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  1. The content was unfortunately as expected and I will not comment more about it. But I would like to comment about the quality of the audio. Neither all of you or all of us do have english as our native language. Therefore the quality of the audio must be better. It was very difficult to hear some of the participants over the music, and you should have some knowledge how to filter the audio so even a basic headset sounds alright. If you want us to believe that you understand what quality looks like, it must be noticeable when you communicate.
  2. Tone down or change the warp effect. I have to change to 1st person view (without windows) to block that cascade of light. I want to be able to play for hours, not just show a cool effect for 10 seconds to a friend.
  3. I'm in a really bad mood about this so I stopped playing now. I just don't know what to think anymore...
  4. What does this mean: "entirely built and driven by players..."? NQ dictates how we are supposed to play their game to a point that they take the fun out of it. What is fun? Creativity! So it be building ships or static constructs, finding the meta and tactics for victorious PVP, LUA programming to overcome "technical problems". What makes this fun? There is a challenge and when we succeed it triggers positive feelings so we learn and evolve. Aphelia markets is no fun. Most players use the market to turn stuff they have into quanta and back to stuff they want. No fun in that. But, a few players can find joy in doing good businesses buying and selling. But with no in game tools to analyze supply and demand that's not really a thing. And if you produce the stuff yourself it's merely just a place to throw your stuff to get quanta back to invest in your business. Player made markets can be fun. You can put an effort in building a construct that attracts players to come and visit. Either it's functional and/or esthetic. You can build relations with your customers to find out what their demand is. You can build relations with suppliers to meet the demand. You can interact with other players and make friends and socialize. I am part of an organization running one of these player made markets. We can offer our customers to: see all items before they buy because all items are at display in the store. Especially welcomed by new players who have not yet seen all things in the game. buy in VR and store it in their personal container to pick up later, or if they share it within an org, someone else from that org can get it. have their own parcel container to be able to create a hauling mission (player made!!) for someone else to get their stuff for them. The only way we can sell stuff is by using dispensers, one fore each item and batch size. So we have almost 400 dispensers in our store, plus a second store with almost the same amount of dispensers to sell the same items in a different batch size. We've built a system to automate updates to the screens with new prices, a lot of LUA coding and a lot of elements and linking. With an API for the dispensers we could have automated the whole process, but now we need to update each dispenser with a new price. All these display items, dispensers, back end system elements and links makes the place quite laggy, but it works. We don't have thousands of customers, but enough to make money to expand and keep working on new ideas. We've built a small part of the society, we succeed, and it's fun.
  5. From the trash to treasure forum post: So the cores or low tier stuff left after salvage will be removed from the game world nevertheless.
  6. For the player markets I would like to add our own SVEA Super Store (Alioth). And also Grand Bazaar, by Briggenti (and friends) GottMart, by Gottchar Don't know the name but Grixies market place above M6.
  7. I have made a ticket and referred to this forum post. So if you have more valuable information please add it to this post.
  8. The unit has gained 304 L/h for every hour during the whole 48 hour period.
  9. That's just it. Those 304 L of ore is from only one batch, one hour, from one mining unit (a separate container just for testing this). And it's within the first 48 hours so without decreased production rate, wich would have lowered the amount even more. I know that is the known calculation and also what sums up with NQ's numbers, but it's not what I get in the container. Ofcourse I'm happy to get more than double the amount but I would like to be able to calculate the Volume I'm supposed to haul back from each tile. Now I calculate, double it and guess any extra to calculate how many warp cells I need to collect the ore but it fails time after time.
  10. Given numbers: Base rate (B): 123 L/h Efficiency (E): 113 % Adjacency (A): 110 % Calibration (C): 100 % In game calculated production rate (P): 152,89 L/h Gained ore volume after one hour (V): 304 L Ok, so my first calculation of the production rate was with the formula: B * E * A * C = P 123 * 1,13 * 1,10 * 1 = 152,89 L/h and seems to be how the game is calculating the production rate too as it is the same as is shown in the UI. But why do I then get 304 L of ore in the container? I found another post in the forums where someone stated that the formula should be: B * ( E + A ) * C = P 123 * ( 1,13 + 1,10 ) * 1 = 123 * 2,23 * 1 = 274,29 L/h and that is much closer to the ore volume that I actually do get in the container, but not close enough. I have tried different calculations with the Extracting efficiency talents included but I can't get that to work either. So the question remains, how do you calculate the production rate? And not to get the value shown in the UI but the actual value that adds to my container.
  11. Do you mean that the "[DRM]..." in the name isn't enough?
  12. The trick is to open this list in build mode via Tab and construct information. And then hover your mouse over the affected elements in the list and press Tab again without moving the mouse (for easier inspection you can move the list to the side of your screen). Now you can fly around in build mode and inspect all elements and find the ones that are red. When you move your element so it's not red anymore you will see in the list if that was the only one or you need to find another one.
  13. Read about it here, a bit down under "Diggers gonna dig": File your ticket here: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360003230819
  14. What about the right (RDMS) for mining units? The right for mining units in RDMS now is under the Territory category. So I suppose that is to give right to deploy a mining unit on the territory? But in the vlog NQ says that it is an element that you deploy in a static construct. I see two possible scenarios how to give mining rights on my territory. Give a player the right to deploy a static core on my territory. Then they can do whatever they want in that construct. Be it placing just a mining unit and a container or building a factory and so on. Place a static core and what else is necessary for mining and give a player right to use (manage) my property and take the outcome. In the first case I see the huge problem that I (even as a super legate) don't have any control over that construct on my territory. I can only hope that the player that I've given the rights to don't do anything stupid or just leave the game and I sit there with a construct no one can use. Because I can only give the right to deploy so once it's there I can't take the right back. On a side note, this is exactly the problem right now with parcel containers. I can't let someone have a parcel container on my construct so they can create missions to/from that place. In my case we have a store and would like to give that possibility to customers so they can shop in VR, put in their parcel container and have someone ship it to them via the mission system. And for the mini-game. Is the mini-game run for each and every mining unit on my territory or is it per tile? If I have 3 mining units that I use and manage with my charges, does that affect mining units that I have given someone else the right to use?
  15. Background/goal: I would like to have a visiting player get waypoints from a predefined list. Today: We are now limited, for good reasons, not to be able to set a players waypoint without explicit activation of the programming board from that player. The problem is when the player is in VR, then they can't activate the PB. So a workaround is to use Infobuttons, that also do work in VR. But I don't want 1 button for each waypoint. With API: If we could link a PB to a Infobutton and have it to set the waypoint, and other parameters, we could keep the security to not spam players passing by with random waypoints but still give the option to the player to get a waypoint with some kind of logic behind. For example I could make a list on a screen that you can scroll through or pages for different sections or even a "map" on the screen with areas to visit. And as soon the player chooses one place to visit they then just have to click the Infobutton to actually get the waypoint. Dispensers When I'm already on it. API for the dispensers!! You want us to have player market's, and we do have them. But it's very tedious to change the price on 500-1000 dispensers every week. And if there where an option when buying from a dispenser to choose the amount we don't need several dispensers for the same item, with different amount.
  16. Thank you so very much for this! I really appreciate that you took the time to do this video and not only another dev blog. I am looking forward to the next one whenever that is possible. Keep it up! ?
  17. Is the brakes on? Is there a custom script for a HUD, those usually have the brake as toggle. So you need to press Ctrl to release the brakes.
  18. Probably not, the ship must meet some terms: Be based on an XS Core Unit Not have a container attached Only have one fuel tank Not have a weapon fitted Have a maximum of three atmospheric engines Not have space engines fitted Have a mass not exceeding 20 tons Be owned by the player and not an Org So why don't you fly to Alioth? Is it atmo only? Then you either need to take it apart and reassemble on Alioth (but you probably can't make a blueprint?) or add space engines and fueltank so you can fly it to Alioth. One other way is to get someone in game to help you with a bigger ship and dock it and fly it to Alioth with the bigger ship. Don't hesitate to ask in General chat in game to get help.
  19. I second that, Fandom is a no go for me. You (NQ) already have the forums, how difficult could it be to have a wiki on your own official website? And the Community site, is it supposed to be useful somehow?
  20. I would like to know what this actually means. I can't find no settings in menu's or that Alt-T toggles anything else than dock/undock. No default setting for which mode I want to use.
  21. Before the Ares patch, the sorting was correct with highest buy and lowest sell orders at the top as default. This was already fixed in an earlier patch. Now it's wrong again...
  22. The L/h was accidently released from NQ. It's not supposed to be in game yet as explained in the release notes.
  23. Could you please add the date you edited/checked the list on the first post, somewhere in the beginning, so it's clear for everyone that it is newly updated. The second post seems obsolete as it probobly was intended to do just that but not being used. And you want the information in the beginning so you know it's worth reading and not skipping to the last page. Great job!!!
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