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  1. for pvp missions to even be viable / useful there are loads of mechanics missing - that's why this might/may/who knows when be ingame, CERTAINLY not now If/maybe/it would be cool.....that's exactly what I'm saying. Dreams and hopes - nothing more.
  2. you started the quote with the wrong sentence there. it started with this: in regards to the ****MISSION SYSTEM**** there is nothing else to do. If you think that building some random ships or interacting with others or race tracks or mazes or puzzles or pvp will be part of the mission system then please elaborate how that's going to work. This *MIGHT* be ingame at some point but again: DU lacks so many different mechanics for this that they simply can't implement that now. And again, that doesn't mean it will never be in the game - but that is simply a hope and dream and what DU *could* do, not what it actually does
  3. well thing is, you *still* have faith in them doing the right thing - which I had back then but lost it about 1,5 years ago... I realized that they just won't (and can't) deliver what was promised and they now just try to save it from being a complete trainwreck. It's just a conglomerate of what there could be - dreams, hopes, well articulated ideas to get ppl dreaming. But that's all DU is. The actual game and the actual mechanics aren't even close to how they pitch the game now or in the past. and quite honestly: what do you expect from the mission system? There isn't anything to do in DU except mining. So the ONLY mission there will be is: bring me X amount of ore/elements to Y (created by players) and maybe some "NPC" missions by aphelia to transport goods from market X to market Y to have a second true quanta faucet. Nothing more will be there because DU lacks so many other mechanics. Sure, they can build on that later on, but for now (and I suspect for some months) that will be the only thing to do with missions. Will that be enough for ppl? We will see Will that new money faucet even be viable? We will see But imho it will be so basic and rudimentary that it won't get ppl truly interested - since those "bring me X ore/elements" is already in the game with market orders. But oh wait, economy doesn't work....
  4. Can't answer for him but I'm here because it's hilarious. And because I want ppl to get to know NQ for what they did wrong, or why it's only sweet talk the CMs do, but nothing ever changes. And yes, idc if you don't understand that - I'll keep Posting and laughing
  5. Still the only example given is mining.... because there isn't anything else to do (for earning quanta that is)
  6. They want to Split the playerbase tho with their single player creative mode idea for builders to get blueprints
  7. I mean...... I get where you're coming from with all those ideas and that DU can be so much better if NQ would actually think more than 5 seconds about a mechanic... BUT Been there done that. Before pre alpha even began. During pre alpha. During alpha. And guess which ideas they adopted? None. They "hear us" and they have this upvote Site which is only really there to make ppl think they listen and they may implement any of that. Truth is, DU is lacking SO MANY different core mechanics in the most basic state that ANY ideas outside of those core ideas may only be tackled after all of the core stuff is fixed first: Ava Stargates Player markets Atmo pvp Territory warfare Character customization Basic energy System Missions/jobs ... Just to Name a few. And that is only talking about a basic implementation. What you're talking about may or may not happen 2 or 5 YEARS from now. If NQ even reads and thinks about it that is. Or they do what they do: ignore ppl and do as they want
  8. Perfect time to tell the story of little lethys who wrote a simple ahk script to show NQ how the upvote Site can be abused (all you need to do is load the page in private tab). The Site was down because of me and ava got some thousand votes over night because of me. I did it OBVIOUSLY on purpose to prove my point. Think of that what you will, I couldn't care less What did they do? Kick me from ATV , which is pointless anyway because of inactivity. wanted to leave after I asked a question after ONE YEAR they still responded with: "it will be amazing. Just wait a bit more". and since I was one of the few hard critics there anyway, it seemed convenient to kick me. They even wanted to ban me from the game. Because they left a major security breach open in their Website. After telling them several times, nothing happend and I wrote the script. That's how little NQ cares and thats how they resolve problems: they just close their eyes, hope for the best and insist they did everything right
  9. Hahahahaha glorious 100$ on NQ not doing anything
  10. Using wrong terminology for the wrong thing leads to dissapointed customers. As seen here again and again. But I guess NQ doesn't care, because they need the money. At least "they heard us" /shrug
  11. A beta would've had all mechanics implemented. This is a subbed alpha at best, not a beta. Despite what NQ or ppl say
  12. Agreed. But lock and fire can be hidde quite well, mass effect being one example. If done well, ppl barely notice a difference. But since ava is at least 2 years away, lets hope they do a bit of research and implement it well.
  13. I agree that it will drive ppl away but in reality there's no other way to do it. Starbase (never played it, just info from googling) splits ppl apart, there are never more than 100 ppl in your instance. that's why they can actually do a twitch based / simulated bullets approach. servers in DU on the other hand are lagging right now when there are ppl around you doing stuff, flying stuff, mine, craft, build,.... they simply can't simulate bullets in that environment because it would lag everything. Just look at EVE (yes yes I know...): some time ago there was a huge battle (think it was B-R) with 6500 ppl involved and server shat themselves. This year there was the battle of M2 which saw 12.000 participants - but servers broke. Now you can say all you want like "eve is old. Eve uses another server tech. eve has TIDI...." and so on and you would be right. But at least eve actually HAD such huge battles and NONE of what DU achieved so far comes even remotely close of that. DU and NQ first have to even demonstrate that they can have 5000 ppl in close proximity without major lag before they can even think of going further - as some feverntly put it "It's a CIVILIZATION BUILDING game after all!"
  14. Someone lost. Someone won. Someone bragging bout it. Standard propaganda just like the blockade posts
  15. cause you clearly have no idea how to brag properly
  16. exactly - which your magnetism = gravity theory doesn't indeed, but rn and with all the things we know right now - one of us is wrong. and that's fine has nothing to do with anything so idk why that's here yes, that's called progress. backed up by the scientific method and not some random YT videos AGG needs fuel, that's a given. that's called balancing the game. Has nothing to do with your claim that magnetism = gravity tho. Even as an ingame explanation that doesn't make any sense. thing is tho, you started the whole RL thing with some random and bad explanation why it may work. Had to laugh so hard because it reminded me of some old CoolHardLogic video on SpiritScience lol
  17. yes please - do your research. all those videos you provided don't prove that magnetism=gravity. If you got any evidence and proof please visit https://www.nobelprize.org/nomination/physics/
  18. At least someone pays for that sub yes, not neccessarily me. Again, selling TO pirates won't really happen as you can easily circumvent that, rendering it a useless mechanic Well sure, everything fine by me. As long as I get to kill ppl and sell their stuff for my gains, idc. When NQ skews the system to heavily punish pirates for being pirates then I'll just shoot whoever and burn all they got for funzies. Since I don't play DU anyway because IT'sway top boring, I don't really care what they do. I'm just there to annoy ppl
  19. Detention plus kin liability won't really do anything. Just have that one org for piracy and have alts or your second/third char slot for trade. Plus pirates won't have anything on them anyway when Hunting so respawning instantly is always an option
  20. Du without pvp would be even more boring, useless and ridiculously stupid Nice "survey" btw. Will be pretty useless too since - DU was always advertised as a single shard sandbox with pvp in it. Thus: deal with it - if many ppl say "pve" it only serves your confirmation bias but in reality doesn't prove anything - if many ppl say "pvp", ppl may screan it's "rigged" or whatever by alts. But in reality this doesn't prove anything either
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