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  1. Pour tous ceux qui débutent et les autres ... PENROSE est la Pour vous
  2. PenroseLabs:E8A43F3456EAF7089A28AC7D5C52BF0E 

  3. discordauth:UJ2ObWYI5CdzYmEBsCQ2b5JWkkPfhWbfEawZmqveDUs=

  4. Sur le kickstarter il y a maintenant une date : LIVRAISON PRÉVUE : déc. 2018 la sortie est bien repoussée. Traduction: On the kickstarter there is now a date: EXPECTED DELIVERY : dec. 2018 The output is well pushed.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years !!!
  6. Hello Je suis francais, et je parle tres peu l'anglais. Cela fait qplusieurs années que je joue a des MMO (... minecraft, Ark) Cherche une organisation pas full PVP qui me premette de jouer en groupe sans prise de tete. Je suis plutot commercant, constructeur mais surtout miner. Je suis souvent connecté sur le jeu: 4 heure par jour en moyenne mais surtout la journée. J'attend vos propositions Hello I am French, and I speak very little English. I've been playing MMO for several years (... minecraft, Ark) Looks for an organization not full PVP that starts me to play in a group without taking a head. I am rather a trader, builder but above all miner. I am often connected on the game: 4 hours a day on average but mostly the day. I'm waiting for your suggestions
  7. Adams

    Player Prison?

    As explained in the video by JC, there will be no prison : - suicide will allow it to escape. - People pay to play not to be locked up
  8. Exact. In the video he says: in the first half of the year. Then he says: and nothing before March. (17:55)
  9. We must not forget that the game is not a reserved for programmers. Using scripts should not penalize other players who do not have such knowledge.
  10. This is a good thing. This would allow players who understand some English but who have more dificulties to write (like me) more attended the forum. (I am French)
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