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  1. This will bounce a lot of people off the game, why do you give new players a speeder with T2 components that they can't replace easily, when they inevitably misplace or crash, or even fall victim to the blueprint bug that wont let them re-use elements from a construct that they dismantled, they then find themselves with no transportation hoofing it all over the place, they can't do the tutorials either because they are all bugged, first impression is very important, you need to improve new players experience and the whole tutorial section.
  2. I see it all the time on the support channel, new players experience is made miserable because of it, they pack their speeder but can't redeploy it.
  3. If they want wars to happen sometimes down the lane over resources, then those resources need to be finite and not respawn magically, also there seem to be some scavenging gameplay which means at least a percentage of the resources will be recycled.
  4. It is their first game and it shows, but yeah they need a Technical support forum section, and dedicated staff to address the posts.
  5. Like in the real world, industrial production is linked to energy production, right now it feels weird that industrial units are working on magic, and it would give some commercial value to Fuel.
  6. If you get lost just start digging with a positive degree ( 40 to 50 ) and you'll end up in the surface, don't dig at an angle over 50 degrees or it will be too steep for you to climb back, every 50 metres build a medium room with flat ground, this will allow you to take you bearing for the next stage of digging, use the scanner until you are 30 metres from the pocket then switch to the directional scanner ( 4 ) to pinpoint the direction of the pocket and dig in that direction.
  7. I would help you if i had a ship with a passenger seat, but right now all I own is the starter speeder.
  8. Hey guys when i was downloading the game windows defender flagged a file, i thought it must be a false positive so i allowed it on my PC, after getting that error:100 for sometime I did a full scan with hitmanpro and it discovered a Malware, after removing it and restarting the PC, It solved the error:100, not sure why the game is bundled with a malware, or whats going on here, but anyway give it a try.
  9. Also getting the http error:100 when trying to log in ...
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