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    Kiklix got a reaction from Geo in Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard   
    Congrats everyone!
    Thank you very very very much. I am extremely excited about this game and your allowing us to submit feedback. This is a wonderful wonderful Christmas present. 

    Thank you Nyzaltar and the rest of the D.U. team! 

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Festivus for the rest of us!
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    Kiklix got a reaction from Oije in Piloting   
    I would like to see systems implemented that create a greater use of the ship if operated by multiple players.
    For example. more gun operations from side turrets if multiple people are operating the ship, maybe better, tighther turning or something if a navigator is present...or more efficient FTL if there is a navigator on board vs just a pilot.
    I can see the need for having one person be able to pilot a large ship, but there should be benefits for groups who multi-pilot a ship. This would help create team play and help to establish "ownership" to a group working on making a large ship.
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nomad in Pre-Alpha available for Gold Founder backers and above and ATV members on September 30th   
    Hi guys, 
    Live from Gamescom 2017 in Germany, we wanted to announce some news you have been anticipating for a long time now: Pre-Alpha will be accessible to Gold Founder backers and above and the ATV members on September 30th. We just announced the news via a Press Release that will soon be uploaded on the dedicated section of our website. 
    You probably noticed that we're calling this first public access "Pre-Alpha" and not "Alpha", as originally intended. Why? Because we are not quite ready yet to switch the game into Alpha, but we still wanted to honor our commitment to our backers. 
    This first public glimpse of the game won't feature a proper game loop as we originally wanted but, after postponing the release a few months ago, we felt like a new delay was not appropriate. We think any additional delays, even though the game is not in the true Alpha state we had anticipated, would not be in keeping with the spirit of our commitments to our community and backers. 

    We decided it would be better to give you access to the game at an even earlier state than to delay again. That it would be better to give you a look at where we are, rather than wait again for where we had hoped to be at this stage. We promised to be transparent and open and we think this decision is the best way to keep that pledge. 
    We're still actively working on a number of items that must be completed before we can truly call the game "Alpha" and bring you a better gaming experience. As with any pre-release software please keep in mind that the game is still in development and that the Pre-Alpha version, while as stable as possible at this stage, will still have a number of bugs, glitches, and unexpected issues. 

    Again, the game should be stable (as are the versions we are showing at Gamescom and next month at PAX West), and playable, but this version is very early and we ask you set your expectations accordingly. That said, we feel this is your game as well as ours and that your early feedback is necessary and vital to help drive our development in the right direction. 
    What does it change for you? Not much. All Gold backers and above prior September 7th (as previously announced) will have access to this Pre-Alpha and future Alpha 1. New backers pledging after September 7th will get access to Alpha 2 at a later stage. 
    The Pre-Alpha will not be accessible 24/7. Instead we will be announcing times and dates that the single-shard server will be available for testing. We’ll make sure to give you plenty of advance notice of uptimes so you can plan your play times and testing with friends and other players. 
    Because we are shifting from an Alpha to a Pre-Alpha test we may decide to ask all participants to sign an NDA and agree not to share information, screenshots or stream the game until the proper Alpha release. While we said there would be a high chance of not having any NDA for the Alpha, this Pre-Alpha is something else and we don’t feel it would be appropriate for streamers and viewers to judge Dual Universe based on this extremely early version. Once the game reaches a true Alpha stage the NDA will be lifted as we originally stated.

    However, to allow you to share your crazy stuff with us and the community, we’re currently considering creating a dedicated section of the forums for Pre-Alpha testers to share feedback, post images and videos, and other related materials. It will be the only authorized place to do that to keep it as private as possible at the beginning. Please know we aren’t doing this to hide any of issues we expect in Pre-Alpha, but to help us better focus the feedback and reaction from those who are actively participating in the tests to help us reach our true Alpha goal more quickly. 
    We know it's not ideal and that breaking the NDA will be very tempting but we wanted to give you access to the game on September 30th to keep our promise and decided to trust you guys, like you trust us everyday. 
    On a side note, as we're currently attending Gamescom, we won't be able to be as reactive as we usually try to be, so thank you for your patience and understanding. Nyzaltar and I will try to answer your questions whenever possible. 
    Thank you for your amazing support! We already have amazing help propositions from some of you to help us improve the game once it’s live and that matters a lot to us. 
    So this is it. See you soon in Dual Universe!
    The Novaquark Team
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    Kiklix got a reaction from CyberCrunch in What kind of elements (props) would you like to see in game?   
    As most of you are aware Novaquark is laying down the foundation for Dual Universe. They need to get the game in a strong alpha state before they launch their kickstarter campaign. This means that some of the purely aesthetic aspects of the game will have to come later on, like outfits, player customization etc.
    This thread is for those who would like to dream of the kinds of elements or "props" as they are called in some other games that they would like to see in dual.
    There are many different types of elements.
    • Active elements: Elements that have a function and will most likely be scriptable (rocket boosters, guns, conduits for energy transfer, etc).
    • Superficial elements: Elements that are made for decoration only. These are to help add atmosphere to a construct (pots/pans, soda cans etc).
    • Superficial Working elements: Elements like stoves, sinks, toilets. Elements that "work" in game with opening doors, flowing water etc, but have no function outside of immersive aspects.
    • Emitter elements: Elements that give off an effect such as lightning or electric arcs, waterfalls/flowing water, steam vents etc. These would fall under active elements in most cases.
    List what kind of active or superficial elements would you like to see ultimately in Dual Universe?
    I will start off with these:
    • Active elements:
    Ramp doors. Doors that extend outward to allow for easier ingress/egress into a ship style construct. Shield windows. Windows that have closable blast shields.  
    • Superficial elements:
    Desks Chairs Soda cans  
    • Superficial Working elements:
    Rotating fans. Fans that rotate at various speeds, couple well with steam vents. Spinning gears. Gears of various sizes that rotate to make mechanical looking machines.  
    • Emitter elements:
    Steam Vents that blow gusts of steam. Electric arcs. Heads up displays with the ability to change the color of the hud.  ​
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Rotating Voxels   
    Hi there,
    For the time being, the only rotation angle available for Voxel Elements will be 90 degrees.
    The development team might allow customizable angles later, but if it happens, it will be most probably after the Official Release.
    Despite the look of it, it would need a significant development time to be done properly: it's much more complex to anticipate how voxels would behave with anything else than a 90 degree angle, and so far the preliminary tests conducted in this direction haven't been satisfying. It's not impossible but it's a long road to get good results on this topic. So it has been decided to work on this kind of feature only when we will have enough time to allocate to make it properly (as you can imagine, the team has already a lot on the plate until end of 2018 before going for such feature).
    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nomad in Private investors fundraising   
    Oh, and by the way: the last stretch goal is now secured for the official release 
    We'll update the Crowdfunding Portal next week. 
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nomad in Private investors fundraising   
    Hi guys, 
    We have an important news we want to share with you today. We just sent a press release to announce that thanks to your amazing support during the Kickstarter and via our Crowdfunding portal, Novaquark raised $3.7 million from its shareholders. 
    As we mentioned several times in the past and more recently in our post-mortem on Gamasutra, your support has been a proof that lots of gamers want Dual Universe to happen. In consequence, our current financial partners are now even more eager to support us. This new round of funding plus crowdfunding mean that, as of writing, we raised $7.4 million in total since the company was created in 2014. 
    What does it change? Not much, in reality. The Kickstarter funds have been invested in production and necessary daily operations for a company and we continue as planned our road to Alpha for this September. 
    Despite these good news, we stay careful in our approach and must pay attention to every little details everyday. This amount of money may surely sound big but truth is: we're not "rich". Modern video game production standards, Dual Universe's scope and ambition and the fact it's an MMO impose costs that need to be considered with care. 
    We need continuous support to make this dream game happen. The more you are with us, the more we can remain independent and strong in future negotiations with financial partners or even publishers. 
    Press release for gaming outlets can be found on our website here. 
    Thank you very much for your commitment.
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Will we be able to build ships or space stations with abnormal shapes?   
    Hi Malice and welcome to the official Dual Universe forum!
    The answer to your question is: yes, totally! You will be able to build a ship with the shape you want! 
    Making the game in voxels was specifically meant to let player creativity go free when making a ship.
    However, choosing an exotic shape might not make it easy to have an optimal efficiency.
    It will be up to the builders to make the balance between design and efficiency
    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Creative mode   
    Hi there, 
    It's true that:
    - Massive Constructs "battlestar cruiser" size or "death star" will require incredible amount of resources and may not (or hardly) be possible to build alone.
    - We don't plan to let players import design from 3D tools like 3DS Max, Blender or Zbrush.
    - It's also true that trial & errors will have a massive cost in resources if designing/prototyping a very large of spaceship must be done in the "real" in-game universe.
    - It's also true that it would force all large ship designers to get huge amount of resources just for designing, not even for building. The ideal situation would be that the designer role shouldn't be tied to gather huge amounts of resources (this should be left to the production role).
    In conclusion:
    Yes, having a creative mode inside the game, just for designing purpose (without giving any free resources in the "real" in-game universe) is something we are considering.
    However, this is a huge feature to develop, and while we would like to add it to the game, there is a high chance it won't be implemented before the official game release. If it's implemented at some point, it will be probably after, in an expansion.
    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to Wardonis in I hope my goals are't loftier than what the system can handle   
    I do plan to start with small craft like fighters, bombers, shuttles and hoppers and work my way up as commission brings in the $ for it. Also thinking about opening up the Aegis Foundation to custom orders
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    Kiklix got a reaction from Wardonis in I hope my goals are't loftier than what the system can handle   
    As others have stated it is very likely that you can build that big. I would be concerned however with fueling the ship and maintaining it. I would say to definitely set your goals to build what you want, but imo I would start small to get a feel for the mechanics and material cost, fuel cost etc.

    I am a ship builder as well and although I do like large capital ships, I find that they are rarely necessary (in other games that is). I would focus on something that does what you need it to do, but does not go over board. That being said, if you are the primary builder for a large 100+ organization, then you should have the support to make your large vessels
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    Kiklix reacted to Veln in Copy Right Infringment   
    In real life, a random dude with little to no experience with cars can't just steal a design for a car and put it in a machine that magically makes more of that car at the same exact quality.
    So by your logic, being able to make a ship with base components and a blueprint, shouldn't even be a thing.
    Personally I hope that copyright infringement can be a thing that's just handled by the players, but the reason I brought up the topic in the first place was because it looks like something that could be potentially really really shitty if there isn't a decent mechanic for handling it; kind of like how NQ is setting up a bounty system and not just leaving that to the community.
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    Kiklix reacted to Kane Hart in Copy Right Infringment   
    The only reason people don't want people to be able to prevent others being able to protect their work so they can take all the players designs and mass sell it making the system almost useless and not enjoyable and being a troll who wants nothing more but a ruined game and then the players start quitting the devs run out of cash they try to sell the company but it ends up folding and then we have nothing.
    All because someone wanted to steal ship designs
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Windows or a way to making voxels transparent   
    Something can be completely transparent, with no blur, no deformation and no color but can still be visible by light reflection on it.
    Transparent and Invisible are two different things
    Best regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard   
    Hi everyone!
    All the ATV members should be now set with the appropriate group/rank (Alpha Team Vanguard) under their avatar.
    Please PM me if you think there is a problem with your account.
    Also, an additional classic forum rank has been added (Novark Citizen) for those who have reached 100 posts or more.
    We will progressively change (and add) new ranks/names more Lore-related in the coming months.
    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix got a reaction from KurockNotabi in New Volunteer Forum Moderators   
    I can not express how much this pleases me to see. I know Nyzaltar and co have been working non-stop to moderate the forums but as the community grows so does the workload. Its' good to see you guys getting some much deserved relief.

    ​Welcome to our new mod overlords.
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in News about the last weeks (and the coming ones) at Novaquark   
    Hi everyone!
    The recent weeks have been pretty much quiet.
    So we wanted to give you at least some news about what happened recently in the studio:
    1- New Novaquark Office!
    Yes, the team has moved in a new, larger office!
    As the team has grown in size recently, the two open spaces we were in until now started to be overcrowded. As there are some regulations to respect in France regarding the number of people working per m2, we had to move. This is now done and everyone is really happy with the new office! For those who might wonder where we are now in Paris: well, we are still at the exact same address, in the same building... but two floors lower
    We've just finished to install properly everything today.






    2- The Forum Moderators
    The Forum Moderators should have been able to present themselves to the community last week.
    Unfortunately, a few technical problems have delayed this. Most of the Moderators have been selected and the Moderator accounts are already created. However, we were over optimistic regarding the Moderator Powers customization. While in the version 4.x, this is something really easy and quick to configure, we are still currently in a 3.x version and things are far less customizable. We planned to update the forum to the 4.x version in the future, and having a powerful admin interface for Moderator accounts is one strong reason for which we are going to do it sooner than later. 
    3- April Dev Diary
    Due to the moving to the new office and the "end of a sprint" (Scrum system, to organize the development cycle step by step), the next Dev Diary won't be released this week but should be in the next one. We have however a few screenshots to share with you regarding a new ship made by our game designer



    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in New Volunteer Forum Moderators   
    Hi everyone, 
    A short update (and clarification as some community members were confused) on the volunteer Moderators.
    As mentioned in this news thread, here is the current status:
    Moderator accounts are made. Volunteer Moderators have been selected. However:
    Due to lack of Moderator rights customization, the selected volunteers are not in control (yet) of their Moderator account. Why is that?
    In the current version of our forum (IPB 3.4.x), a Moderator is basically a Super Moderator and this gives way too much power (and responsibilities) to a volunteer Moderator. For many reasons we can't give a Super Moderator rank to volunteer Moderators. IPB official support for 3.4.x has been discontinued recently, so we won't have support to develop customized moderator rights. What is going to happen?
    The IPB devs have made an awesome job in the most recent version of the IPB Board forum (4.2.x) and Moderator Rights Customization is specifically an area where they've done wonders. For this reason, and also to improve the forum on many aspects, we are going to upgrade the forum in the near future (estimated ETA should be between June and end of July). Once the forum will be upgraded, we will finish the Moderator Rights Customization and we will handle the accounts to the selected volunteers.  
    We hope there isn't any confusion left on the topic.
    If some questions remain, don't hesitate to ask!
    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in New Volunteer Forum Moderators   
    Next week!
    Moderator accounts are being made.
    Best Regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to KurockNotabi in New Volunteer Forum Moderators   
    I, for one, welcome our new moderators. May the trolls be kind and the triggering be few.
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nunc in New Volunteer Forum Moderators   
    Once we get them set up we'll introduce them under their moderation names. Let me be very clear. By anonymous we mean their existing community names and identities will not be shared, not that the accounts will be hidden accounts you don't know about. They'll have easily identifiable names they'll use when moderating. You aren't going to suddenly have an action taken against you from an stealth account that you never saw.
    A moderator is still a part of the community, absolutely. That's why, in part, we decided they should be anonymous. Because if they aren't then they are constantly being seen as a mod and not as a person who is, first and foremost, a player trying to have fun just like you are. As soon as you know someone is a moderator your opinion and behavior towards them changes. Whether you do it consciously or not. We didn't want them to give up their enjoyment of being part of the community just because they wanted to help make the forums a better place for everyone.
    We also feel, since tensions can run high, that we need to protect these people from retaliation and any kind of bullying or personal attacks because they made a moderation decision someone disagreed with. Doxxing, Swatting, and cyber bullying are real issues that many in the games industry deal with. We accept that, to a degree, as part of the job and have ways to deal with it within the company. Moderators are volunteers who are giving up their own free time, without compensation, to help make the forums a welcoming place. They should never be placed in a position where they have to worry about any of that.
    Some things to be clear about:
    Moderators only have the abilities listed in the Moderation Guidelines. Moderators have NO ability to ban or suspend forum accounts. All moderator actions are logged. In the event of a dispute or questionable action, the Novaquark community team makes the final decision.  
    Hopefully that helps everyone understand why we chose to make the moderators anonymous.
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nunc in New Volunteer Forum Moderators   
    As the Dual Universe community has continued to grow, we’ve been very happy to see how cooperative and respectful everyone has been. We appreciate the welcoming nature of most members and the willingness to help and share information with each other. This is vital to a thriving, successful, community.

    We realize that as we continue to grow we’ll need an increasing number of eyes looking out for those who aren’t participating in the spirit of community or following our community rules. Several of you have reached out to us with offers to help us moderate the forums and we’re extremely thankful for your generous offer to help keep this community as welcoming and helpful as it is today. Obviously, we cannot say yes to everyone who has offered, but as of today we have sent invitations to some of you.  

    If you sent in an offer to help us moderate, but did not receive a private message from us (specifically me) it doesn’t mean your offer wasn’t appreciated or that we aren’t interested in having you help us out. It means those we sent invitations to today meet needs we have at this moment, or expect to have in the near term. If you sent an offer, we still have it and we may call upon you to fill moderator roles in the future.

    STOP! Don’t press that message button. We aren’t currently looking for more moderators. We also have a lengthy existing list of those who have already volunteered. When the time comes to find additional moderators, we’ll let everyone know with a forum post.

    There are two things you should know about the new moderators.
    They are anonymous. They will not be using their existing forum names to moderate. They cannot tell you who they are and you shouldn’t ask. They will have unique names that will help you identify them as moderators. We expect moderators to follow our moderator guidelines. We think it’s only fair that everyone knows what we expect from them.
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    Kiklix reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Windows or a way to making voxels transparent   
    Hi there,
    In the near future, windows will be available under the form of decorative Elements.
    However, implementing voxels made from a transparent material, nothing is clear planned at the moment in the roadmap, so if it's implemented, it will be most likely after the official release.
    The challenge of making transparent voxels functional enough to use it for windows: Developing this type of materials to the point of being able to make windows of custom size, with a perfect transparency with no blur or deformation when whatching something placed on the other side of the windows is not an easy task. And it will cost a significant amount of development time. So as always, we will concentrate first to core mechanics and mandatory content before starting developing transparent materials that could be used in an industrialized way.
    In any case, we will keep you informed about the evolution on this topic when we will have fresh news about it
    Best regards,
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    Kiklix reacted to Atmosph3rik in Windows or a way to making voxels transparent   
    Oh yeah they've got to get us some windows.
    In Landmark there were glass voxels and element based windows and they both had some benefits and drawbacks.  So i kind of hope they give us both in DU.
    Elements are handy because they can be rotated to any angle and overlap with voxels.
    But voxel glass let you create curved windows or any crazy shape or thickness you wanted
    I'm going to miss the way curved voxel glass warped light when you looked through it in Landmark.  I hope they do something similar with voxel glass in DU.
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    Kiklix reacted to Bomdiggety in tool options and more   
    Hello everyone!
    Another Landmark refugee arriving late to the party, a frustrated builder still dealing with some serious withdrawl issues. After poking around these forums a bit it seems that the safe zones and the building tools so far discussed sound wonderfully familiar, as are many of the names I see in the posts. Any better informed LM players tell me if it's just my imagination or is DU going to unleash the voxel artists again?
    As an example, using parts of curves or the smooth tool (as currntly planned) would it be possible to make a giant St. Louis Arch or a model of the space shuttle?


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