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  1. It would be very interesting to know how many of the previous players who tried DualUniverse because they were interested in the game really focused on which aspect of the game. Is it the builders, Lua scripters, industrialists, miners, or the PvP players? Or even kind of a hybrid player who likes to mine ore and do industry or mine ore and do PvP. So what has been the main content of the players so far? I often read that PvP players only want to shoot around and everything else is just a means to an end. But that is the case with any content. The PvP player must also collect quanta or ores to build or buy ships with which you have a chance to win in PvP at all. An industrialist has to do the same to build industrial plants and schematics. Even the one who builds ships and only sells them has to get his voxel stones and elements from somewhere. So in the end, many contents are connected, you can't just pick a small one. (This is only possible after investing a lot of time in the game). From there, I think you don't need more PvP areas, because the PvP area is huge, maybe even too big to really meet. (I now assume that the outer planets and moons will eventually lose their safezone). What PvP needs are players who are really interested in PvP, not players who need to be forced into PvP. Accordingly, PvP should be made more interesting so that you can attract PvP players into the game and keep them permanently. (without driving PvE players out of the game). In other games I liked to be a PvP player (WoW, Gw2, Archeage) but here in DualUniverse I prefer to be a builder, industrialist or an explorer. On the topic itself, it would be fatal to release everything for destruction now when the developers aren't even sure what they really want to take away from players in the end and what should be protected. You should , if you really want to test PvP, make sure that you do not leave the time expenditure so brutally high - who wants to fly into a battle to attack or protect an alien core, please, if you first have to fly 1-3-5 hours AFK through space?
  2. Some people forget that it was also very often pronounced that the Sanctuary area would always be protected no matter what.
  3. The game is in no state to be released and then call it a game. Honestly, I really can't imagine a 2022 release.
  4. The problem I have with me is that if I were to "pause" DualUniverse now to play another game, that if I were to enjoy it, I wouldn't come back. No matter what game I stopped playing, I did not return for a second chance.
  5. Surprise! Today is Wednesday.... and already got some new information?
  6. I find the basic idea of alien cores interesting. However, I don't see a really balanced cost-benefit calculation yet, just to get the T5 ore and some plasma. Currently it is certainly interesting, since there is hardly any significant resistance, you can take these cores through a large alliance without high costs. I think the cores, if there would be much more players online, will create a very different game climate than currently.
  7. Looks good after all, looks very close to DualUniverse. What I miss are other planets, space and the possibility to play the game infinitely long and with thousands of players together or with each other. I don't like solo games, so different difficulty levels don't appeal to me.
  8. The money is not much, after all, when you consider over the time to date just the payment of several employees. What does one cost? 100.000$p.a.? so if we take only 30employees, within 5 years it is 15.000.000$. I expect that there will be an ingameshop in DualUniverse, not only because of the DAC mechanics, but also because of all the style items for the elements. Just buy a different color variant in the store for 5,-$ or another form of the standard element to make it look fancier...all the possibilities with the housing elements would be a goldmine. Whether it's pictures, stuffed animals, showers, chairs, tables, armchairs, beds lamps...you can create a lot of design directions in a short time to market them. It could go even deeper in, buy permanently protected area xy in space with cords xyz in the middle of PvP area or on a PvP planet. Buy a space base, a ship, a spaceship... (StarCitizen clearly shows which financial possibilities are available). Novaquark - The metaverse company
  9. This soft launch, let's call it "beta" was already the starting signal for the subscription ...., right? Only that it's actually a hidden alpha. but good. nothing shocks me anymore at the moment. I find 8 years of development for such a project absolutely ok. The game itself doesn't offer much game content, it's more of a Minecraft and Eve mix, still at the very beginning - let's hope that this will change positively with time.
  10. I do think that players could make a difference. As everywhere in the economy, the buying behavior of the customers influences the product and the supplier (NQ) In the end, I think it's more a question of how many customers choose something, what direction that means. I for one have shut down my subscriptions, no renewing annual passes, means no new money for NQ. In principle, they still have some time to make a decision as far as I'm concerned, most expire in September /December. so still +3months, my decision I will wait until the last day, because even if today would fall words on the part of NQ, I will no longer trust them.
  11. The game is not designed for such a quick release. This is not a game, but a half-finished product, which is not yet to be estimated, what it wants to be. Of course there will be financial problems at NQ, the cost-cutting constraints are apparent and palpable. The game content, on the other hand, looks rather meager for a game - too meager and too unstable. Considering that the planets are to be reworked again, no, I really don't see a release this year unless NQ throws an unfinished product on the market and will only sabotage their own name. (Some people claim that the brand name NQ is already negative....) The construction site is simply still too big, I'm guessing more like 2024/2025 until then you can still put his time in the game, whether it is then really released later or simply goes offline, then also does not matter.
  12. current game - log in - run around in my base to run to the MiningUnits - calibrate 1-3 MiningUnits - ask myself, what am I doing this for, if they wipe everything? - log out and turn on Netflix or another game. one day later: - log in - see if my factory is still running and pack various elements like tanks, engines, small stuff into the ship to fly with it to the market. Somehow you have to earn quanta... think during the landing approach,..what am I actually doing here? currently I'm on market 6 and hope I log in before the lock period expires...but what for, if there should be a wipe anyway?
  13. I flew around for hours on several days, did not find one egg. Too bad, I'm probably already too spoiled by such "events" from World of Warcraft and other games.
  14. True, of course. Is there anything on the subject that has not yet been considered or discussed umpteen times? Maybe there was a reaction from NQ after such a long time that I had overlooked? The last reaction was almost 2 weeks ago....
  15. Thank you. A casual player can therefore never really play in the endgame in archeage, it is very time-intensive, even due to the work point limit. however, I assure you that you then never experienced and enjoyed the best of the game.
  16. Depends on how you look at it. In both games you have 0 chance as a beginner against a regular player who has been playing for weeks/months or years. (Purely in the PvP area) The only exceptions are the arenas in Archeage, where the equipment scales, so players can test themselves no matter how long they have been playing. In Archeage you need the equipment and the ship with correspondingly high-quality equipment and of course a group of fellow players who can play together. In DualUniverse, I "only" need the ship, which has to be equipped to a high standard, and possibly another account or a group. In DualUniverse, there is no character equipment and this content is completely omitted, including the associated game content such as quests, world bosses, wars, professions for enchanting, sockets, upgrading and much more. (is this really negative or positive?) To get T5 equipment in DualUniverse for the ship you have to rely on others, T4-T5 engines, weapons are endgame and take a while before you get them. The same with "time" can also be seen in Archeage, only that you not only had to equip the ship, but also the character equipment, so like in almost every normal mmorpg. In general, I liked the PvP in Archeage better, because it was much better integrated into the game, into the professions and into the quests, wars etc. Likewise, in Archeage, group play, healer tanks, magic classes, ranged combat, supporters - all of this is completely missing in DualUniverse. I don't know how far you played with your character back then in Archeage and how much time you generally put into the game - but DualUniverse could still take over so many elements from Archeage to really make a game out of it, especially in PvP and its possibilities to fill game content with it, Archeage is much more than currently DU.
  17. The fewer players that are currently left over, the quieter it becomes during the wipe. So there is hardly anything standing in the way of a restart. The only question is whether it will really attract so many new players and whether the players who were scared away would come back. It is simply annoying when this info is not finally published.
  18. I can also confirm this. I normally always fly the same routes - since the patch it renders everything extremely slow, even worse that it has to recalculate everything, in my route everything was otherwise available, now I have to wait a few seconds in the area before the city etc. is displayed.
  19. More security is always great. However, will these "bonuses" still be available after a possible wipe? Do I have to wait to redeem them before the game is released?
  20. ArcheAge is not comparable with DualUniverse. Here you don't have any equipment that can be broken, downgraded or destroyed for your character in order to be able to play in the endgame. likewise, here you don't immediately forfeit all your possessions because you don't pay your taxes, so you don't lose the land or even important things that are on the land. here you can even permanently protect 5 areas. likewise, there is a permanent area on the starter moon. In general, the grind in DualUniverse is not as extreme as in archeage. Here it is enough to set up their mining units and calibrate them once a week. A week in Archeage has fatal consequences for their equipment, because many points were simply not collected through dailies. I myself played ArcheAge very successfully for many years, streamed and created guides and websites and switched to DualUniverse because here you can play in a much more relaxed way and don't lose everything because you weren't lucky when upgrading. Of course Archeage had the much better housing system, the furniture alone is worlds better, as is the PvP system, especially the ship battles - the PvP in DualUniverse is really boring and outdated. But hey, in the end it depends on what exactly you want to do in DualUniverse to find fun for yourself.
  21. The video would have to be many hours longer for you to understand the actual game mechanics that it takes hours to get from a planet to an alien core station depending on the ship. The mechanics should be presented more clearly, especially that you don't notice many battles with ships, but at most see a blue ship icon with distance and name. Most of the time, the ships do not render at all because of the distance, as the video suggests. There is also no indication that you can only "play" a battle by clicking "select ship, identify, shoot". There are no great flight manoeuvres to avoid being shot at. The ships themselves looked great in the video, but this is hardly reality, because they are often elementary ships in order to keep the ship size as small as possible and now also to minimise the weight due to the maximum speed. I generally feel that the time you have to invest in the game to finally get to a point where you can really play and have fun is too extreme. Has NQ really thought about what exactly a player is supposed to do while flying through space for 2-6 hours? Whether it's a mission or now the alien cores.What exactly do the developers expect the game to be perceived as? In our organisation, people watch series or films on the side or simply start another game. Excuse me - but is that really the way it's meant to be? You have to consider that we use high-quality hardware to play the game, as well as then (at least here in Germany) a high value of electricity costs to implement this hobby - and NQ expects me to "play" a game while I tune out the game to do other things? This reminds me of the browser games that you start once a day, send your ships somewhere to attack something, click through the productions and then go offline again to check the next day whether everything had worked. The video itself, well, you notice that not much time and money was put into it, which is understandable at the moment, as you are happy for every sign of life from the game.
  22. Funny. If you can keep your talent points, it's not a full wipe. So you are against a fullwipe, but claim they would accept the fullwipe.
  23. This would only be true if you were only ever in the safe zone. As soon as you enter the PvP area, you can lose everything immediately and then you are left without anything. Unless you have already built and financed a replacement ship. Have you ever used an AGG yourself? You can easily earn ores for fuel within a few minutes. In the case of the AGG drive, you can steer the ship, but this takes a lot of time that you could also use to collect fuel. How good this compulsory content is, to have to work on something in order to finally be allowed to play afterwards, can be seen in the tax or the calibration mechanism with the MiningUnits. Do players really want even more compulsory content before they can play? What does a game night look like then? - First calibrate, then repair all the machines or supply them with energy, then maintain the spaceship, maybe protect the building voxels with an anti-decay coating? Then fly 1-2 missions so that you can pay the taxes and then finally play what you want - or go offline because you don't have the time to play. The game doesn't need more obligations that you have to work through, but rather game content that is fun, whether solo or as a group. I don't want to have a second job in the evening after work, I want to relax in a game and experience something. A good relationship between playing and doing something must be created in order to be able to play. At the moment, however, you need a lot more time to have to do something in order to be able to play.
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