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  1. Stadia as any other streaming service is a different story and as i am working exactly in that field i have some insight. If it's not coupled with high bandwidth, low latency on both sides it quickly becomes a desynced mess. Can't even tell you how often i heard the phrase "The future are thin clients and datacenters" from salesmen in the last 10 years and still physics butchers the idea. While true, it's possible if you localize all the computing in datacenters and just stream out the compressed video, anybody with less than a 100Mbit fiberoptic connection will be sitting in the corner and be crying like a baby. I streamed dual 4k virtualized programs and complete desktops and if you are adding even the slightest bottleneck, even inside a company everything falls apart really quick. As a gamer i will always prefer local hardware over virtualization and it should stay where it belongs, company virtualization. There are plenty of reasons to offload to a datacenter but also plenty of reasons to stay far away from the idea. The ramifications of a completely virtualized world are scary at best.
  2. The first thing that came to mind. Amazing in singleplayer but in multiplayer we sadly have no way to sync that kinda physics reliable.
  3. Avoiding social structures is sometimes a decision and doesn't implicate that we solo players don't care about the social structure of an mmo. I have been a leader of big packs in different games, a member of huge corps but i decided that the drama just isn't worth it. That's why i came to the conclusion that being a solo service provider for hire in MMOs (hauler, miner, healer, you name it) gives me the freedom of solo play but also the professional and social contacts needed. Prefering social contact in mmos in small doses doesn't mean mmos should be developt in that direction. It just takes away everything mmos stand for. Slapping tags on people like "introvert" might be convinient but inaccurate on so many levels.
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  5. gerrylix

    o7 DU

    Hello everyone, just joined DU by a pledge a few days ago just to run into that darn avx dilemma. My first thought was, gosh i miss coprocessors for instruction set upgrades. ^^ My trusty Phenom ii X4 965 black edition that carried me for almost a decade through all games can now rest. o7 For being the best CPU i ever owned and i know what i am talking about, started out with a Motorola 68000. Anyone else fell into that pitfall? Anyway, a cheap 20€ FX-6300 upgrade solved the issue for me. Gaming BIO: Zack MC Cracken > Dungeon Master > Hind > Dungeon Keeper > SWG ... Do you really want me to recall all the games i played in the last 25 years? What i love? Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, The expanse, The Simpsons until around season 10, Science, nerdy stuff, cold weather, snow, archery, women 😄 I hope i can join in on the next alpha and meet a few of you guys and hunt that darn bugs like a real starship trooper. gerrylix
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