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  1. discordauth:Ryw08kRQW6KF8rBRDzwPW8e5HdTHepYXw1X-ESDi5lU=

  2. Pirates and then pirates eh? I will poke around a bit before hooking up with a group. Edit: On second look, yeah. BOO looks about right though they are closed recruitng atm.
  3. Howdy, my name is Grimm. This seems like as good a place as any to start. I played EvE. I loved the shit out of wormhole space. As a corporation we set up in a c5 and made serious bank. I admit, I blew it all on pirate ships, PLEX's and pvp. I lost a lot of pilgrims in EvE. I loved the size of the game and I loved the actual feeling of loss but I always wanted, at the very least, to paint my ships. Then space engineers came along. I was able to make my ships. Happy am I, but it lacked the combat depth of EvE. I wanted to go back to my pilgrim and stalk prey through low and nullsec. I am a builder, and I am a pirate. Many will hate me, many will love me. I look forward to facing you in the world.
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