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  1. thanks for the answers. regarding https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/4332-the-subscription-pricing/ ther is a limited and a premium version. does that mean a new player can try out the game, than use a subscription, but than can never go back to the free version, or stay free but with all those limitations .. or can go from free to payed and back? (as it was in DC universe) or is it just like a demo and fullversion? (as it was with warhammer online) dont get me wrong ... i hate free to play and pay to win games ... but there are different systems such as a yearly addon that costs an other 30€, that opens up now stuff that is nice to have, but not need to win. well, however. time will tell
  2. greatings. yea, i am one of those who did kickstart the game in such an hurry (because i had the feeling this could be huge) that i did not got that there is a subscription system attached. no, i am not happy with that ... but well ... at least i can play it for two month. since i will have to plan pretty carefully when to play my two month (playing with a family in the background is something thats not so easy. 2 month playtime translates for ppl like me into 20Hours) .. when does the time start to tick? best of luck
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