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  1. “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” ― Christopher Hitchens Judging from the latest AMA, I believe it is too soon to tell.
  2. A pair of excellent entries already in. This is just a quick reminder: 2 weeks remaining before entries close and voting begins. Don't dawdle, get your idea in today. Just DU it.
  3. Fellow Noveans, Thou may call thyselves whatever thou pleases, for thou art free Noveans. So say we all!
  4. Also a good video to watch at around the 3 minute mark, though this is from a while ago, I think the message is clear. Though we will have to wait for CvC to see how that affects ..well.. anything. Wait and see.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Though to be fair to NQ, this was always stated as the intention from the beginning: The arkship safezone(s) and the rest is like EVE: PvP weapons free (not free of weapons). The MSA's are a recent welcomed addition. This will happen regardless. Will these type of games be 100% without risk? No. But I am sure we can get by with a little help from our friends.
  6. Good thinking on creating this thread Some suggestions off the top of my head: Intrusion Safeguard Dynamo Offense Dispersion Unit Preservation Bubble Generator Tranquility Persuader Serenity Dispenser Wall
  7. Ask trivial questions. There are many willing to answer Also welcome.
  8. I wish you best of luck with your organisation. As long as you have fun on the way, then it is worth it.
  9. Voting is closed and the winning entry is Flipmaze by Ben Fargo The voting thread and winning announcement can be found here: The DU Community in-game game idea pitch competition. Welcome to the DICE Den. Note: Please keep discussions about a specific ideas in a separate thread, this thread is for entrants. (Putting this first so that it is hopefully read) What is it? A DU community competition, here on the forums, where anyone can suggest an in-game game and then the community will vote for their favourite. (Scribbles are welcome) Rules: The game must take place in playing field of at most 110x75 meters with a height of 50 meters inside Dual Universe (give or take a few meters) and should cater for spectators. A single post may be made per person detailing their idea. Keep it under a few paragraphs, enough to get the idea across. Pictures (even mspaint drawings) may be beneficial, but keep them few. While this is more a sales pitch than a complete design, if you feel inspired, just DU it. Entrants are free to make assumptions about DU combat and how elements work in DU, if relevant to their game. Working in groups is allowed but only a single person can enter the group's work here and win the prize. The competition is open to all that can post on these forums. Dates: Competition entries start on 1 February 2018 with last day for entries on 22 February 2018. Voting then starts on 23 February 2018 an will continue until 10 March 2018. Prize: The winning suggestion wins a game key of their choice and DICE (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dice) will implement a prototype of the game and potentially add it to the roster of DICE games. The game keys can be chosen from: The Long Dark, Quantum Break, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, and Tomb Raider. TLDR: Yo wazzup! I heard you like games so I want to put games in your games so make a game then I award you with a game in a game as well as a game that is not in the game. Kapish? This competition is sponsored by Soarnir. Also feel free to drop by the unofficial DU discord (http://dualuniverse.chat/) and say hi.
  10. UADD Unsecure Area Deflector Dish or NTDD Normal Territory Deflector Doohickey Maybe a separate thread would make more sense for these suggestions.
  11. I have the same questions. I assume the MSA would be an contiguous area similar to the AMA I.e it is a preset area of safety with no resources spawned there. My second assumption is that the MSA's are only on Alioths moons. Why? Because invulnerable staging areas for all planets seem a bit of a mess. Finally a form of upkeep (or keep alive switch) for the safe areas seems more and more necessary. Though these are just assumptions, some answers to those questions would be greeaaat
  12. Anything? Sounds like Dual Universe. Be welcomed.
  13. More racing teams are always welcome. I look forward to seeing what you can...DU.
  14. Welcome Always glad to see new people joining DU. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  15. I am sure they are busy reading the entries (there was a tweet suggesting as much), though I would have thought the community vote would have been opened by now. Thre are only two courses of action. One is patience and the other is to ping @NQ-Nomad xD
  16. Even if your only rainbow has a 6 at the end know that you can still be called, a friend
  17. Welcome. And you are not the only smelly one You are in good company xD
  18. Just remember DU will start small: on one planet. It will take a while to get into space. Then it will take a while to cover the single system and only then will expansion to other systems be viable or even possible. It's a logical progression Do we know what exploring the universe will look like? Too early to tell.
  19. Welcome. There are a few french organisations active on their discords, even if you don't want to join, you can always pop by to say hello (or DU what you want to DU)
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