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  1. *raises hand* I'm Italian, but my native language is German. The whole high council of VMS (my org) is german too, but the official language is english
  2. i saw the movie. Still, a whole emipre was involved. They had more people avaivable than the whole DU-Community will ever be.
  3. Building a station of that size is nearly impossible. In star wars, it took the empire 20 years to build it, and they had thousands to millions of peaople working for them.
  4. "Who are you? What org? Never even heard of you lol" I'm not that active in the forums. I'm the founder of the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. Maybe you misunderstood me. my company is on place 16 worldwide, but many of those before us are states, empires etc. We're on place 3 in the designing/manufacturing sector (Silverlight, Objective Driveyards, we). I haven't presented me in the Arkship Pub yet because i want to do this as soon as i buy the gold pledge.
  5. Well, I'm founder and leader of the 3rd biggest company (VMS), so that should explain it.
  6. I'd love to not have a map. Doing research and gathering information from that would be much more important. Data selling (or stealing) would be intrested mechanics. Imagine a organisation that is the only to know about a system, they could escape from a battle (knowledge=power). In most games only items ahve a value, but if it would be cool to sell informations about anything (for example, you pay a spy in war for the coordinates of an enemy station)
  7. Automated systems only can do a specific amount of tasks per second. this means that it will be impossible to control a complex ship alone (efffectivness aside, the code won't be fast enough to control all the objects and parts). In my opinion you really should need a big crew for a big ship. If you destroy the bridge of a starship, it should still be able to work, for example. That would cause a change in war strategies because it makes more sense to attack the main engine or other parts. (modular destruction has already been confirmed, as far as i know)
  8. 1. you can buy the current packs (bronze, silver, gold...) until the 31st december. afterwards you can only buy DAC's
  9. did anything happened to dual secure that i didn't notice? they were as big as my org, and now they are in the top ten
  10. A full reset is exagerated, you're right with this. Maybe something like a percentage chance of loosing some learned skills and reseting progress on the currently learning one? The problem with many online games is that many features don't work right because death doesn't have consequences. For example, on my old Minecraft server everybody comitted suicide if they were hungry because it was easier than actually search food.
  11. Idea: When you die, for whatever reason, your ingame skilltree gets reseted or downgraded (setting you back to the previous stage in each category as an example) Concept behind: If you die, you respawn with a ressurection node, but this thing only has a blueprint of you, it doesn't know what was going on in your brain. You learn the skills over time while Aphelia, the AI, is manipulating your brain. If you die, the ressurection node loads a old version of your body and brain Pro: -You would fear the death -you would play safer -it would be more realistic -you would accept going in jail rather than commiting suicide, justice systems would make much more sense -pirates would not attack big stations just to "see if it works" (if you ever played space engineers you know what i mean) -Experienced players would be much more valuable -taking hostages would mean something -There would be less "Shoot on sight"-activity -bounties woud make much more sense -most organisations would try to avoid war -taking out a good pilot can change the battle because after respawning he would not be able to drive the ship anymore or less effective -war strategies would change from making most damge possible to avoid killing civilists Contra: -It could get really frustrating -it would be kind of unfair Let me know what you guys think about this!
  12. Don't forget that the Terran Union and Silverlight are both members of Cinderfall. Technically Cinderfall is the biggest org.
  13. You don't get 2 months of subscription time, you get 2 DAC's. You can activate them whenever you want, you could also only activate one and sell the other for a ton of money ingame. Also you can buy a DAC ingame, if you have enough money
  14. The devs mentioned 0 AA (after arrival)
  15. I expect all the founder packs materials(reaching from bronze to Kyrium). Copper is confirmed, you can build with normal dirt and stone as well (probably not a spaceship, but ground-bases)
  16. I like this Idea. Wit´h more than 1000 Organisations, you just can't see everything. Some kind of News are important.
  17. After Alpha and beta there will be a total reset. everything else would be just unfair.
  18. Welcome. Are you intrested in joining VMS, the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. ? We are always looking for valuable members (ENG/GER) ~MinerMax555, CEO of VMS
  19. I generally like the idea of a mostly peaceful world. but I'm leader of a company, and making money is our main goal. And if no ships get destroyed, nobody would buy more than one or two ships. A totally peaceful world would be getting boring quick, while a total anarchy would be really frustrating. I hope that it will be something inbetween.
  20. a completly peaceful world would be really boring. And Settlers could make less money
  21. The Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. agrees to this. We will keep that model even after the {Beta}, as long as nobody attacks us.
  22. Welcome to the community! Are you looking for a organisation to join? if so, I'd like to invite you to VMS, the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. We need more members for our crafting sector, and your introduction made me interested -MinerMax, CEO of VMS
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