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  1. Yo gagsta don't enta ma bitches hood!
  2. You get ONE to move around freely and one is on the arkship
  3. So your alt accounts from China work well then?
  4. Bad idea, that's not.the point if a SINGLE shard
  5. Like pirates want your stuff. Np with that mechanic, good and old
  6. It's a sandbox. Why punish killers with debuffs? Why not just setting up a player run police to kill those people first? Why not defending your dudes yourself? Why not accepting contracts miners set up to protect them? Why not hiring Mercs? Why not being smart and think about safety before you go mining? All above can be copy/past to building stuff, mining, running around, exploring, etc. With debuffs on the killer you only generate a society that will attack in waves or with such huge numbers that those debuffs don't count. PLUS you are killing EVERY emergent gameplay! So no, that's just a totally bad idea and against the whole idea of a sandbox with emergent gameplay.
  7. I find pve totally senseless, no fun, no thrill, not hard. No need for me to implement something like that
  8. They said it's P2P They said there will be some sort of trial Get over it
  9. Like it. It should be hard to do stuff. Lone wolves have to live with the fact that they can't just build a space station. And the reward for doing so as a community/org will be much greater. Nothing to add here, like your thoughts
  10. You just have to be crazy assuming anyone in boo would be intelligent enough to push such a feat >
  11. Yeah shame on me. I just hate dumb people, spitting their false accusations all around themselves because they assume stuff.
  12. It helps when you read the post BEFORE mine you know...If you don't get that, well, idgaf Reading and understanding that should really be more enforced in schools these days
  13. There will be WIPES. No you can't keep anything
  14. we have our own farmers and org-pusher-to-be-top-member-wise from india, but tyvm
  15. Well 'scaled appropriately' is a wide definition. Scale our universe down by a factor 100 (earth dia 12k - DU ~ 100) or even 1000, even FTL (lets say 20c) won't get you anywhere near the galactic center which is some 25k light years away. So it would only be 250 LY in this model and you make that trip in 12,5 years - not cool. If you want a vast galaxy, you can do it. There are estimated 20k stars within 100ly from the sun (so 1ly here - trip: 18 days). Which would be enough of course, but players would still only inhabit a fraction of one galaxy. You only get to know the direct neighbours of our sun. I think that this kind of model would suffice, because you just have to have the feeling of a vast, dangerous, enormous and living galaxy. Travelling further will just not be possible, it would take (even with 20c) too long. Depends what they do with those probes though...
  16. getting as fast to another planet as possible, build an underground base (or floating-depends) there, gather ressources and build fancy stuff to kill people Oh and build spacewhale drones
  17. You need lube for the butthurt? Cheese to the whine? Show me where BOO touched you
  18. Well if you see that shield of some sort (like I imagine it now), then it would be pointless If its an invisible shield and lets say just a switch from "neutral Land" to "xyz's Land", then it can't be detected THAT easily (but nonetheless its not that hard)
  19. And that's the exact way it should be in a sandbox - YOU have to do something, YOU have to enhance your gameplay, YOU shape the universe/your surroundings/your playstyle. People always want to rely on OTHERS to do that kind of stuff for them (in implementing some crazy mechanics) but that's not the point of a sandbox. I agree that there HAS to be a safe zone for really young characters where they learn the first steps and can build up a bit. But it is CLEARLY VISIBLE AND UNDERSTOOD by all players that, once leaving the safe zone (you know, where all the fun is), any interaction with other players might happen. So no need for whiners and butt hurt people. There will be Orgs (like EveUni) who teach those newbros and tell them about the mechanics ("how to survive the first 500meter out of the safezone while pirates are camping there"). There will be players who gather newbros and they will assault those campers. But I can assure you: it will be like it always was. People will ignore all mechanics. People will ignore others who tell them it's dangerous out there. People will ignore the very basic preparations in order to go outside (like caring for enough food, better armor, shields, weapons). They will die horribly there and will start whining on the forums to "nerf griefers!", "pirates OP!", "there should be mechanics to avoid getting killed in order to play safe!". Been there, done it, saw it. Whiners never change
  20. I like being a jerk and messing around with people in sandboxes, that's the whole point of it: because they are the only games where I'm allowed to. An npc like police is nice, but iirc devs said no to them. I think they will come up with something similar to like high security space beyond those 20km radius around the arkship. Because those 20 are not much with thousands of players
  21. Well you tolerate the fact that they know there is a safe zone without PvP and once they wander outside, they automatically agree to any interaction with other players
  22. Nothing new, just another video
  23. as stated everywhere and again and again: no. It will not work that way. Your char trains 24/7 that's why it doesn't work that way
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