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  1. You might be right. The game could be awesome now, but for the way they treated their customers, I will never ever give them a chance again. Even if its the best game in the world. In my opinion the whole game is scam. If you promise features and you can't handle all of them I'm okay with that. But they lied without any shame. Another great video It's actually sad that it's not 100% parody. This may have happened behind the scenes.
  2. F**k this game. It doesn't deserve a second chance at all.
  3. Gronkar


    I get your point Kuritho. But I think it shouldn't be a problem to just limit the brightness of screens or don't make them shine at all. But to be honest I don't know how this idea would work out, since screens would only run with scripts. And I've heard scripts only work if you are nearby, what kinda makes sense for me because of server stability. But this would limit my idea and the usage quite hard. What do you guys think ?
  4. Gronkar


    Hey guys, I hope there is no thread existing who has this idea as topic, but i couldn't find anything and as far as I know, there are only predefined screen modules. I thought about having screenblocks in the game, wich you can use to create huge neon advertising for space stations or cities. You should be able to script them etc. I think this would be pretty useful and will make cities or stations even more alive. Sorry for my bad english guys, im no native-Speaker. If theres anything unclear, or do you have any advice please tell me. Here one example how it could look like.
  5. I will mine and trade. I love grinding xD Later on I will work on capital ship designs, since i've uploaded many of them in steam for other games.
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