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  1. it is funny people still discussing if there will be a full wipe rather then when and how many of them
  2. The biggest issue here is tera scanners in the first place. You can scan 3 hexes in 15 minutes - Alioth has around 50000. So if only 500 players will be scanning the planet, assuming they would cooperate - they can scan whole Alioth in 8 hours. Even if we suggest cooperation of that scale is not possible - we obviously talking about rather very short time for the whole planet to be scanned (e.g. if corp will create 50 miners squad - which is a real number - they still need just a week or two to map the whole planet). And of course all T4+ will be mined out in a couple of months if not less. With this - system lifespan on release will be what - half a year? At this point of time and considering all the exploits that have been fixed - you can be sure that all hexes of current system are already scanned and this or that groups have full control of most T5 and majority of T4 either by mining out or placing TCU on mega-nodes Easy fix for now would be to remove tera scanner, or decrease its efficiency - so it scans in a sphere radius, rather then the whole hex on full height. Long term solution will require complete overhaul of resources spawn system - with long thinking about what we can learn of current stupid outcomes of existing one.
  3. just interrupt the cellular and prove that you time out on it when not all packets received, but can load if connection is OK. Check if game resources amount influence that by moving char from busy and empty areas. No new accounts needed.
  4. I am sorry looks like I have missed the moment we assigned you as the voice of the society. I accept griefing as part of the game, other people do, but then come you and decide who is a dick and who should be kicked - from what the heck? : D
  5. If you have a gaming rig to play DU, have time to play DU, and interested enough in DU to play current preprealpha stage - you definitely have 20$. If you have neither of that - you don't play DU. Seems fair to me.
  6. Yes they should. If anyone wants to be a dick in the game it's their choice, there is no rule not to be a dick in terms and agreements to DU.
  7. A lot of interesting answers in this topic, so let me put my 5 cents : D 1. No, there is 0 functional point in designing ship now. I have seen cubes, spheres, coca-cola trucks, chess-boards, two-floor houses and even an ass-crack flying in atmo and feel same comfortable as bad-ass looking spaceships. And as author mentioned - current pvp-meta is a flying blob. 2. Is that bad? 2.1 The fact that players do build flying death cubes are not bad. As people above mentioned - it is current meta, you can do nothing with it. If something is top-effective - people will use it. You can stay in your bubble, building Elon wet dreams spaceship designs for pure aesthetic - but when pvp will start to mean something, you either build your borg ship with guns or sit tight in your safe zone and suck. 2.2 The fact that game allows player to build a flying blob that is a meta - is a very bad thing. There is too much of building sugar added to dynamic constructs. Airfoils always applying lifting force to the center of mass wherever it is placed, containers mass placement easy manipulated with hub, center of mass will most probably always be between engines, obstruction with voxels is non-existent and so on. Same goes with weapons, though I believe something is planned to be changed there. 3. Can we expect game will be OK with current state of flying constructs physic? It will, but we all be flying in cubes with railguns, never leaving safe zones or losing our sweet Normandies every time we do. 4. Should that be changed? Depends on how devs envision the future of the game on release. If this should be a space sim with realistic but simplified physics - definitely. If this is going to be an arcade where you can just design your ship - it is good as it is, can be simplified even more, but I won't be playing it then. Both will attract their audience - and developers should decide which one they want. Until then realists will be crying that they are tired of flying penises and physics should be more strict, while arcadists will be crying that they can not create ship of their dream as it can not take off, and physics should be simplified.
  8. yeah, just few more years and he can try : D in general 20EUR for 3 months sub is totally ok, other games can bill it for 1. ESO sub costs 15EUR, WoW sub costs 13EUR, I see no problems to put 20EUR price tag for 3 months sub. Devs have to get money somehow now fur further development, as 90% of new players arrived on a hype train will never pay for a 2nd month in the current state of the game : D
  9. I can not dance around your request and do screenshots in build all day. Images work perfectly fine for other people, as well as it is clearly visible on video that engines end inside voxels. If you want to believe voxels still block game elements it looks it is your choice and we can not do nothing with it.
  10. so, dude build a wall on his/unclaimed hex - and you were smart enough to build a runway that starts from non-yours hex. What is the problem here? If I will decide to build a big factory near your runway, will you run to the NQ support ticket crying how me bad player influencing your gameplay by minding my own biz on my own hex? The problem here is not a griefer but an issue with texture load - so you may write NQ a ticket to fix it instead. If we go and start to report all people on neighboring hexes that bother us - that guy can go and write a ticket that he is tired of your ships smashing his wall and each time he has to remove the wrecks And that streaming menacing reminds me of this:
  11. I have no idea what did you do to block your engines with voxels. Specially for you I have made this sandbox with clearly visible voxels behind engines with no obstruction whatsoever https://ibb.co/yXLy39t https://ibb.co/bLrJdwd and as far as you did not test how it flies - here I have put cubes of shit behind engines of flying ship, and guess what? Nothing changed. No obstruction neither in report nor in flying. (just a small out of fuel case : D) https://ibb.co/T4rLFkg basically same way you can go and wrap the whole ship in one big voxel cube - I just did not want to clean that after
  12. After you finish it - you can just drag a voxel cube around it, just make it centered. 99% you won't feel any difference, but will be flying in borg ship instead. So what really matters is elements relative placing, you can then do whatever you want around them with voxels.
  13. Yeah, I do not have a problem with it at current stage, but if it is not planned to be fixed later I see no point to keep ship building physics in this game at all beside aesthetic - as the most efficient ship will be just a bunch of elements smashed together somehow in a tiny place, and most effective pvp defense will be to cover whole core area in boxes. If it will stay like this - why keep all other ship mechanics at all? Just make a requirement of N elements per mass and if satisfied - let it fly, because currently it defacto works like that. In combination with current simplification of center of mass to airfoil lift/stabilization - it looks really trashy, developers implemented complicated physics of atmo/space flying, buy allow us to fly in buckets with engines - makes no sense to me.
  14. ps: just to clarify - no, hover engines are not beneath, they are inside this thing
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