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  1. I think no matter how far out people go, more powerful factions will be waging war to keep the in game market focused on the starting worlds, where they have the most influence.
  2. Honestly I'm over gatewars after EVE. It's the main reason I'm arguing for anything else. That and I think that the amount of back doors in such a system will make trying to hold a front line redundant.
  3. I think how viable the gate toll business model is will depend on how easy it is to build a gate between two already charted worlds. If it's just a matter of resources and time then most big organisations will have their own gate network everywhere. The freight business is another matter though. Regardless of how interconnected the systems become, people are going to want ships to carry things.
  4. I don't see why you think a gate network will give you the borders you seek. It won't be like EVE with 1-3 gates per system leading to the immediately adjacent systems. The gates will be built by players. That means they'll go wherever an organisation wants to put one, not set down by the will of the devs. I fully expect multiple gates leading between systems. Some public ones, but a crap ton of private ones built as back doors and secret paths. And not just to adjacent systems but also to far flung areas. The newest colony in 5 years time is just as likely to be connected to the first sys
  5. Also to be clear. When I'm talking about exploration taking time, the main sink will be the jump drive(s) recharging. During which you'll be figuring out how far to jump next, and in what direction. When you've traveled to a place you'll be able to figure out (or place) some markers that you know to jump from there X distance in X direction. If they have a co-ords system it will be even easier. But you'll still have to plug it in yourself.
  6. Personally I think that all FTL should be done via instantaneous teleportation. But have the methods defined by logistics and security. ----------------------------------- Method 1) Jump Envelope. The warp generator creates a bubble a certain distance around itself and teleports everything inside to a location a preset distance away along a straight line. You plug in the distance for each jump and it takes you there. The jump requires an enormous amount of power which registers as a spike on any sensor in the star system. The generator then has to recharge before it can jump again. It do
  7. I'm tempted to do this to get away from people. Just build a conglomeration of thrusters, life support and cargo that I can launch into the great unknown with a metric crap ton of raw materials on board. I'd have my spawn point on there and just work on stuff over the weeks in transit. Build up a whole heap of colony modules with a cargo flyer to carry them as well as some miners and light flyers. Then when I finally get to the far off destination just carefully land everything and turn the transit ship into an orbital station or spare parts. Eventually the larger universe would catch up.
  8. Maybe that's a reason to do it as a block only organisation leaders can place. That way they can regulate who has access through permissions. Also if it's a fixed block then you have the option to walk closer or further away depending on how much you want to listen.
  9. From what I saw of it the main skills in eve were learning how to fly, manage people, and work as a team. The training trees got in the way of actually playing the game.
  10. If there's an option to mute all player chat then the mics could just be a block anyone can place.
  11. Here's a completely non core, absolutely cosmetic, late game patch idea. Have an indestructable microphone element which is only placeable by the developers and which has its permissions regulated by someone nominated by them. It only gets placed in bars and other meeting places which are popular spots for players to mingle. It's basically a sound block that plays your desk mic sound within that space, with less volume the further you are from the block. If you are in there the mic block will just be part of the background noise. If you want to hear the person speaking clearly then y
  12. Yeah I don't mean build the same item 1000 times until your smithing skill unlocks. I'm talking about real ship building and experimentation which makes you, the player, more skilled. The whole point of building things for fun.
  13. Sure. If they go with the eve style lock on combat then there won't be a lot of player skill involved in targeting. Having arbitrary skill trees for it isn't going to make that better though. It just means that every fire control officer will have the same skill set trained and lock time will come down to human reaction time (and lag). I think things like lock times and sensor distance is better handled with technology and tactics. Make a ship with good sensors, Have scouts and drones on the perimeter to hunt for the enemy. If you get the drop on someone and start firing before they c
  14. I'll probably build a ship to call home and just dock wherever I like the local security forces.
  15. Sounds good to me. I'll keep her pointed at the enemy, you light em up!
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