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  1. As said before: It wouldn't be wise to allow grinding as a training factor for skills. Why would you want to piss off players with little time to play the game, while a powergamer can train 20/7 - THAT would suck. Carefully balanced skills which are trained offline have one major advantage: the introduce time. The devs can then roughly estimate when certain skills will be available to certain players. That ensures that big, badass ships/weapons, technologies won't be available from beginning, but with a delay.
  2. Objection You are assuming that people in BOO will be solo-players who don't work together - and that is complete BS. People arrange themselves, they will build small cells of society of their own.
  3. No I'm a pirate and I HATE restrictive gameplay. And, as an austrian guy, I won't start an org for obvious reasons
  4. Germans really do have a fable for structured, restricted, outruled and slow structures....
  5. Lethys

    In-game voice.

    It's REbuilding. So that involves a lot of politics - e.g. communication
  6. So you enforce bots/scripts which will get people that double speed bonus, you favor jobless 24/7 gamers without a family and you definitely piss off people on longer vacation or with no time to play the game every day? 'Good' work
  7. Jc said somewhere (think it was ama pt 2), that those light blocks are real but they don't know if they give them to us
  8. oh my, everyone will play some lady to look at the asses of others while onboard
  9. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for skill loss (not so much that it would be broken) at character death, but losing 50% or something of skillpoints is just broken, even if it's not that easy to do. That would just be too harsh. Better to penalize suiciders and frequent killers with skill loss at a much lower margin
  10. could be abused to effectivly kill spys in your org and ruin a character completly, bad idea. Even 10% would be too much. You can't kill whole branches of gameplay only because you are a "lawful citizen" and don't like griefers, scammers and killers.
  11. Jails - either he pays the fee, kills himself to go back to the arkship or solves puzzles in a maze to escape that jail - would be fun Depends on "laws" what you want to do with him. law for one org != law for another one (like: shooting is allowed in a city). If there are no stun-guns, noone ever could possibly do anything about a criminal except killing him. Cause every automated system (like: if you shoot, you get flagged (by script), when exiting the territory you have to pay 1000 credits) could be abused. Will be interesting
  12. Bad idea. Why do that and don't care for all orgs equally. Besides, if it's a mess newbros will know that immediately and not after some time where they have been tricked into believe something
  13. Poor bees, they rmt themselves for years and then they are defeated by someone. So they whine everywhere about that, even in other forums from other games. Get a life, get over it and most importantly get out of here
  14. Oh so you are one of those butthurt people who were killed by IWI..... now it makes sense
  15. I like trashtalking, narcissistic ass....people. do you wanna be my friend? Btw. He never said english wasn't your first language... reading != understanding. But we had that already
  16. Hmmmm, going to be mad at players who don't have english as their mother language? That's low bro
  17. We definitely need another topic on Dacs, excellent idea!
  18. Oh I just copy people I meet there, who write walls over a topic discussed already in length, adding nothing new and give completely false statements
  19. * We need to promote cooperative mechanics rather than competition to prevent things feeling like pay-to-win That's complete bullshit because there's no p2w like you described in some wall beforehand. Competition is a motor for the economy and gameplay. You can also use p2w for your carebear city in some safezone. No difference there. See, you don't need so much words
  20. Hahaha well you read, but don't understand - that's fruitless. Happens to the best, I forgive you. Don't worry. You could add tl;drs to your walls, would help. Oh and your first point on p2w will never happen in DU, but you know that, right?
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