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  1. More racing teams are always welcome. I look forward to seeing what you can...DU.
  2. Welcome Always glad to see new people joining DU. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  3. I am sure they are busy reading the entries (there was a tweet suggesting as much), though I would have thought the community vote would have been opened by now. Thre are only two courses of action. One is patience and the other is to ping @NQ-Nomad xD
  4. DeLorean DMC-12 with hover and time travel capabilities.
  5. Even if your only rainbow has a 6 at the end know that you can still be called, a friend
  6. Welcome. And you are not the only smelly one You are in good company xD
  7. Just remember DU will start small: on one planet. It will take a while to get into space. Then it will take a while to cover the single system and only then will expansion to other systems be viable or even possible. It's a logical progression Do we know what exploring the universe will look like? Too early to tell.
  8. Welcome. There are a few french organisations active on their discords, even if you don't want to join, you can always pop by to say hello (or DU what you want to DU)
  9. As the great Greek philosopher Isosceles once said: The third leg is always shorter than the first two.
  10. Did you find all the sci-fi references? Even numbers have...dual meanings
  11. Welcome. You are in good company as there are quite a few people excited for the game xD Feel free to ask questions. Just DU it.
  12. Is this where we put in an order for a nice big double helping of asteroid belt? Belters gotta live somewhere I like the idea of drifting asteroids, if at all possible, though I expect we would only see something like this after release if at all.
  13. Twice the length of the other entries and not about Rez nodes. An enjoyable read.
  14. diner -> dinner quilt -> guilt specie -> species A fun read and I like the message
  15. Find. It seems proofreading is required everywhere these days
  16. I would have thought it would be more difficult to write a character origin story 60-86 years before the Novark left the Earth, but this story makes it look easy. What are a few decades to 10000 years anyway.
  17. Day of Optimism is a great addition to the DU lore. I would like to say more, but spoilers
  18. 2 days is plenty of time for editing... I just hope you have some people lined up to help proofread If not then I am sure I can help find someone
  19. Tropical Island world? Whatever would we call it?
  20. Kurock

    Combat Style!

    As Twerk said, how weapons actually work has not been discussed. What we can safely assume is that the players will be able to place the various weapons on their constructs (ships/buildings) as they see fit. So "front facing" will definitely be included in that.
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