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  1. On 12/27/2020 at 6:30 PM, XKentX said:

    2-3 orgs dominating happens in almost every single-shard big MMO. That's normal, it's the same even in RL (there is always just a couple of "big" empires/countries that dominate)

    Could make penalties for orgs over a certain member limit. Let's suppose that for up to x members, upkeep on org owned territory is free. For every member over that limit, each org owned hex incurs a certain daily upkeep in quanta. 10 players? Fine. 20 players? Still fine. Cap is 25. At 30 players, each hex costs 1 million quanta per day fee. At 50, each hex costs 5 million quanta per day.


    Would make life very interesting.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Sabretooth said:



    You are pure evil!



    To add insult to injury, I tried repairing one of the large stabs. Restoring it consumed one of its lives. And I did not realize large stabs have 55k hp... I do not envy whoever owned it and now has to repair it. RIP that ship.

  3. 2 hours ago, Sabretooth said:

    So how about the option to obtain schematics through talent points also? Like a T2 schematic for 150000tp or something... 


    Best of both worlds?

    That would enable a 1-way conversion of talent points to quanta. The people with 10+ beta key accounts would love it. 150k tp is basically what one gets in a day.

  4. When I first started playing Dual Universe, I thought that the Anti Gravity Generator would make its construct completely ignore gravity. Fly down to a planet surface in a straight line from orbit at 1000km/h. Start on a planet surface and go vertical to orbit even with a single atmo engine XS and a single space engine XS, albeit with really slow acceleration.


    The reality was exceedingly disappointing, and the nerfs even more so.


    Let's make AGGs actually fun to use.

  5. 2 hours ago, WhiteZeus said:

    Bullshit, you ruined your own image and reputation by screwing up and not having quality assurance and quality control and good tools. Your response is childish, and my stomach churns over this pretentious behavior given the sad state of your game currently masquerading as a beta which is really an alpha. How dare I support such a goofy group of greenhorn game devs who act like this.

    Agreed 100%.

  6. 2 hours ago, Xennial said:

    Most things you read on forums etc are born not from the desire to make a game 'better'. They are born from the selfish desires of players to make things better for themselves.



    Edit: And now for my personal opinion: As a long time Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers player, I think that the current element destruction/repair system is far too casual.


    However, this is said from the perspective of someone who has never lost a ship to a disconnect or crash, and has never crashed a ship on accident; only in deliberate testing.


    I understand that many people say they have had problems with crashes and disconnects and the 'ship continue moving' patch made it so they would have much harsher penalties.


    A potential solution to this whole mess would be to make the emergency controller (1) baseline to a ship core and (2) much better at emergency ship control.

  7. 9 hours ago, Xennial said:

    This is what happens when game dev insta cave when adding elements that provide challenge. They couldn't even get element destruction in for a full week before insta cave to whining.


    If they allow themselves to get caught in the age old trap of shoveling out "content" to the solo/casual ADHD crowd you can just kiss the game vision goodbye. Next we will be shooting bunnies that have magical $$ or drop super spiffy engine +5. 


    Keep on caving to those whom came to a unique game only to cry for mainstream 'features'. We will end up with generic sci-fi MMO with an indi short on funds end product.


    Make the game hard. Take the training wheels off and let those that can't hack it go back to whatever SP game that will spoon feed them do X to get loot Y quests and other nonsense.

    This. I come from Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers, where a ship crash at speed means complete replacement is needed. Not this easy mode garbage where even a light-speed equivalent crash into a planet just means repair with magical scrap and fly away.

  8. Honestly, I think that all ore tiers should generate in equal quantities. The increased mining time already prevents their acquisition very fast (although I would not be adverse to higher tier ores mining time greatly reduced), and if someone wants to use a massive quantity of t3/t4/t5 for honeycomb for a creative project, the cost is prohibitive. 400kl of a t1 or even t2 for a lot of honeycomb? No problem. 400kl of a t5 for honeycomb? Currently, that's a colossal waste. Builders should not be punished for wanting to use interesting honeycombs.

  9. The below is part of the reason why some people are asking for a wipe: the unfair advantages accrued in the first week of Beta that only Alpha players could access.


    NQ didn’t listen when people told them to remove the bot orders from the get go, they left them on soft beta release. This in conjunction with leaked information on the location of wrecks (very unbalanced and unfair) and leaked information to a selected few on other matters, including but not limited to ore locations and prices, lead to an unprecedented rush that made a few people extremely wealthy by day 2 of soft release. Now, NQ claimed that some of us where exaggerating the amount of wealth and made a vague statement claiming it wasn’t much and everyone was going to be reset to 50 million. What NQ didn’t say was that they only accounted for the Quantas and not the assets (and that I can prove, as my assets weren’t touch), couple with, yet again, more leaked information to a selected few, made some stack up on billions of hard assets by day 4-5. So they took the money sure.....they didn’t touch the assets, meaning some had enough factories, equipment and everything you can think off to play the rest of their lives without a care. Add that money was also moved prior to the cap to alts and players (50 million a piece), and some people having 6-10 alts, well, you do the math.



    You know how some corps own 50- tiles on various planets? All done on week 1 before the flood gates open to the public, with the dirty money before it was capped, and that didn’t get remove either. People knew the money was going to be remove a day before it happened...... Admitting to that would really bury them as it it make it clear that only a selected few get the info before hand, on everything....they will never do it.


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