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  1. So apparently I didn't log in when posting this and am thus a guest. Woops
  2. As far as the NDA goes how free is one to discuss the various encounters and discoveries made in the alpha, as well as how realistic do certain "more mysterious" discoveries found in this Alpha Simulation line up to actual objects that exist in the actual Helios system? Are the planets and their in-simulations descriptions and relative mysteries accurate as well? I would find it very unlikely for the AI to have made-up some the things we encounter in the simulation.
  3. Being that this game is entirely open world(universe) during the alpha and beta phases many changes will be made to the galaxy as the players with access to them will begin to mold and alter the universe. When the Alpha is finished will all the changes be wiped before beta release and then the same again when the full game launches? Or will it give you an early advantage in the galaxy to start as soon as possible with the Alpha?
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