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  1. I then pay for a game on a monthly basis and not be able to play. Sounds like a very good business model to burn down and kill this game
  2. Definitely 5
  3. If you have access then you should see the appropriate subforum. If not, try relogging on the forums
  4. Noone can answer that because it would break NDA. Sounds like an exploit too tbh xD
  5. As said in discord I will here too: I really think that this is the way to go. People don't know you and most never will, so building trust is hard. And even IF you manage it then there's always the problem of alts in this game and you could play the long haul and scam ppl after 5 years for good because you want to. Demanding that collateral helps customers to feel safe and immensly helps you building trust I definitely see this bank being useful that way when you just want to avoid having to transport some rare ore from A to B
  6. You are operating that way but this bank obviously doesn't xD
  7. How can I be certain that you don't scam me and run with everything I deposit?
  8. Disagree strongly here because fundamental game mechanics dont change if you have a dev account. It's still the same game to play. And you can still do all the things from ground up too, although you don't have to because you can just teleport or create a ship instantly. But you could still do it from bottom up
  9. gg yama, gg And risks of showing others directly or indirectly what may come in the future because you buy, sell or trade some very special goods. Imho devs shouldn't play at all with a private account.
  10. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a unviewable script? I can just abuse the system and send the coords to me in real time and noone would ever know. Thus, noone will buy unviewable scripts anyway because of that
  11. yes - well done! 1 DAC = 1 month of gametime. You can either use it to play one month or you can sell it on the markets for ingame money (quanta)
  12. Welcome, Pledge is 60 minimum. But if you're that broke then maybe get your life sorted first
  13. 1. Regular updates \o/ 2. Interviews with ppl, orgs or even NQ. I also like to read opinion pieces. Like the writers personal opinion about an org, the game, mechanics, certain aspects of the game and such. Ofc with the nda this is a nogo atm, but later on maybe. 3. I like the Layout and the stuff which is on there 4. Maybe later at some point, but then I would clearly split that. Not every article needs to be translated. But for example: an in depth view on economics/production might be better in german (if it follows eve then those are the biggest producers) 5. See 2 6. 42 7. Keep it up! This is a very good First step
  14. don't worry - I only build huge ass mustangs. No ponies involved I get your frustration and I get why ppl don't like this - but that's just how it will be, unfortunately for you. Have a good one mate o7
  15. who should enforce those restrictions? NQ will only step in if it is smth REALLY offensive or if it's some kind of copyright material (Star Wars ships and such) - everything else is fair game and can (and possibly will) happen DU is a single shard server MMO, there won't be any private servers. There's only ever going to be one gameworld ever
  16. It will be pay to play via a sub. Approximately 10-15€ per month. If you earn enough ingame money you can buy DACs ingame which equal 1month of gametine, allowing you to play for free (without rl money). Like the plex system in eve
  17. alioth is massive - that alone helps alot on top of that there are territory control units which only give certain ppl the right to dig on that tile And again, this game is run by players. If you don't like seeing a swiss cheese then do smth about it. Make an organisation that deals with this. Interact with the community. Do smth about it yourself. That's what DU is about tbh
  18. This is the first iteration and Implementation of alpha 3. They maybe expect this to be a bit unstable so they only do a 3h test to see if the servers hold. When everything goes well they might extend the test. Normal test schedule are weekend tests (96h long) every week
  19. Not WE....YOU have come to the conclusion. And again: what will he do with that ship which allows him "winning" anything? How will he man guns? What ingame skills will he have? And most importantly: where's the difference between that and an org which will build it? He may buy that ship. He may even pay guys to help him man that ship. What will he do? How will that be winning? Does he have the ingame skills to fly it? Does he have the ingame skills to set up the needed rdms to get everyone the correct rights to use everything? Does this ship automatically means he will destroy everyone? Why? There's more to this than you say and I think you rly don't know anything about this game if you think having a massive ship is p2w. And before you say something: yes he may have bought it with rl money but that doesn't neccessarily make it p2w. Life's not black and white
  20. Yes, or possibly in a safe container Linked to your account so that noone can steal that ingame item from you until you consume it. Because THAT would be a huge liability Yes NO! The first and most viable option to earn quanta (ingame money) is go mining and then sell that ore to market bots. NQ thinks of more faucets for quanta so that ppl can earn more money out of thin air. LATER ingame, you can ofc do jobs for others (pvp, merc, transport, build,....) and they pay you quanta but for that to happen there needs to be enough quanta ingame at first. Also, you don't NEED quanta to play the game. You only need it to buy stuff from others. But you can ofc mine and craft anything yourself
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