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  1. Finally, something we agree about.
  2. Thank You and once again, I have a PC all I wanted to know was if it was possible to convert it to console because I prefer controller. OK? I'm 12. So shut up and go build a real spacecraft or plane instead of arguing to a kid, probably unlike you haters I've actually participated in making a REAL Air Force Jet.
  3. Unicorn oil? Really? ...Puppy Farts are the Future
  4. TANK102703


    Well only way to prevent it happening from me is don't get on my darks side but yes I want to be a space troll. I will say that I will spare you if you give me what I want then when I get it I will take off then the trader thinks he earned a lot of money until he sees a light in the sky then all of a sudden....... BOOM NUKES FLYING EVERYWHERE.
  5. TANK102703


    It would be cool if we could fly over an enemy's planet and just nuke 'em. The greatest way to get rid of your enemies. XD Or just be an ULTIMATE SPACE TROLL!!!
  6. Im officially ending this arguement. I agree that we disagree.
  7. Why can't every gaming "thing" get along and make a supreme gaming systems with capabilities like all and everyone gets along . oh I know people would argue over whose ideas better then they will split again then passed down generations will have the same argument about the consoles of the future. Then it will be a never ending cycle of gaming death and despair.
  8. Actually keep it a secret but my dad is a engineer and is working on one......jk....I wish. If so I would probably keep them to my self for awhile until someone realizes that I'm doing things you can't do with a keyboard and mouse.
  9. Too bad about the MMOs because there my favorite and so is console and Shooters I don't really like and PC I don't really like. This is nothing compared to how I live my life. Nothing goes my way. Just like how my PC broke randomly yesterday and its a pretty good one too. Just like when I get a brand new one it will probably somehowbreak in the box. That's my Luck
  10. Before you saisd that I was looking online and found really cheap ones that I can recommend to my friends. Only thing is I still like controller set up better. But thanks forbeing such a hater it pointed out things I didn't realize. Thank you HATER and Good day PC peasant. XD
  11. And if you think its so hard making a complex PC game into a console game try ark. But the lag is real. Mostly because its early access.
  12. All I want is for you to stop being such a hater.
  13. Oh and is there any way to report people?
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