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  1. Please close the thread
  2. 1 thing I have to say well done to moderators and to the community that it's huge and helps every second anything you ask! The game is difficult now but if you learn the basics and some lua script functions you can play and I hope the development keep the good work to make this game an OUTSTANDING MASTERPIECE
  3. ok guys i close this post by The game its promising in the future is not good now it need a lot of work but for the first time the developer are here and actually help and talk to you ASAP Well done to the company!!! sorry guys this game is very good!
  4. Nope I don't give a shi.. About 15$ lol BUT wow I see how this company works nice job guys make it like it was my fault say the truth here Well done you are lucky that you find people like me and pay you for your bread but is not going far.... The ppl are smart and you will get what you deserve.
  5. would? would? ok i see....
  6. This game is a piece of junk don't buy this trash reasons 1)no graphics nothing ! you must have a pc like mine 4000$ to play with low settings with 35 fps CRAP 2)I just manage to buy my first spaceship with 649000h and boom i lost it all because with absolute no physics i stuck in side to another ship and i just need to respawn and BOOM i lost it all 3)no npc no players nothing..... don't see videos with a lot of players ships around the place its because they never de spawn even if the players don't play anymore SCAM Like Star citizen they will get your money and someda
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