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  1. Hm, never thought of this... good idea, though. But i honestly wouldnt like to wait 30min with my single-pilot ship to reach other planets. Maybe the power output to speed transfer could be less and less effective as your mass grows.
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    I haven't found a thread about this topic yet, so here's the general idea: A universal network, where single players or huge corporations can place bountys for people to get them shot down. Like, you can get the most wanted person in the universe! How romantic! If this should be a thing, i see problems with people piloting different ships from time to time, like a pirate kills you with his main ship but gets shot down on a farmercraft. Maybe this blacklist could be ship associated if they are connected to a player, otherwise player-ship connected. Fails if the pirate sells his ship, though. Maybe you could add a feature to share coordinates of bases to make the hunt easier. Thoughts?
  3. I guess something like that is already implemented, in the pre-alpha videos we saw them walking and landing on spacestations. The easiest solution would be a gravity generator if this isnt automatically set when you start a building.
  4. I dont think we actually have to talk about speed limits set by relativity but more of utility and technology. Its a sci-fi game after all. For example the "EM drive" was supposed to one day be able to move spacetime with the ship so nothing would break Einsteins theories. So we should think about what is helpfull for the gameplay. The speed for interplanetary flight needs to be set depending on how much to scale are the systems: with .5 c it would take around 2s to the moon, already 10 minutes for the sun and in some cases almost half an hour to reach the mars. Wont start speaking of the gas giants.
  5. One of the few things NMS actually right in my opinion was the speed limit during space-flights. You had 3 different types of engines, or speeds: Normal, combat speed Pulse-engine for interplanetary flight Hyperdrive for interstellar flight At normal speed fighting was almost enjoyable (it's the fighting system itself that sucks, the speed is good tho), during combat pulse and hyperdrive werent available due to enemy interference or however it was called I heard about warpgates, this would replace the hyperdrive but a speedlimitation due to enemy presence sounds quite nice. Pirates or spies could carry technologies to kick ships out of pulse speed.
  6. An interesting question would be how the damage system works. Has your ship an overall health bar and if it fades will the whole ship get destroyed at once? If someone played From the Depths, it featured vehicles of blocks and components aswell and each part had its own healthpoints... If one got destroyed and everything that didnt connect to the ship-core fell apart (I guess this kind of system is way too much computing for large spacebattles, so i wouldnt expect such thing...).
  7. If i got it right, the devs said that you can programm your own ship control by LUA scripting... Nevertheless if somebody knows Stac Conflict, it has a 3-axis flight control (which means you can rotate and accelerate your ship in every direction) which i personally liked very much as it was fast to learn but still capable of doing some great maneuvers. I'd really enjoy to see if the maneuverability should depend on your ships design, which means on how you place steering-thrusters. Same goes for larger ships which could/should be supported by scripted AI to even create flightpaths.
  8. I totally agree with the point of stealing someones stuff by shooting them up. Like Kirito said, its fun to be the bad guy sometimes! This means the killed player HAS to lose some of his stuff... Otherwise you could simply abuse this system by cloning the items. I suppose it would be boring if you dont have to worry about anything at all.
  9. When it comes to orbital plattforms and spacestations i, as a physics student, am always curious about the realism of gravitational and centripetal forces. How realistic will them stay in orbit? Are the able to fall out of the sky if they are too slow to maintain heigth? Are they even able to attract each other significantly as they grow large enough (objects of 8km length or especially Cybrex' DS made of steel arent *this* light after all)? What about centrifugal forces (they DO exist, if you know where to look) on rotating spacestations or asteroids (if you can walk on them)? For stations, solution simply is a system of artificial-gravity-generator-things or magnetic boots, but i quiet wonder. Dont get me wrong, i cant wait to get my hands on this diamond of a game, more complex physics are always a thing to neglect if its impossible to implement them.
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