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  1. Yeah as 4th priority instead of 3rd priority I don't think that it should make too much difference I just hope that nobody picks the name that I want within the 3rd priority list.
  2. I'm glad to know that Post-Kickstarter founders receive the same rewards as Kickstarter founders. I went for the Digital Gold founder pack because I was living in a bedsit at the time and I didn't have a secure place to receive mail. I'm a bit annoyed about the ID Arkship Passenger Card I thought it was just a trinket card with my username on it and I wasn't interested in obtaining the shirt. There was nothing stating that the ID Arkship Passenger Card was meant to be used as a means of reserving a character name.
  3. I became a Post-Kickstarter Gold Founder over a year ago now but I can't remember what rewards I got. I can go onto the kickstarter phone app and view the dual universe kickstarter funding page and see a list of rewards for each pledge. Do the Post-Kickstarter founders receive the same rewards that Kickstarter founders or do they differ if they do differ where can I see the Post-Kickstarter rewards. I am only asking because I have no idea how many DACs I have.
  4. i hope blueprints have expiry dates dates on them as a means of a type of rent control for example say you have a heavily secure area with loads of storage plots and you rent them out to other players as a safe storage area and once the blueprint expiry runs out a player has to buy another blueprint for that same plot to keep using it. lol we could have storage wars on dual universe.
  5. To turn a planet into a ship i'm guessing that you would have to stop it from spinning and counter the direction of the planet orbiting the sun so no way is it going to be possible.
  6. I'm not sure it this has been brought up but i would line to know if buildings have decay timers on them. This would be a way of clearing up the clutter from players who try the game out, make a starting house then decide that they don't like the game and never return. So i'm thinking it would be a good idea to have a decay timer for example of 1 month that resets every time a that player logs into the game.
  7. I'm guessing that they regenerate overtime otherwise there would be a problem with the server slowing down because the empty tunnels and caves would have to be loaded whenever you get near to them. The same with buildings if a payer who built say a house only to think he or she doesn't like the game and was then to leave the game and never to return then house should breakdown overtime.
  8. well you could just place cameras outside and where the windows should be and have them projected on the other side of the wall like a 1 way mirror so no windows would be necessary
  9. you could have it so the scanners only work underground in a specific radius projecting outwards like a ring e.g. (like when a stone is thrown into a lake) instead of projecting outwards all around like a sphere. Or have beacons placed around your underground base that when you use a scanner it pulses and they reflect back off the beacons.
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