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  1. I think nothing can be "easily implemented" into DU anymore. Only way to save the game would be starting from scratch. But NQ can't do that and nobody else will take over. Even if NQ would allow using the idea for free, most investors would avoid a concept that failed so miserable. It's a pity about the wasted potential!
  2. Without any experiences in game developement it is possible that they were not able to see that the goals are not realistic. It is not even clear if they realised it in the first years of developement. At least JC lost contact to reality. In the end he was living in his own little world where everything is possible.
  3. The technology to prevent that without blockchains is there. It is standard for online banking, credit cards and even small online shops. Money duplication is pretty much non-existing. The only way to "cheat" here is to hack accounts and steal existing money (unless you are a bank that creates checkbook money, but that is another story). If MMOs have problems with exploits than not by missing technology but by bad design and programming. Block chains without proper implementation wouldn't solve this problem. And whoever can implement them properly would also be able to do it the traditional way, which is much faster and cheaper.
  4. It discourages to collect the surface ore. But you can play without it. It's more fun to ignore it or even skip calibration.
  5. Blockchains make sense for decentralised systems. But MMO's are usually hosted by a vendor with a central server or server grid constituting the single source of truth. In this case it is much better to permit and log all transactions server-side without excessive encryption.
  6. I expect them to keep DU running until the new product goes live. It makes a better impression when they have something to show.
  7. Yup. Based on experiences with NQ implementations PVE will be everywhere to ensure that everybody can enjoy it without leaving the safe zone and the first iteration will be completely unbalanced so that the NPCs are invincible and one-shot-kill everything in sight and maybe even out of sight. Than DU will have no problems anymore.
  8. It will be even more dead when nobody asks anymore. (Can there be a superlative for dead? Nevermind!)
  9. That means your question actually was why you get a virus message when downloading the DU patch. In that case you should add some information about your virus scanner.
  10. One step after the other: First clarify if there actually is a Trojan Script in the update and if yes, than ask for the reason. With other words: What makes you sure that this is not a false positive?
  11. DU would turn into a slideshow with 100,000 players. Nobody will stay or even buy something in such a game.
  12. No matter! It was dead for years. But it is still there.
  13. No, it's not. For example 1 year is around 52 weeks. 1 week and 52 weeks are not the same. Simple math. And no, it's also not the same in terms of gameplay. For a single player it takes several days to find a good new spot. It makes a huge difference if you need to do that every week or every 3 months or every 6 months or every year. That sounds like you are expecting all spots to renew at the same time. That would indeed be stupid design. But the change to asteroid respawn shows that NQ already learned that lesson. More players will join because they get a chance to actually find something valuable. Moving mining operations every 3-6 months doesn't make you a nomad. You can still have a permanent HQ. That's what HQ tiles are intended for. It is not too much ore but too few players. And blocking the good spots in safe zone is not the best strategy to attract new players. With ore deplation and renewal it would even be easy to scale the amount of ore with the number of players.
  14. I do not need to join the race anymore because I already seized my chance at 1st place.
  15. You have a misconception about rarity. It means that there is not much of if. It does not mean that a minority must sit on it forever.
  16. No, they leave there mining infrastructure for the 3-6 month period until the ore is deplated and than move to a fresh spot for the next 3-6 months. Yes, you got it. Exploration is part of the mining business. Those, who are currently sitting on T2+ tiles might not like the idea, but it would be an improvement for evereybody else - and the game is intended for all players and not just for some lucky few, isnt' it?.
  17. You shouldn't reply without reading. Ther OP is talking about a 3-6 month cycle.
  18. JC was even more convinced on the potential of DU as MMO. So what?
  19. Scaling tax by 1/price below cost of goods (based on taxes and average prices) could solve this problem.
  20. You are on the safe side assuming they are not going to fix it. I guess they are aware of it but NQ has no budget for this kind of bugfixes and because the codebase is a hot steamy mess. That they implemented a second layer of collision checks tells me that they gave up finding the bugs in the original code. I'm sure this applies to obstruction (and most other known issues) as well.
  21. The safe and tax-free tiles on Haven and Sanctuary will always remain and that is a lot of space with the current core limit. Of course pooling all static constructs on just two moons would turn DU once more in a slide show, but that's what TW and a sufficient reduction of the safe zones would result in. That's why it is unlikely that the safe zones would be massively reduced. If TW comes at all I expect it to be like current PvP on asteroids (because it is the cheapest option) and to be implemented outside the current safe zone only. Without a miracle that makes NQ learn how to create engaging game mechanics this will never change.
  22. It's DU. Of course they would (unless NQ finds something even worse). That's why we have no TW. It would kill the game.
  23. There you have it. With TW there would be no reason to build static constructs outside safe zone other than xs cores with mining units and a container.
  24. Are there any space stations outside safe zone?
  25. Who is going to want to build anything on a tile if it can get lost in territory warefare? If the game survives the implementation of TW there will be no static constructs exept mining units on XS cores outside the remaining safe space. Thus, your main pillars are not only arguments against the idea of the OP - they even contratict each other.
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