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  1. Oh I thought about that. I know what im doing. But thanks for the advice ^^
  2. Go ahead tell me. How do i improve this?
  3. ^^ Oh well Ok some Info you you: It has to do with some Intelligence
  4. You dont need to. How could you know?
  5. No Questions about the Job or any related things to it asked here will be answered I said if interested send me a Message.
  6. Hey there, i am looking for people who want to take on a Job. I guarantee, it´ll be not the casual Job offer. If you are Interested, send me a Message and i´ll get in contact with you soon. No Questions asked here will be answered about the Job or any related things to it.
  7. *Friend of Villspor here^^* Yup i got the idea of Drones ay well but sadly i cant programm. But thanks to you i can now buy/Pre order these drones! Count me in!
  8. xGugulu


    I mean: You could use these Robots i described as a "one use army" so you fill in the fuel and Hit start. The Robots will do their thing until the fuel is empty. Hopefully they did enough that the human Soldiers will have an easier Part to do. You understand?
  9. xGugulu


    Yeah but LzA May be limited but imagine this: build a very simple weapon Platform with only this commands: move forward, lock in New target, shoot,lock in New target, repeat. I know this isnt Code but that could be possible and with many Robots with this Programm you have a dumb but powerful army. Not as good as humans but good as First lines...
  10. I think that a City will grow like it does in Real Life. So one will build a Small House at First, some more will build near it, and as the Village grows streets and districts will appear by its own, because its the most logical and easiest way to Lead a City (Run a city?). I dont think that a House needs a Core. Maybe the things Inside it but not the House itself
  11. xGugulu


    Hm the picture is a good thought about that because that would mean that you could constructed a droid army... If this is better or Worte than human army is another question..
  12. Hello my fellow colonists! Great that you took a look in this Topic. It's about my Organisation "The Greater Good" You have heard about it but not here? Yeah that might be, there is another Alien race living for the Greater Good but thats another Story and another Greater Good. My Organisation, I prefer society, want the people live in peace in a society where a helping Hand is a common thing and everone is equal and important. I want to rebuilt the Civilisation in a new way, not selfdestructive but expanding in New ways. I imagine big cities with high technology standarts and a Trade-Empire so big it will take long from one end to another. You dont have to worry about your live or Home either, I imagine an army that has the Power to overrun the biggest fortresses in just minutes if it's necessary. Yes I said its a peacfull society and i dont lied. We'll only fight if the Society is in real Danger or one of our allies is calling for help. I by myself prefer the political way but that doesn't mean everyone does. All the things I've mentioned above are only possible when YOU join the Society of The Greater Good. We need everyone to spread the Word of The Greater Good, of a peacfull yet strong society that wants to live in peace.
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