn not only to a great story line but great graphics that perform well on todays gaming machines, sub-par graphics will slowly kill any game including this, it just gets very boring my 4/10 still stands. Again this is my opinion not yours or anyone else I'm not looking for excuses just an honest answer if it will be improved or not.
  2. n Sorry to disappoint you but that is my opinion and if you do not like that fine, you can have both easily if they so chose it's all a matter of how much they wish to spend to do it and in todays saturated gaming world, especially mmo's graphics are very important regardless if you like it or not.
  3. Well I guess I will just have to wait and see before any financial investment on my part is made...thanks for the Road Maps
  4. Thanks for the reply, but, that has nothing what so ever to do with my original post.... Also fyi it is far from seamless ATM every X seconds it takes a slight pause as the terrain changes that alone drives me crazy, I played EVE for many years and other than all the building stuff it is far superior and also is single shard however EVE got to greedy and started listening to the wrong people, anyway that's a whole other story. I'm not sure what sims/mmo's you play but the ones I play do not have loading screens.
  5. When DU is finally released as a full game will there be any improvement at all in the graphics? IMO I find them rather dull atm considering all the other MMO very high quality eye candy this ranks about a 4/10 in my books, if it improves that would be awesome if not then I cant see me getting into it. Thanks
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