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  1. The winning entry by judge decision is: Flipmaze by Ben Fargo The submission are in and it's time to vote on the first DICE Den for an in-game arena game Voting closes after the 10 March 2018, so be sure to cast your vote before then. Still unsure who to vote for? Go have a look through their entries: Edit : Due to the 3-way tie, the final decision now rests in the hands of our capable panel of judges. Edit: The winning entry is Flipmaze by Ben Fargo
  2. This is an interesting idea. Though it is not entirely clear what the benefits are for being registered. Advertising? If so where? (besides here). How is this different than for the company (organisation) to make its own advertising post. Will these be tallied and put in a handy webpage or app somewhere? This is not to disparage the idea. These kind of initiatives should be encouraged, but a little more clarification to the intent behind the registry would be nice.
  3. One day remaining for those entries. Can anyone else think of a rough idea for an arena game they would like to play?
  4. One week remaining. A single paragraph could net you a game.
  5. Communication in a MMO Communication is important. To make deals, or just to flip off your opponent. The classic global text chat has been used extensively as a means of communication, though as MMO's become more complex and immersive, the means of communication necessarily also changes. As example Ultima Online had text hovering over the players avatar with no distracting bubble. In a large open world, local discussions just made logical sense. But communication is not only limited to text. Some examples include The Endless Forest, where communication
  6. That was not the question. A Force Field Unit is not an indication bubble.
  7. “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” ― Christopher Hitchens Judging from the latest AMA, I believe it is too soon to tell.
  8. A pair of excellent entries already in. This is just a quick reminder: 2 weeks remaining before entries close and voting begins. Don't dawdle, get your idea in today. Just DU it.
  9. Fellow Noveans, Thou may call thyselves whatever thou pleases, for thou art free Noveans. So say we all!
  10. Also a good video to watch at around the 3 minute mark, though this is from a while ago, I think the message is clear. Though we will have to wait for CvC to see how that affects ..well.. anything. Wait and see.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Though to be fair to NQ, this was always stated as the intention from the beginning: The arkship safezone(s) and the rest is like EVE: PvP weapons free (not free of weapons). The MSA's are a recent welcomed addition. This will happen regardless. Will these type of games be 100% without risk? No. But I am sure we can get by with a little help from our friends.
  12. Good thinking on creating this thread Some suggestions off the top of my head: Intrusion Safeguard Dynamo Offense Dispersion Unit Preservation Bubble Generator Tranquility Persuader Serenity Dispenser Wall
  13. Ask trivial questions. There are many willing to answer Also welcome.
  14. I wish you best of luck with your organisation. As long as you have fun on the way, then it is worth it.
  15. Voting is closed and the winning entry is Flipmaze by Ben Fargo The voting thread and winning announcement can be found here: The DU Community in-game game idea pitch competition. Welcome to the DICE Den. Note: Please keep discussions about a specific ideas in a separate thread, this thread is for entrants. (Putting this first so that it is hopefully read) What is it? A DU community competition, here on the forums, where anyone can suggest an in-game game and then the community will vote for their favourite. (Scribbles are welc
  16. UADD Unsecure Area Deflector Dish or NTDD Normal Territory Deflector Doohickey Maybe a separate thread would make more sense for these suggestions.
  17. I have the same questions. I assume the MSA would be an contiguous area similar to the AMA I.e it is a preset area of safety with no resources spawned there. My second assumption is that the MSA's are only on Alioths moons. Why? Because invulnerable staging areas for all planets seem a bit of a mess. Finally a form of upkeep (or keep alive switch) for the safe areas seems more and more necessary. Though these are just assumptions, some answers to those questions would be greeaaat
  18. Anything? Sounds like Dual Universe. Be welcomed.
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