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  1. Our little group is growing quickly. Cybrex, you must be King Moonracer finding us misfits and bringing us to the island.
  2. Welcome! It's nice to have a famous R.I.O. such as yourself here with us. P.S. watch your head
  3. Thanks for the add, looking forward to raising hell. "well I ain't seen a day I'd be running away from a lawman lawmen in the past have discovered that I'm fast on the draw man some won't feel safe 'till they know that I’ve been found others won’t rest till they put me in the ground cause I'm an Outlaw … six gun by my side I'm an Outlaw … they won't take me alive cause I'm an Outlaw I'm a badman… a gunslinger from the badlands"
  4. Here is an email from Novaquark about the topic of subscription. Hopefully this can elevate the beat to death debate of sub and pricing. Posted by Novaquark (Creator) Hi guys! Already 135,354€ and 27% covered! This is amazing! We can’t thank you enough guys, thank you for your support! So, this is the first update, and we wanted to bring some light on one important point. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the monetization of Dual Universe, and the question of the subscription model. Let us clarify here what we have in mind, so that you can see all the options we will offer: Free to Try “trial” access: there will be a free to try access to Dual Universe, with limitations on things like how much skill, money and/or space you can access to. The details of the limitations are not yet defined precisely, but it will be made such that you can enjoy the game and have a taste of its large scale potential. Pay to Play “premium” access at a price at launch that we will keep in the range of comparable products on the market (typically around $10-$13/month or 10€-13€/month depending on the country), decreasing when bought in large bundles: this is the full scale game, with no limitation. DAC access: Dual Access Coupons are items that you can buy on the in-game markets with the in-game money you make while playing, and that you can turn into one month of Premium play time. You can also buy a DAC from Novaquark to sell it on the in-game market in exchange of in-game currency. DACs will have a price of $18/€18 at official release (for reference, items similar to DACs used in other MMORPGs are priced around $20/€20). Alpha/Beta access: no subscription involved. As you can notice, the real money price of a DAC will be higher than the normal price of one month of subscription, which may have caused confusion as some people, quite understandingly, assumed that the monthly premium sub would cost as much as a DAC. This is not the case. We hope this helps clarify our future business model. The reasoning behind the choice of a Pay to Play premium access has been discussed in detail in a devblog post about monetization that we made in April. We believe this model is the best to ensure both a high quality of playing experience and the best possible support for our customers. Remember also that Dual Universe is meant to become a massive MMO experience: if we are successful we will have to run a large and costly cluster of servers, especially since we have this unique continuous single-shard approach. Again, the team at Novaquark wants to thank warmly all the 1700 backers that have supported us so far! Don't hesitate to spread the word and get everyone on board!
  5. wkuch27


    Nano-bots that can group together and take on multiple forms.
  6. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1191-paint/?hl=paint https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1374-space-suit-and-color/ Here are threads that touched on painting. Hopefully they do some kind of dyeing system or using elements to determine color.
  7. Pledge €100 or moreABOUT $112 USD Gold Founder Pack (Early Bird) INCLUDESGame at launch (PC Digital) Thanks in the credits as early backer "Gold Founder" Forum Title 20 DACs (value:360€ post-release) Original SoundTrack (Digital) ID Card Arkship Passenger (Gold) In-game Pet (lvl.1 version) In-game Pet (lvl.2 version) Closed Beta Key Access Alpha Access Key Alpha Team Outfit "Dual Universe" T-Shirt Take my Monies, I'll make more tomorrow.
  8. Also, on the kickstarter, they give you a certain amount of DACs depending on the amount you contribute. Added bonus in my opinion.
  9. Taken from the kickstarter page: By backing our game, you can get many rewards. Here are short descriptions about each of them: "Thank you!": An e-mail to thank you for backing us. Even 1€ matters to us! Special thanks in game credits: You will be mentioned in the credits of the game as a Kickstarter Backer that has made possible to create Dual Universe! Founder Forum Title: You will be able to display the support you gave us on the official forum. Dual Access Coupon (DAC): The DAC is a virtual item that you will be able to use for different purposes. You will be able to consume one to get 30 days of play in Dual Universe, or give one to a friend, or even trade one to another player for in-game money. Original Sound Track (Digital): You will be able to download the whole Original Sound Track. ID Card Arskhip Passenger (Physical Reward): You will receive a personalized card with the pseudonym of your choice, representing your avatar's name, who have slept during thousands of years before landing on Alioth. This pseudonym will be automatically reserved for you in-game. In-game Pet: A cool mechanized pet robot that will follow you everywhere. The higher version, the shinier it will be! Closed Beta Access Key: You will automatically have access to the Closed Beta when the game will enter this phase. Alpha Access Key: You will automatically have access to the Alpha when the game will enter this phase. Alpha Team Outfit: As you are a member of the Alpha Team, those who have awaken sooner than most of the Arkship passengers, your character will have a special suit showing he/she was among the first to test the harsh conditions of Humanity new homeworld. Dual Universe T-Shirt (Physical Reward): A T-Shirt with Dual Universe's Logo & Artwork. Metallic Box + Game DVD + OST CD (Physical Reward): A numbered metallic Box with a DVD containing the game Dual Universe 1.0 and a CD containing the whole Original Sound Track. Dual Universe Artbook (Physical Reward): A hard covered book containing many artworks and concept arts from Dual Universe. Dual Universe Poster (Physical Reward): A poster representing one of the most popular artwork of Dual Universe, giant size! Dual Universe Tote Bag (Physical Reward): A bag... representing your Nanopack in Real Life? Arkship USB Key (Physical Reward): A USB Key to transport all your most precious game files! Alpha Team Member Statue (Physical Reward): 2 models will exist, male and female. You will be able to choose the one you want with a Ruby founder pack, and you will have automatically both of them with the Emerald founder pack! Dual Universe Collector Box: A collector carton box where can be stored all Dual Universe physical rewards! 1 Hour Call Conference with JC: You will be able to have a private conversation with JC to ask questions, give personal feedback or even make suggestions for the game! 1/2 and 1 Day with JC and the team: You will be able to meet JC and the team, discuss with us, see the development process of the game and much more! (plane ticket not included) Development of a Dual Universe Secret: Participate and work with us on one of the secrets that Dual Universe will contain (the team reserves the rights to refuse ideas that would be technically irrealistic or not compatible with the storyline).
  10. I am intrigued by the VR movement. I haven't experienced it first hand, but watching videos and reading testimonials makes me excited for the future. This game seems a great candidate for pushing VR to the next level.
  11. Looks like a Kickstarter date will be announced soon. This will be one I actually support with money.
  12. Nice, liking the back stories people are doing
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