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  1. 23 bruh im pretty sure old enough to be playing this game and im from eve bruh your weak attempts at trolling me brings back good memories of dust 514 try to troll me im like nonononomnom ugghhh tastes so good been to long ugghhh the hate ccp why dont you love me and i leave everything unedited as a nice hero cookie for the bridge trolls like you lol
  2. i shall be on my ps4 playing battlefield with my dust514 buddies or playing eve online this game owns all upon release but will still play bf1 just because i have 300 playstation buddies there
  3. I PLAYED EVE DUST 514 for over 4 years years played EVE online past 2 3 years will be playing EVE valkery 10/14/2016
  4. i think it would be cool if you can have ships with big enough to have facilities people can use do things productive have a reason to randomly be in that ship when it blows and would frequent all the time but would not be devastating when destroyed and can be replaced another thought to this was i get we get ships all that ourselves but what about some sort of mass transportation vehichle where u can have riots what not lol
  5. i think something cool for this game is you cram load you ship full of guys mabey board some mofo driving a big ship with bunch of people going somewhere then u breach side send bunch of people thru shooting bullets taking names and of course killing the captain claiming glorious ship for a prize ramming it thru bunch of newbs it blows up..... why just because
  6. ok sounds awesome thanks for the help on this subject and will most definitely be funding the kickstarter i do have a ps4 but there nothing planned like this on ps4 from what im seeing atm this would blow all other games away if this was mmo on ps4 im fiending a good mmo hard tho if this games devs only have eyes on pc atm i will definitely be making what ever changes my pc needs to run this like not kidding this game i think is what EVE online should've started as or turned into and these guys have already made what ccp promised to make but did not yet deliver
  7. i seen ad for dual universe on my facebook i am i big fan of DUST 514 spent about 5000$ played it for 4 years since closed beta would've spent more but ccp went poop lol i have ps4 all that but im videogame withdrawing so bad tho i have games i would like to enquire where everyone got pre aplha access from so i can at least see if my pc with run this wonderful pruduct that looks like it everything i wanted eve online to have but wasnt there
  8. bruh im from eve online too im the ceo of the corporation NECROM0NGERS dont know if youve heard of us but im IMMORTAL WAR HERO in dust we were 3rd in the game lifetime kills for awhile lol
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