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    Ty....this really looks like it could be a great game to play.
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    Ever since I stopped playing an mmo a long time ago I went on an MMO hiatus to figure out why I had the urge to quit. Long story short, I figured it out, so for a good while I have been seeking a new MMO to play, but I was unable to find a good one. I thought about what theme I wanted, and what kind of gameplay I desired. I became interested in Elite: Dangerous and have been playing it for a good while but getting my bearings in that game has proven pretty difficult, even when it became easy to get currency. It wasn't a true mmo either, so it felt more like a tolerable grind. I liked the space sim, but I wanted to feel more immersed, so I decided to look at different space-themed mmos. Eve looked too much to join, different steam games were mostly in early access, and most of those ended up having a game destroying patch. I saw certain non-mmo games have certain mmo elements I really liked, like player-driven stories and economy, player building placement, etc. At my core I'm a builder, whether it's small like gadgets or big like buildings or ships, but never found a game that I could really get behind that incorporated all of those ideas. I also love exploring, seeing the game environments for what they are. There have been potential games, but like I said, early access on steam, and one game in particular that I felt had everything I wanted had a lot of negative reviews. This left me disheartened about what I could play...wanted a game that felt real, where I can treat it like reality where I have to be careful and do whatever I can to progress. Many games didn't feel that way. Having been shown the kickstarter for dual universe, I took immediate intrigue. Not only does it seem to have everything I wanted, but the avatar development looks great. I played entropia universe, and while I liked the possibilities, I disliked how the game felt like gambling. I liked how there are no leveling up avatars, but just developing skills, but it felt far to grindy to be something worth investing into. Dual though seems more refined in that area...can't wait to see the details on that. Overall, I backed dual universe because I am sick and tired of mmos being so mediocre...i'm basically backed against the MOBA wall right now, along with Elite, so if dual becomes the game I sincerely desired, I can finally be properly entertained... One last thing...I also backed the game Eco because of how micromanaging it is...basically that is a non-mmo game where every little action could have consequences and destroy the world you made. I like that pressure. Dual seems to have that as well. I have high hopes, but from my experiences, I will keep expectations at bay. Hopefully those who I meet here on the forums and in the game can be great game friends. Let's immerse.
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